otakon schedule


Here we go, a tentative Otakon 2014 schedule!

I say tentative, because I still have to sew Child and Teen Aurora…. hahaha…. Two weeks, two dresses, I can totally do that, right? (Queen Aurora is currently off being altered by professionals, because it was a wedding dress and I didn’t want to screw that up. I still have to do the Embroidery, though.)

Child and Queen Aurora are certainly confirmed, and Grandma Jade as well.

Schedule is subject to change, but this is pretty damn close and what I’m hoping to achieve! 

Otakon schedule Version 3.0 - Please let me know if there are any issues!


- Arriving late afternoon with Monty and Lu, who will be our Friendly Neighborhood Photog this weekend!
- Staying at the Days Inn for that night
- Cosplaying Humanstuck Eridan with Lilly as Fef and Bri as Sol at the aquarium
- I’d really love to hit a pool after and relax.


- Merida in the morning until whenever.
- Checking into the Hilton for the rest of the con. (air conditioned walk way fuck yes!)
- Fancy Dreamer Feferi at night with Paul as Eridan and Emilia as Kanaya. (Paul please let me know if I can do anything to help finish them, I have the time.)
- Whenever we are ready to cool down, I’ll pop into Roxy, and Monty, Paul, and Emilia will be Jake, Dirk, and Jane. This is really chill and relaxed and not srs bznz. Emilia, let me know if you need me to make you a Jane shirt and what size! Also I probably have about 3 wigs that work for Jane, including my Kanaya wig, if you don’t have one.


- Mindfang in the morning until about 3-4.
- Around 11ish, meet with Emilia in Dolorosa and shooting/shenanigans ensue.
- Currently, it is uncertain if Paul will finish Summoner. It is also uncertain who will cosplay Dualscar if he doesn’t. So that is up in the air right now. Again, I am available to help finish stuff if there is anything I can do.
- At 2, Mindfang/Dolorosa shoot with Maya. LONG OVER DUE PHOTOSHOOT IS LONG OVER DUE!
- There are plans for a Scorpio shoot with Jacqui as Vriska, me as Mindfang, Fatima as Aranea, and Lilly as Godtier Aranea. Jacqui’s ACP schedule is still up in the air though, so depending on her, we will either shoot 10:45 in the morning, or 2:30-3ish in the afternoon. Does this work for everyone still? PLEASE let me know! Jacqui keep me updated on your schedule! Also Emilia, if the shoot is in the morning, that would move the start of our shenanigans to about 11:15ish - is that all right?
- Kanaya from whenever I get out of Mindfang on with Emilia as Vriska. This has been a new OTP of mine that I’ve never gotten a chance to shoot before…so excited!
- I hope to go to the midnight draw meet. Even though I can’t draw :\ *useless*


- Will probably be dead.
- Probably doing One Piece with Monty, but uncertain. Regardless I do want to cosplay Nami again SOME TIME soon.
- Packing and leaving.
- Hoping I won’t have the same sense of disappointment I’ve had leaving so many cons lately.

****If you are tagged on here, please take a minute to glance it over and let me know if everything’s cool! If not, it can be fixed. So let me know!****

Thanks so much guys, I can’t wait to see you all! <3!!!

dat otakon schedule so far mang

to keep me sane and somewhat organized:

Thursday: possibly WW Link 

Friday: Spirit Maiden Zelda (with Skyloft Zelda, Impa), changing at some point, photoshoot at 6PM with M-Squared, looking to do another photoshoot prolly

Saturday: Rydia, 9AM photoshoot for FFIV group (with Tellah, Edward, Edge, Yang, Anna, Palom, Porom, Cecil, Rosa, Kain, Golbez, Rubicante, and Cid), 6PM photoshoot with M-squared, changing into Blank for FFIX meet-up 

Sunday: Fire Nation Toph, 11AM photoshoot by GERR <3 (with Aang, Katara, Sokka, Zuko, Azula, Mai, Ty Lee, Suki) 


Some pictures from the Bioshock shoot at Otakon.

The scheduled shoot on Friday by the inside fountain was mostly a bust (the top one is the only good picture I got on Friday and I still had to shoop out a ton of crap and random people sitting around in the background), it was in the most crowded area of the building, and they kicked us out after a few minutes for bigger fandoms. So we planned our own shoot in an open space outside for Saturday. It had a bigger turnout, it didn’t get in anyone’s way, and was a lot more fun imho so I think we should do it again next year.