otakon pictures


Here is my cosplay of Glory from Shadowrun: Dragonfall! Man, this cosplay was so fun to make. First time building armor like this and I’m so pleased with how it turned out! These beautiful pictures were taken by my boyfriend at Otakon 2015; which was a blast even though I didn’t get to wear her for very long because my arms got tired. It may not be too apparent in these photos, but there are lights in the arms! Not canon, but I thought it would look cooler. Only one person recognized me but I was glad that somebody did! If anyone has any other pictures of me let me know. (:


My BFF as Genos from Otakon! I took a bunch of pictures after Otakon at my parents’ house where we were staying. Bc they usually takes lots of pics of me in costume at cons, is an overall photography enthusiast and great photographer, and feels more comfortable posing for pics outside of conventions, I wanted to return the favor in a more relaxed environment and get some nice shots of them as Genos. :3 Taken by me (Saitama) on Genos’ camera.


“I’m sure that all of us must wonder what the ocean must be like… and that we’ve all dreamt of it… Well, at least those who know of it and think it exists. I know I have…”


Have some ridiculously awesome shots that my gorgeous friend Sami took of my Samson on Sunday of Otakon 2014! I saw the fountain there and knew that we had to get a few shots in and around it (see quote I made up on the fly for reasoning).

Since the weather was SUPER hot, the fountain was a nice cooldown at the end of the day! I think we all had a great time both Saturday and Sunday, regardless of the heat. And I made a few new friends while we were there! Unfortunately, today I find myself sick with a sore throat and a just generally shitty feeling, but at least I made it through the weekend and had a blast doing it!

Hope that all of you who were there had just as much fun as I did!

MORE JUGDRAL IN HEROES!!! I am so excited that my favorite boy’s parents are finally going to be in the game, and in light of the news this morning, I’m also excited to share one of my favorite pictures from Otakon with @raptorsinrhythmcosplay! We got the inspiration from a piece of fanart I’ve unfortunately lost the link to, but it was such a cool concept. I love Seliph and this cosplay so much, and I especially loved wearing it with my wonderful parents 😭 

Soon I will post a cosplay that isn’t Fire Emblem. Someday…

Photo by @shinyzack


As promised, here are some pictures from Otakon. This was from Thursday when we wen to pick up badges, so I decided to give Johan a try. I think I need a better wig tbh, but I still liked cosplaying as him, though he’d be much better for a fall or winter con due to his suit/sweater.

I’ll post most pictures as I get them, since I’ll be getting some as Gundham and as Waver as well. I also hope that these don’t turn out to be blurry either since they looked that way in the preview =/