otakon pictures


Here is my cosplay of Glory from Shadowrun: Dragonfall! Man, this cosplay was so fun to make. First time building armor like this and I’m so pleased with how it turned out! These beautiful pictures were taken by my boyfriend at Otakon 2015; which was a blast even though I didn’t get to wear her for very long because my arms got tired. It may not be too apparent in these photos, but there are lights in the arms! Not canon, but I thought it would look cooler. Only one person recognized me but I was glad that somebody did! If anyone has any other pictures of me let me know. (:


I gave Zarya her first test run today, and I’m so happy with how she’s coming along ;u; There are still a few little details and changes that I want to add to her as Otakon gets closer, but I’m proud with some of the crazy new things that I had to do to make her work for me! This is my first “big” armor build, so I’m glad to see it all finally coming together!!

(Also she lights up now which is really cool and makes me happy! If you want to see some of the process videos, etc., please check out my Instagram @agenerichero <3)

So the first otakon picture to go up is the one that made me the most excited. I saw Ryan (raptorsquadleader/agent Rodgers) and I got a selfie with her and had an actual conversation with her. Turns out that not only is she an incredible cosplayer, she’s also a really cool person. Meeting her was absolutely the highlight of the convention for me.


Finally decided to stop posting my low res Instagram pictures from Otakon, and actually post the higher-res versions. I love masks in cosplay and wanted to find, and take pictures with, as many masked cosplayers I could, and this is some of the results!