otakon '13

Funny story about this guy,
During the second day of Otakon, I kept on seeing him everywhere but could never get a chance to ask for a picture. Later on the night after dancing my ass off for four hours straight, I catch him before I clasped on the ground from exhaustion. Well worth it! He gave me his cosplay business card, but lost it in the rain that night :(


Hey guys! We are going to Fanime from May 26-29 this year for the first time! \ * V*/

Wooo~ We are at table #1004 which is near the entrance to the artist alley. Going to have posters, charms, postcards, stickers, cushions and our new washi tape up at the booth! Can’t wait to see you guys! :”D

Here is a list of the cons we are going to attend this year. (updating our table numbers when we get them) 

Fanime | May 26-29 | Table #1004

AnimeNEXT | June 09-11 | Table TBA

Anime Expo | July 01-04 | Table TBA

Metrocon | August 03-06 | Table TBA

Otakon | August 11-13 | Table TBA

wishful-lolita  asked:

*surprise hugs you from behind*

Oh! *cue laugh* I’ve been lurking on Tumblr mobile for a bit since I’m tired but not enough to sleep. *hugs back*

Hopefully I’ll get something done by next Thursday - I’ll be going to Otakon from 11-13 and then to Maryland for an eye appointment, so maybe I’ll get you guys your smutty oneshots and fluffy headcanons.


I didn’t take very many pictures, but I’m happy with the ones I’ve got. The little girl with me in the second picture was hanging out outside the convention, shyly asking for pictures with a bunch of the cosplayers. (It was especially funny when she asked for a picture with Alex, who did his best to cover up his vest with his paws. xD) Right before we left, I ran up and started gushing to her about how her costume was the best there, and could I pleassssse have a picture? She was so happy, it was adorable. >w<

Also, note the glory hold in the yaoi flag.