It’s come to our attention that there is NOT an official Steven Universe photoshoot. However, dapplemii, our-whales-can-fly, and myself along with our cosplay blog totallyadorkablecosplay are all organizing one.

Where: The fountains, three blocks down from the con center on East Pratt Street.

When: 10 A.M. to 11 A.M. on Saturday morning.

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I just had to send an email to the staff of Otakon defending my ability to enter my Lewis cosplay into the Hall Costume Contest.  Apparently they only want characters from Japanese anime, manga, games, or theater to enter, or at least characters that are heavily influenced by these things.

Thank goodness for Mystery and Shiromori, else my defense would have relied entirely on the fact that the music video’s drawing style and overall themes are clearly influenced by Japanese media.  Not entirely certain how well that’d hold water, though, under a harshly critical and suspicious eye.

Hopefully these judges are on my side.  I REALLY wanna enter this costume contest; I’ve put too much effort into it NOT to.

That all aside, though, does it seem strange or silly to anybody else that the staff has put such strict limitations on the origins of the characters that are allowed as cosplays?  Like, honestly, if it’s a cosplay of a character and it’s accurate enough to the source material, why should they care whether or not it’s Japanese?  Is Otakon STRICTLY an anime convention, or is it instead a convention for geeks to dress up as their favorite cartoon and fictional characters?  I mean, it’s not like people are gonna show up in Renaissance attire and try to enter THAT into the Hall Costume Contest.


to all my fellow black people attending otakon next month, i want to advise you all to be cautious. with all of this police brutality going on and with recent tensions in baltimore, i have been worried about black cosplayers being questioned (or worse) because of their props (or just for being black). i don’t want to scare anyone away from going to otakon but i feel like this needs to be said. and for all non-blacks attending otakon please look out for your black friends.

remember the importance of appearing noviolent, hands visible, and slow movement if there happens to be a confrontation. this website is also a good resource in case there is an incident.

stay stafe and have fun!


Bad bathroom selfies feat. Apollo Justice lmao. My tie came today so I honestly had no excuse not to do a makeup test whoops. I’m still working on his eyebrows but they look more natural than cartoonish I guess which is what I wanted. Please excuse the angles being the same wow I only look good from like…one perspective. Hopefully tomorrow I can start working on the finished version of his suit and the bracelet.

NEWSFLASH:  Otakon is terrible!  Extra, extra!  Read all about it!

EDIT:  This issue has now been resolved by Otakon.

This year, my wife Elena (also known as Yamino) and I were accepted into the otakon Artist Alley.  We received the approval email on 1/30/2015, and in that approval email we were informed that we had until 2/7/2015 at 6 PM EST to pay for our table.  Let me repeat that, because it’s important:  we were informed that we had until 2/7/2015 at 6 PM EST to pay for our table.

On 2/6/2015, I tried to pay for the table, only to discover that the payment link in the email didn’t work.

Elena immediately sent an email to the Otakon Artist Alley email asking for help.  Within minutes she received a reply from Martin Mathews, the Otakon Artist Alley Co-Department Head.  He said:

The Payment window for all first round tables was “until 6:00pm Eastern on 2/5/2015” not 2/7/2015.  The payment window for your table has closed and the table has been returned to the lottery.

Elena sent Martin a couple more emails explaining that there must have been a misunderstanding with the date, that the email we received noted 2/7/2015 as the payment deadline, not 2/5/2015.  She forwarded the initial email we received on 1/30/2015 as proof of this.  Martin’s reply to this was:

You have sent two different e-mail’s with two different statements.  I have pulled the copy of the offer that was sent to you and it states that you have until 6:00pm Eastern on 2/5/2015 to pay for your tables.  Based on this information I have decided to administratively pull your application from the 2015 Otakon Artist Alley, you are welcome to apply again in 2016.

That’s right!  We were blacklisted from Otakon because of an error they made, that they refuse to fix.  I also love the implication in there that we’re liars. Here’s the screenshot of the original email we were sent, showing 2/7/2015 as the payment deadline:

Further appeals for assistance directed to both the Otakon Artist Alley and the Help Center have gone unanswered.  This was going to be our first time at Otakon as both attendees and artists, and rather than being treated with even the most basic sort of courtesy, we’ve been called liars and had our table snatched away from us.

Just FYI, fellow artists: Otakon is not afraid to throw you under the bus.  If you are planning to attend this year or in later years, please be aware that the staff at Otakon do not care about you, will blame you for their mistakes, and will essentially treat you like rotting garbage.  To say that I’m deeply disappointed in how this entire matter was handled is a gross understatement.

Please reblog this.  People need to know how Otakon is willing to treat artists.

EDIT:  This issue has now been resolved by Otakon.

Guess What! I’m going to be in the artist alley at Otakon this year. I might be dressed as Tree Trunks if I finish my costume in time (I haven’t started this cosplay. I make a lot of empty promises). Swing by table. Say hello. Buy some prints and other fun stuff. Bring me food. Have an existential crisis with me! 

Are you going to Otakon 2015 in Baltimore.MD from July 24-26th? And are you, or any of your friends/followers looking for a cosplay photographer? I’m your guy! My name is arienreign and I own Reign Ave Photography.I will be at this convention! Click the read more for prices. These are limited so it’s on a who ever books me first type of thing. If you really want to book me but are unsure, feel free to talk to me! If you can only pay so much, also talk to me. Prices are negotiable.

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Otakon Vegas has posted their schedule and a certain panel negligent of it’s fandom has unfortunately reappeared. I’m talking about the “Touhou Project Fun Panel.” If you’re not one for lengthy explainations, then PLEASE heed this if you are attending Otakon Vegas 2015:


I had contemplated posting about the panel after numerous complaints about the panel at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2014, but I figured the numerous complaints and negative feedback on different Touhou Project fan outlets would’ve been self explainatory and maybe the guy running the panel would’ve gotten the hint. Apparently not.

For the sake of fans and people who enjoy panels in general, here’s an explanation on why this is a panel you should skip, ESPECIALLY if you’re cosplaying a Touhou Project character on that day.

The “Touhou Project Fun Panel” is run by one Ernie “dakuj” Kim. At one of the last conventions this panel appeared at Anime Weekend Atlanta, dakuj was obliged to uphold two commitments at his 5:00pm panel: keep the content SFW as per the timeslot and to keep any volunteers called upon for his panel comfortable. He did neither of those.
His panel was inappropriate for those under 18, which there were indeed a good number of attendees present under that age. A discussion on the “Brohou Project” Facebook page describes what occurred:

In the posts there is mention of cosplayers who dakuj asked to help with the panel. The cosplayers were called upon very last minute and the audience was not made aware that they were volunteers. One of these cosplayers wakasagayhime posted about her experience at the panel:

Regarding previous conventions this panel was present, Anime Expo 2014 had this panel last minute at 9pm at night, the day of the Touhou Project Gathering. This panel also had last minute volunteer cosplayers… who sat up front and did nothing the entirety of the panel as it droned through countless YouTube videos stashed on dakuj’s computer.

There are a few anime conventions - whose names I am withholding because I am not a spokesperson for these cons - based in California that have taken note of dakuj’s distasteful panel and have chosen to boycott future submissions for his “Touhou Fun Panel.” Unfortunately otakon  seems to have not received the memo and will possibly be in for a repeat.

There is another Touhou Project panel at Otakon Vegas 2015 scheduled Saturday the 17th at 2pm “Touhou 101 - An Introduction to Touhou” that caters not only to Touhou Project fans but to people not as familiar with the series. The individuals running this panel ran a similar panel “Touhou 201” at TouhouCon 2014 and will be discussing the series as whole, beyond just playing YouTube videos.

For the benefit of those who share an enjoyment of the Touhou Project series and others like it, as well for the sake of moral standards being upheld for future conventions be they in the pursuit of leisure, business, or time well spent, this is only a perspective I am able to offer to you, but if you value your time and your comfort, especially as a cosplayer and/or a Touhou Project fan, DO NOT go to the Touhou Project Fun Panel.