So WOW Otakon’s a lot sooner than I thought it’d be, so here’s my poorly drawn lineup! I know some of my mutuals are going, so you should keep an eye out for me and wish me a happy birthday. ;D

This year’s challenge is to see if I can tolerate being in green facepaint long enough for the Steven Universe photoshoot (which is at 7:00…)!

It’s time for another Weekly Update! This past week was another busy one an a mixed bag of items as well. Progress was made on the life size #Cubone that will be going to #Otakon, the order of the Life Size #Terriermon was also completed! #Laputa pendants and #Makar keychains were also made, as were custom keychains of #Link and #Medli from #WindWaker! And I was so inspired making the keychains I made them into models as well which you can currently find on! As for the #amigurumi queue: there is still a lot least a 2 week wait on any made-to-order plushie as I still have 1 order to fill and another Terriermon to make for Otakon. But any ready to ship ones will still be sent out as normal! And any orders for #clay items are also running as normal ^__^ #etsy #pokemon #digimon #nintendo #gamer #girlgamer #art #fanart #ooak #handmade #crochet #jewelry #loz #zelda #legendofzelda #kawaii #cute

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Otakon gothic:

You ride up the escalator to the fourth floor. There’s a Dang Ropes photoshoot going on. You ride up the escalator to the fourth floor. There’s a Darnit Grandpa photoshoot going on.
You ride up the escalator to the fourth floor. There’s a Dangit Ron Paul photoshoot going on.

That ice cold water. It’s only one dollar. You rifle in your pockets for a single but all you can find is pamphlets for other cons. There are so many pamphlets.

The hallway behind registration is cold. It’s so cold. The frozen bodies of cosplayers litter the floor.

People are sleeping in the Starbucks line. How long have they been there? How long will they be there?

The dealer’s room is so big. You wander through the aisles hoping to see a landmark. You smell chicken tenders but you can’t find a stall. The eyes of the body pillows follow you.

Do you know that character, or have you just seen them on Tumblr? Have you seen them in your dreams? Do they haunt your nightmares?

That costume is so huge. How did it fit in the building? The cosplayer inside stares out. His eyes are fearful.

The artist’s alley is in a pocket dimension. You can get there by those stairs. No, those stairs. No, the other stairs.

You have to exit the building. They won’t let you leave through those doors. They won’t let you leave through any doors.

Thursday evening you try to connect to a network called BCC FREE WIFI. The tiny circle on your phone spins and spins but you never get a signal. You’ve been home for weeks and you still can’t get a connection.