Hey there, bunnies!! I’ve been mostly just preparing my Katsucon cosplay stuff, so I wanted to do a throwback tonight from Otakon 2015! I had a really lovely shoot with D. Brooks Photo82 of We Rise Mag at Otakon last year, and I honestly felt like such a princess. I super enjoyed cosplaying as my cutie, and I can’t wait to bring her out again for a con! I’m not completely sure yet which con I’ll be bringing her to, but I’ll definitely let you all know on here when I decide! Hope y’all have a great night!!~

Photographer | Madoka Kaname

PSA to my con friends/customers/lovelies

I know met like 99% of you guys at conventions! I’m forever grateful and looking forward to seeing everyone when I do. But it came to my attention that some people genuinely didn’t know they were expected to Tip! I just wanted to let you know when you guys are hoteling at conventions (whether in a large group or not) Please tip the Housekeeping! Just leave a dollar or two (hopefully from each person in a room if it’s a particular mess) for them! Housekeepers are grossly underpaid and they have ALOT of rooms to clean and manage per floor. They also keep alot of secrets too when we congoers are being… economical. (i.e overstuffing rooms). 

Once they even made the weird cushion bed and blanket set up I had on the floor all clean and ready to be slept on despite the fact that 4 to a room is pretty standard. And they dont hesitate usually to send more towels when it’s obvious there’s alot of people! They clean the room after messy cosplay emergencies and that 3 day old Chinese food/ pizza you tried to stretch across the convention weekend.

so yeah! Please just leave a smile pile of dollars on the dresser or in front of the TV.  

Tip your waitresses~ Tip your housekeepers~


1995 japanese news report on anime culture in america or something like that. focuses mainly on sailor moon and otakon. kinda fascinating lol

i wonder what all these ppl are up to nowadays