I want an internet best friend again

My last one left me after five years of super close friendship when she decided she was Tiamat, the nine-headed dragon goddess.

Then suddenly I was the bad guy for telling her that the people feeding her this bull were, indeed, full of shit and looking to extort and manipulate her.

Then she stopped talking to me because some girl who called herself a fairy queen told her to.



Richard’s Comic, Part 3. 

Thank you so much for all those who liked and reblogged Part 1 & 2! You have no idea how happy it makes me when people actually reads my comic. It really made my night. 

I drew Part 4, but I will have to look for it. I think it’s in my room…somewhere?

I do not understand how a person can identify as a character that another person made up. They don’t even know everything there is to know about the character, there could be so much backstory not included in the game/movie/anime/tv series that people don’t even know exists. How can someone have that as their identity?

I have no problem whatsoever when people want to identify as something, but when you take it too far, I have a problem with it.

It’s one thing, for example, if mentally you’re female, but biologically you’re male, that’s kind of important, for medical reasons. You can’t claim something like being a somethingkin as a SEX. Gender and sex are totally different things!

Like any member of the LGBTQIA community, there’s a mental aspect and a physical aspect, and from one person to another, it could be interchangeable, or entirely different things.

Some folks (like me for example) think, “hey, I got the organ that means I’m a girl/boy, so I am a girl/boy and that’s fine.” Cisgender. Some are like “I got the parts that make me girl/boy, but I don’t think I’m a girl/boy.” Transgender.

In the case of the latter who do the male-to-female/female-to-male surgery (MTF/FTM), they check the box that says sex: whatever the fuck they are.

Stop using otherkin as a sex.
It is not medically plausible.
Gender DOES NOT equal sex.

So...about us, Night and Dream...

a little about us if anyone ever finds this

Currently we have Nightmare, Dreamstalker, D'Spayre, Baron Mordo, Gauntlet, and Omega Red. As mentioned, I (the soulbonder) am otakin from earth 11052; an ‘unofficial’/noncanon species and 'unofficial’ character. Find us on LJ at crystal-waters; throat_slasher; and night_and_dream.livejournal.com


Tumblr is the shittiest place to do this, but there is no good, established fickin community, SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Looking for X-Men folks, especially X-Men: Evolution fickin/mediakin/whatever. (aka Earth 11052) You might have seen me lurking around LJ. :3 I expect to find absolutely no one from my world, but it’s worth a shot, I guess…