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Name: Marie

Nicknames: Hmmmm, some ppl on LJ called me Meg or Nutmeg, I thought that was cute. My family just calls me by my first name. My brother sometimes calls me The Hobbit, which is very applicable I GUESS

Zodiac sign: TAURUS WHAT WHAT. I have never met another Taurus that I haven’t liked. I’m sure there’s a first time, but I tend to like other Taureans!

Hogwarts House: I think it’s Hufflepuff

Height: 5′4.5″ YES I FIGHT HARD FOR THAT .5″

Orientation: idek

Ethnicity: Black

Favourite Fruit: otaheite apple. Also I love anjou pears.

Favourite Season: As long as I’m chilly but not freezing, I don’t care.

Favourite Book Series: Harry Potter!

Favorite Fictional Characters: Moana, PRINCESS TIANA, Harry Potter, Mulan, Hatake Kakashi, Naruto, Umino Iruka…there’s more. I can’t think right now. 

A Fictional Character I’d like as a sibling: I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of my siblings but they are the right amount of fictional character that I will ever need in life

Favorite Flower: Hibiscus

Favorite Scent:  I don’t know. Whatever Jackson Wang wears lol

Favorite Color: I have a lot of blacks and browns in my cupboard, but I like greens and blues


Favorite Artist/Band: Fall Out Boy, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, GOT7 

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa: Coffee but I drink more tea

Average Sleep Hours: 6ish?

Number of Blankets You Sleep With: blankets? Just a sheet, and sometimes not even that. I wear socks to bed a lot these days tho

Dream trip: I wanna go to South Korea with @drusphinx

Last Thing Googled: something to do with Google Translate

Blog Created: I don’t remember!

How many Blogs do I follow: 449 how

Number of Followers: 304…I don’t know the porn bot percentage though

What do I usually post about: GOT7, Harry Potter, Naruto, Disney movies, racism, politics, feminism

Do you get asks regularly: Nope but I really treasure the ones I DO get!

What’s your aesthetic: I honestly do not understand what that really means

I taaaaag: @cureyourtemper, @getintothesun, @shuttermutt, @tcpla, @mmmbuttery, @grandtheftami, @polkaberry, @stripedsilverfeline, @trcunning, @notyourlovesong, @knic26, @little3wing, @cureyourtemper, @faorism, @snowgall, @naotalba-blog, @notyourlovesong, @bayaningbituon, @thehoukouonchi, @spyed10