otabek is cool you can't tell me otherwise

My Cool Street Boy DJ Otabek Headcanons:

- Otabek will introduce Yuri to all the cool stuff.
- Otabek will definitely show Yuri his mixed, and yuri will always say “woah, this is amazing”.
- Yuri will ask Otabek to teach him how ride a motorcycle and how to make a good remix.
- Otabek will introduce Yuri to his mischievous friends. They like Yuri and Yuri likes them (not as much as he likes Otabek tho).
- Otabek will take Yuri to a night club where he is DJ-ing, but Yuri hasn’t reach legal age to enter the club, so Otabek just says “he is my friend” then Yuri is allowed to enter the club.
- Yuri is so proud of his cool best friend.

If you find On Love: Agape Remix, it must be DJ Otabek’s.
And you should inform me because I am so in love with him. I will give him something beautiful, he deserves something beautiful. He deserves Yuri Plisetsky!