Majisuka Gakuen Stage Play in Aiia Theater (Tokyo) : May 14th to 19th
Starring : Gekikara (Matsui Rena) and Otabe (Yokoyama Yui)
Story : The past of Gekikara and Otabe


Rena’s comment right after the announcement during AKB RH 2015 D3 「I’m not that athletic and since there is no 2nd take in a stage play I think I might go back to boxing as soon as tomorrow…
YuiIt will be my first play. I’m very interested in acting so I’m ecstatic .


Otabe-sensei and chibi Salt with a little bit of Antonio-sensei and Chibi Kobii by MozuK_Nek2@twitter
Note: In case there’s any confusion, the one with the lower bun is Otabe-sense while the one with the higher bun is Antonio-sensei. The shoulder-length hair is chibi Kobii and the longer one is chibi Salt.
PS: Too much cuteness for my heart to take ლ(ಠ_ಠ ლ)


OtaSoru, drawn based on shindanmaker by MozuK_Nek2@twitter

For some reason, Salt started a countdown when she hugged Otabe. After she finished counted from 10 to 0, she felt scared of what would happen when she was kissed suddenly and was left behind while she was stunned. It looks like her heart was going to explode.

A cute OtaSoru’s drabble ィ(´∀`∩