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Shimura Tae-week

OKAY SO the lovely @penginius came up with the brilliant idea to organise a Shimura Tae-week, because she deserves so much attention and we love her hahaha
I already made a blog for it, over here on @shimurataeweek

This week will most likely be held in august, because of summer holiday, but not sure which week yet and I still have to make an official announcement for it!

If anyone wants to submit prompts, you’re always welcome to suggest those!

Thank you💕

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  • Matako: Scones, eggs, bacon, grits, SAUSAGE!
  • Sarutobi: I’m a skinny bitch but I still take SAUSAGE!
  • Tsukuyo: I’ve got a big butt but I still like SAUSAGE!
  • Otae: I’ve got a flat butt but I still get SAUSAGE!
  • Kagura: I’m a redhead and I still get SAUSAGE!
  • Nobume: [whipping her hair around] EUEHHHEUUEHHHEUHH, SAUSAGE!
  • Kyuubei: Yeah I read books and its all about SAUSAGE!
  • All Girls: SAU- SAU- SAU- SAU- SAU- SAUSAGE!
  • Gintoki: My name’s Gintoki and I do not fucking like sausage!
  • Gintoki: [Running and falling over a bench]
KBTBB Fairy Tale AU

yet another self-indulgent AU…. lmao im so sorry

I decided to put some twists to classic fairy tales!

@maidofstars @tsundere-eevee @bolt8826 @alolan-lillie lol

Eisuke: Beauty and the Beast

With nowhere else to go during a stormy winter night, MC decides to take refuge at the long-abandoned castle in the heart of the forest. However, the rumors speak of an hideous flesh-eating beast that inhabits the castle. They say the creature is shrouded in so much darkness that the light of the sun never reaches the forest. Despite that, MC braves herself and takes a step inside. What she doesn’t expect is meeting a cold pair of eyes, not from a monster, but from a man whose heart has long turned into stone.

“You do know that trespassers won’t be forgiven, don’t you?”

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Dating the REAL bidders (Headcanon KBTBB)

Fandom: Kissed by the baddest bidders
Characters: Eisuke, Soryu, Mamoru, Baba, Ota
Summary: Idea from here, how I imagine the real bidders are behind our screens. Just for fun, my own fantasy
NOTES: I wrote this to cheer myself up, little scenes that play in my head, gotta say I’m surprised that I kind of like Eisuke, only the good sides though, nothing like the one in game.


Prologue: Eiuske isn’t thrilled about you making him an ass from the series “Switching Places” and asks you go on a date with him to get to know the real him, eventually ending up with you going on a date with each bidder.


You expect Eisuke would be your first date since he’s the one who’s started this whole “getting to know the REAL Eisuke thing” but instead you’re sitting awkwardly at a beach side cafe with a familiar annoying face, “What are you doing here Ota?”

He smirks with his brows frown, “On a date, obviously.”

“Why is Soryu here too?”

“Aren’t you just plain stupid, we are out on a date.” The blonde is clearly enjoying this while the mobster in grey just sits and reads his detective novel quietly.

“Then why am I here?”

Playing with his air, Ota answers in amusement. “This is getting to know us.” You roll your eyes and pour more syrup into your ice tea, “I don’t need to watch to know that you are a brat, Ota.”

“Awww, is someone jealous that I am the one who’s dating Soryu Oh?”

Grrrrr, “Fuck you.”

“Oh you wish, no wait you wish it’s someone else, isn’t it?” He whispers and winks to his left.

“Oh my god, Ota, seriously, get over yourself already. I don’t even know what Soryu sees in you.” You sigh and gulp half of your drinks.

“Well you will never get it.”

“No, most of the readers don’t get it either. You are bitter, he’s thoughtful; You are mean, he’s kind-hearted; You are sadistic and you never stop talking!” The more differences you list the more you fail to understand, is this what they call love will keep us all blind or is it just lust?

“Pff, Soryu is submissive.” Ota sticks his tongue out as Soryu looks up with his redden cheeks (awww he’s so cuteeee) before he quickly returns to his book. “He gets me and I get him, we click, that’s all that matters.” The blonde says with a soften expression when he steals a glance at the mobster, and there it is- a true moment of love in his eyes. He is serious about Soryu, much more than anyone’d ever imagined.

Sure they are an odd pair that probably no one would root for or understand but they don’t need anyone’s approvals, they just need each other.


Mamoru is smoking with his legs crossed and arms stretch to the sides on the bench, he looks neither nervous or excited. “Waiting for someone?” He let’s out a yarwn and gets up, “You look nice.” He mutters and walks off, “Where are we going?”

To your surprise, he has taken you to an amusement park for a date. This looks like a text book date from Voltage, “Hurry up, kid.” He calls without looking back, hmm this does sound like the Mamoru from season 1 before he’s gotten to know the MC.

He isn’t much of a talker which is weird because he talks a lot more when you are all gathered so you try all sort of topics but only earn you the short answers. “Mamo, do you not want to go on a date? You seem awfully quiet.” He hesitates and stops walking, “Hey wanna try that?” It’s a shooting contest and before you’d answer, he’s already in line. Aiming and shooting is only natural to a detective like him, he’s won a second prize and it’s an ukulele.

“This is handy.” The lazy detective seems happy with his rewards, “You know how to play?” He answers by playing a familiar melody, a classic folk song. His face is coated in the orange rays of sun set and you find your heart pounding at the sight, his gazes meet with yours as his fingers leave the string. “What a lovely day, huh.” He suddenly says, “Umm sorry I didn’t say much today. I..I’m kind of nervous.” His apology surprise you as you see no clue at all, he just seems cool and little strange. “I… I have always liked you.. from the first time we met.”

Wait???!!! What???!! Mamoru Kishi, your favorite character from Kissed By The Baddest Bidders is confessing to you?! Taking a step closer, Mamoru kisses ever so gently on your forehead. “I don’t want you to take it the wrong way. I wasn’t bored or anything, I just didn’t know what to say.” He smiles sheepishly, “What do the guys usually say after this? Or is it your turn to respond?”

You can’t help but giggle at his adorable form, he’s so cute you want to jump and embrace him but instead you suggest the two of you to go for dinner where he can be less nervous and back to himself so you can get to know the real him.


“Camera rolling and …… action!” You look dumbfounded then Baba walks through the door on set with only black boxer briefs, he’s toned and smoking hot! Your mouth drop wide open as he walks towards the actress on bed, lifting her chin up and kisses her seductively. The director shouts cut then the crew moves some lights and start filming again, the woman gets down on her knees with Baba’s cock right in front.


The director slowly instructs their exact movements, the actress carefully moves her hands to his thighs while his grips her hair. Baba then pulls his boxer off and almost slaps her with his manhood, why are you here! What is this? Oh no, you have a plenty good idea what this is but questions flood through your head. Should you be mad? Embarrassed or impressed at his size? Minutes or hours later, you can’t really tell, Baba stands in front of you with his casual wear and smiles as happy as ever, “Hello princess.”

“BABA!! What the hell!!!!!!”

Making a shock face follow by a naughty grin, “What? This is the real me!” You gulp and lower your voice, “A PORN STAR?”

“Yeah, a good one too don’t you think?” He winks. “Baba, you aren’t exactly the most popular guy in the game. I am not sure this will do any good.”

He shows his arm and signal you to hook around it then he casually leaves the set, “I don’t care about popularity. I am who I am, Kara. And I am fucking proud of that.”

Proud of being a porn star? The question almost leave your lips but you listen, this is about him not your assumption. It isn’t his dream to be one, life leads him to an opportunity and he takes it as it pays well, the cast, the people he meets turn out to be much less hypercritical and cynical so he sticks around.

“It doesn’t bother you that you aren’t that popular?” You have to ask, a grin plays at the corner of his lips, “I accepted Voltage’s offer for fun, I did porn for fun. Life is too short and I don’t want a boring one. Plus quality over quantity, love.”

You look at the satisfying man in hat, carefree, straight forward, optimistic and they are the reasons why Mitsunari Baba is so charming, a man who is true to himself.


You take one last look at your phone and walk to the end of corridor, there’s no point in checking which apartment since you are on the top floor of a penthouse apartment. How fitting of Eisuke Ichinomiya.

“Hi, come on in,” Eisuke greets you casually with a smile, he smiles?! But before you can look to double check he has rushed back to the kitchen, “Make yourself at home, hey do you want something to drink?” He pops his head out and asks, “No,no I’m good.” You walk around his spacious apartment to find no helper or bulter of any sort, just you and the billionaire.

“Umm, do you need help?” You rise your voice.

“Nope.” He smiles, again he is really smiling!!! “All done.” Putting two plates of lobsters with salads and pasta, your eyes widen. “You cook all this by yourself?!”

“Pff, I can cook, I can drive, I do a lot of things myself like any regular citizens.” He stands behind you and pull a chair out, such gentleman like feels a bit out of place but you are more amazed than freaked, you never would have thought it’s possible to feel comfortable with Eisuke’s presence. “This place is huge!” He pours some white wine into your glass and offers a private tour later, “Oh my god!!!”

He chuckles at your reaction, “I’m that good, right?” Confident, sassy, funny and he can cook! This can’t be true, there is no way Eisuke Ichinomiya would fit your type. The night continues rather perfectly, the two of you talking about yourself, your interest, his hobby, the latest movie you like, his favorite book and who’d known that both of you like Bruno Mars.

After showing you around his place, you freshen up in the bathroom and you even wish you have picked a better outfit. When you step inside, you are surprised to hear Eisuke playing the piano and singing.

Oh, her eyes, her eyes make the stars look like they’re not shiningHer hair, her hair falls perfectly without her trying.

She’s so beautiful

And I tell her everyday.

You lean by the couch and quietly listen, feeling the rising warmth on your cheeks, it must be the wine. Eisuke smiles at you (again!) and motions you to sit beside him.

When I see your face

There’s not a thing that I would change’ Cause

you’re amazingJust the way you are

And when you smile

The whole world stops and stares for a while‘Cause girl,

you’re amazingJust the way you are

You bite your lips, gazing into his sides and trace down to his lips which seem so soft, so alluring, so kissable. Shaking your head lightly, you look up to meet his eyes, has he always had these captivating eyes?

You only realize the music has stopped when his hand touches yours, “I’ve had a lot of fun tonight.” He murmurs, “Yeah, me too. I…I think the readers will love this side of you.”

He shrugs, “Only if you like this side of me too.” Is this his trick? Does he say this to all women he brings home? Wait, who’s the real Eisuke Ichinomiya? There’s no respond to his question as any sign of yes indicate a loss to you, averting your gaze, you excuse yourself as it’s getting late. He insists on driving you home but you decline politely, you walk out the door and turn to say goodbye.

“Goodnight,” he says, leaning in for a quick peek on your still redden cheek, “I really like you, Kara.” That’s all he says before you stand dumbfounded and shocked with his door shut in front of your face.

Oh my god? What just happened!!??


Two days later….

A small box is placed on your desk when you return from lunch, opening to find a wooden music box which loops the song he plays on your date with a card attach.

I really enjoyed our date, looking forward to our second one.

Nice to see some new writing talent getting a chance on Arrow. The last 2 episodes were written or co-written by Arrow first timers. Coincidentally we got 2 stellar episodes back to back. Fresh ideas is what this show needs especially when they embraced the ethos of what this show was built on. Keep it up in season 6 and we might just have a lot to look forward to.

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Just your friendly neighborhood anon, sliding into your ask box. I'm knew to kbtbb btw! How would the bidders react to meeting MC's family if mc had a shit ton of siblings? Like five or six? I thought it would be a cute/funny scenario.

@catchthespade @maidofstars @bolt8826 you guys have to see this lmao


  • MC has what now?
  • He honestly thinks it’s a lame attempt at a joke at first
  • All joking aside, I kind of feel like Eisuke would have a hard time with it
  • Even though he reunited with his sister, he still feels out of place with the concept of siblings
  • With MC’s help, he would slowly warm up to the idea 
  • The first time he meets all of them, Eisuke is shook
  • You ever seen that many siblings in one place? Fists and insults are flying, my dude
  • Needless to say, Eisuke needs some serious time before he’s buddy-buddy with MC’s family


  • He’s a little surprised, but he’s used to being around large families
  • (The Ice Dragons are basically a band of brothers anyway)
  • Soryu figures this is why MC is able to adapt to being around the Ice Dragons without issue
  • He’s always liked the idea of having siblings, so he’s more curious than nervous to meet MC’s family
  • Despite his quiet nature, Soryu actually fits in pretty well with MC’s siblings!
  • He mostly watches as they chat and bicker, but he isn’t afraid to strike up a conversation with MC’s older brother 


  • Baba loves the idea of MC having a big family!
  • The way he sees it, the more the merrier
  • He’s eager to meet MC’s siblings to see what traits they share, how they get along, etc.
  • In fact, Baba is the one who asks to meet MC’s family before she could even bring it up
  • Once they do meet, Baba acts as if he’s known MC’s siblings for years
  • The transition is very smooth, and they soon consider Baba part of the family


  • What, there’s more of you?
  • Ota finds the whole idea hilarious, so of course he has to see this for himself
  • He can’t wait to grill MC’s siblings on all the embarrassing things she did as a child
  • When he finally meets them, it doesn’t take long before Ota and MC’s siblings are swapping dirt on MC
  • Hell, Ota would even play wrestle with her brothers and do the hair of her sisters
  • It’s like a really weird, salty sleepover and MC regrets everything


  • Mamoru has a brother, so he knows how much of a pain in the ass siblings can be
  • But six? Are you serious?
  • He’s amazed that MC hasn’t committed homicide yet
  • Being the kind of person he is, Mamoru groans at the idea of traveling to meet MC’s siblings
  • When they do, however, Mamoru is surprised at how well they get along
  • He’s living for the teasing MC’s older siblings are giving her, so of course he joins in too
  • MC just gives him this look of betrayal, but he’s laughing his ass off and high-fiving everyone 


  • Shuichi literally does not believe her for the longest time
  • There’s no way that MC has that many siblings and he’s only just running into one of these troublemakers now
  • Lo and behold, Shuichi nearly keels over when MC shows him a family picture
  • He’s mentally preparing himself their whole trip to meet them
  • When they get there, Shuichi feels like it’s like watching a nature documentary
  • He figured he’d find the younger siblings obnoxious, which he does.
  • Expect for the youngest, a sweet little sister who silently hands him her drawings to show off
  • Shuichi is trying to keep a straight face, but he’s like putty in her hands.


  • This big kid is eager to meet MC’s siblings and raise hell together
  • They’re mostly younger than her? Even better
  • Hikaru is already planning all of they pranks they’re going to pull on MC
  • He naturally blends in with the family when they meet, and MC has the look of Fear™ in her eyes 
  • She’s constantly looking over her shoulder when they’re together, because she knows her siblings plus Hikaru is a match made in teasing heaven
  • Poor girl never gets a break, does she?


  • Luke is somewhat surprised to hear it, but he’s not too phased
  • After all, his sister is pretty strange and MC didn’t judge. Why should he?
  • He figures MC will introduce them when she feels comfortable, so he doesn’t press the issue.
  • MC’s siblings find him… unique, to say the least
  • They quickly warm up to him, though
  • He actually participates in conversation with them and has a generally good time


  • He’s completely bewildered by the idea
  • Does that mean he has to meet them? Interact? With others?
  • Poor Rhion is shook at the news, so MC doesn’t bring it up much
  • Eventually, Rhion accepts this and asks to meet them
  • MC cautiously plans out a meeting, and Rhion is preparing himself for more socialization in one day than he gets in a month
  • It goes surprisingly well, however
  • MC is worried her siblings will be a little put off by Rhion’s eccentric behaviour, but they find it endearing
KBTBB: Ota x Mc (Part 4)

Yoo~ Part 4 here. Honestly, i didn’t expect i’d receive many asks about this series. Apparently, most of them say they want mc to be with Eisuke in the end. Some want her with Baba while some want her and Ota to get back together. Oh and even Soryu. Lol~ Idk but…how about i write endings for all the guys that got suggested? Btw, this part is not the end yet…probably. And since a new week is starting soon, i might get busy again. Therefore the endings might not come soon. I’m sowwy.

Plot: Ota cheats on Mc.

Warning: angst, violent, nsfw…and harem. Idk, somehow it just turns into harem toward the end of this part. Lol~

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3


*3rd PoV

Ota walked to where Eisuke was, then they started to talk briefly about the scandal. Meanwhile, Hiyori was standing just a few meters away from them, scanning the situation to choose when to talk. Little did they know, a woman, or to be specific, it was that woman - the actress who announced the engagement shamelessly as if it was the truth, she was hiding in the shadow the whole time looking at the commotion. When she saw Ota protected Hiyori with all his mind, the flame of jealousy start burning up stronger. She whispered

“..It’s you…if it’s not for you, I and Ota would be happy together forever. You..you need to disappear from this world completely…”

then she pulled out a kitchen knife and dashed toward Hiyori from behind. Sadly, Soryu was talking to Inui and Samejima, while Eisuke was still talking with Ota. Only, Baba, who had just exited the hotel had the full view of the scene, noticed something was going wrong.


He ran at full speed to stop to woman, he cursed as he wished he came down here from the penthouse sooner. He screamed

“Ota! Soryu! Catch her! Catch the woman!!”

but…it was too late. The moment they heard Baba’s voice, they all, Hiyori included turned to see what was the problem but a high pitch wicked laugh rang loudly as if it could even cut the air, and came after was a dull sound of Hiyori’s body hit the ground. She didn’t even have a chance to scream in pain. She clutched her stomach as blood started gushing out, dying the ground beneath her with red. Her breathes ragged as she tried to get more oxygen into her lungs. Ota was so shocked he couldn’t even get a word out at first but it only lasted for a few seconds. He rushed to Hiyori right away and gently gathered her into his arms.

“Hiyori! Hiyori please! Stay awake! Don’t close your eyes please!! I..I haven’t even showed you the surprise that i promised yet!”

Hiyori’s eyes were watering up as she reached a hand up to his cheek. She stroked it with her thumb and whisper Ota’s name as if to tell him that everything would be fine. Meanwhile, Soryu screamed orders at Inui and Samejima, his hands caught the actress wrists and he pressed the woman on the ground, no mercy at all. At the same time, Eisuke was calling an ambulance and Mamoru, who was at the police station at the moment. After he was done with the phone calls, he crouched down beside Hiyori and grabbed her other hand.

“Be strong ok? They will be here soon.”

Ota, who had been calling Hiyori’s name nonstop now let his tears fall freely.

“Please Hiyori! Don’t leave me alone…I..How am i supposed to live without you? We..we still haven’t made enough good memories together. I haven’t even met your parents. I haven’t even sealed our love with a ring. Please…”

He kept crying as Hiyori closed her eyes slowly

“I..i’m cold Ota…”
“Hey…Hey Hiyori!! Keep your eyes open! That’s an order! Remember three rules i taught you? Please! Don’t you dare break just one rule!! No!”

*A few hours later - At Luke’s place.

“How is she Luke?”
“Sexy is not completely ok yet. She sure is a strong woman but…she lost a lot of blood. I need someone to donate some in order to save Sexy. We gotta be quick.”

Their faces turned pale, only Ota spoke up hurriedly.

“Take mine please. We have same blood type.”
“…Is that ok Ota?”
“Yes it is. I would give her my life as long as she can live.”

He said firmly, there wasn’t a bit of doubt or hesitation in his voice or his eyes. Seeing his determination, Luke agreed and told Ota to follow him and get ready. After they’re done, Luke walked out to inform everything to the guys. Ota was left alone with Hiyori. He touched her cheeks and stroked it gently, every stroke fulled with love and adoration. A short while later, he leaned down and pressed his forehead against hers, his hands never left her cheeks.

“Please wake up soon Hiyori. I know it’s too late but if…if you let me, i swear i will show you the surprise that i promised…”

*At night

Everyone had gone back to the hotel. All of them were very worried but they thought they should give Ota some time alone with Hiyori, in case she woke up. Back to the hotel, Eisuke suddenly became more arrogant and cold as if he was pissed. Well, he was actually. He paced back and forth in his office worrying about Hiyori. He wouldn’t let anyone see this side of him.

“Damn it! If only i wasn’t on the phone. If only i kept my eyes on her the whole time…”


He threw his coffee cup to the wall and it shattered into pieces. Simply because it wasn’t the coffee he loved which made by Hiyori.

“I would never put you in danger if you were with me. I am sure that with what i’ve got, especially my feelings, i can keep you safe always.”

Soryu, back at his own place, was running his hand through his hair in the bath. His eyes focused on the ceiling. He blamed himself partly for not being able to protect a girl when she was right there near him. Somehow, he felt a strong urge to protect this small girl. After the bath, he went to his study room and start reading a book when Samejima knocked on the door, then came in after Soryu gave him permission.

“Sir, you haven’t had dinner. Would you like t-”
“Can’t you see that i’m busy?”
“Yes sir. I understand.”

Then he left quickly, hiding the fact that Soryu was holding a book up-side-down. He was obviously worried about the precious girl.

“But…would she be safe with me…a mobster boss?”

He closed the book and his eyes caught on the cover. He heaved a sigh

“…I just showed someone a pathetic side of me which i shouldn’t…”

He let out another side as he stood near the window, looking out into space.

Baba was the one who felt guilty the most (after Ota tho). If he was a bit faster, if he didn’t linger in the penthouse for a few more minutes, he could have stopped the actress. Hiyori had always been different from those women who Baba flirted with. That’s why, he felt attached to her, he felt that she was so special to him that he wouldn’t want to spend much time away from her. Lately, he even tried to stop by Tres Spades as much as possible just so he could see her smiling face. He didn’t talk much when Ota confessed his cheating act, but actually, deep inside, he wanted to give Ota a good punch, he wanted go to Hiyori side right away to comfort her. Not because he was Ota’s best friend, well, it was part of the reason, but mainly, it was because he felt butterflies in his stomach everytime he saw her face, and he wanted to believe it was…something special..like…love.

“Hiyori…would you choose me if you decide to leave Ota after?”

His whisper came out as light and gentle as a touch of a feather. He asked that question as if to himself, because no one gave him an answer. He let it be carried away by the wind as he looked up to the sky fulled of stars.

“Is it silly to make a wish to the star?”

*Midnight - Ota’s PoV

I had felt asleep without realizing when suddenly, i felt a small squeeze on my hand which was holding Hiyori’s and it sent a signal to my brain. I jolted up noticing it was totally dark inside the room. Then I heard a voice, a sweet gently voice that I missed so much even though I just heard it a day ago.

“Is that y-you Ota?”
“Yes yes Hiyori! It’s me. Do you want me to turn on the light?”
“No..it’s fine.”

Hiyori called my name! Sh-she’s ok! I then went to opened the window, letting the moonlight fill the room with its cool and silver light. My eyes adjust to the darkness after a moment, and with the help of the moonlight, I could see Hiyori’s pale face, i didn’t even know if it was because of the moon? Or..another specific reason? Or maybe both?

“How are you feeling Hiyori?”
“..I’m ok now Ota. The wound still hurts though. But..i’m alive aren’t i?”
“Hiyori…is now a good time?”

Hiyori seemed to understand what i mean so she gave a nodded lightly. Her hands clapped together. I took a deep breath then started to explain everything from the very beginning. Repeating the story again just made my whole body ached in pain. My voice started to tremble when i was almost done telling her the story.

“…and that’s the reason i cheated on you and made you feel insecure. But Hiyori, you have to know that my whole heart, body and soul belong only to you.”
“…You have no idea just how scared i was when i saw you covered in blood. I though I lo-lost you for sure. I was ready to end my life as well but..thank god. You’re here, talking with me now. That’s all i need for now.”

I looked her straight in the eyes and continued.

“You…don’t need to give me tell me right now, about what your choice is. I will wait for as long as it takes so…think about it thoroughly ok? Even if you decide to leave me, I..i’m ok with that. As long as you’re happy. I’m happy. So please Hiyori, just for tonight, let me be here with you.”

My tears started falling again even though i was trying so hard to hold it back. Great, now i looked like a total loser.

“There’s one more thing, will you hear me out Hiyori?”
“…of course Ota.”

God she accepted to hear me out. This simple thing made me so happy i could burst in more tears than i already had.

“…it’s that…when you get better and your wound heal completely, will you let me show you the surprise that i promised you that day? I mean…almost two days ago..i felt like it was so long ago huh? Haha…”

I faked a dry laugh as Hiyori smiled gently at me. It was so beautiful. The moonlight just made her look even more gorgeous. It was like…she was sparkling.

“…I understand Ota. Tonight, I will think about the whole thing, the whole story and what i should do from now on, and i will answer you as soon as possible.”
“…Ok. Thank you Hiyori.”

Then i sat on a chair near her bed and hold her hand, she didn’t pulled back. Which i considered as a good sign. It’s ok. I was satisfied with just that for now. Then she turned to look at me, looking a bit tired.

“Hey Ota…even though i haven’t decided on what i’ll do yet, you..you don’t need to suffer ok? I believe what you told me was the truth, and i don’t want to see you be in pain anymore. So…at least, smile for me.”

Gosh how could this girl be so generous and nice to me? I…I didn’t even deserve to hold her hand, to touch her. But i couldn’t let go. I kept holding onto her hand and i gave her my best smile, not the angelic smile of Ota Kisaki the artist, but a genuine smile from the bottom of my heart.

“ Yes Hiyori. I will…I will always smile for you ok? Now go to sleep, it’s past midnight and morning’s not coming yet. Get as much rest as you can ok? I will be here.”

She nodded then closed her eyes. Her eyelashes cast a shadow on each of her cheeks. The curtain fluttered as the wind gently flew. I pulled the blanket up to her chest and then i gathered all my courage to lean down and gave her a small kiss on the forehead.

“Goodnight Hiyori. I love you…so much.”

This simple thing suddenly seemed hard for me to do even though it was a daily thing we used to do a lot.

Quietly, i let her sleep as i gazed at her the whole time that i couldn’t even get some sleep. I wished…things would keep being like this, so peaceful, forever.


And~ that’s part 4. It’s not the end yet. Next part will be the end and there’re 4 endings so…look forward to it? RIP Hiyori tho…T^T
Lol~ Jk. I’ll find the time to finish it during this week.  It will not be as fast as i posted these 4 parts this weekend so do forgive me. And thank you for following me and this series until now. I appreciate it.

Also, this part, i didn’t check after finished at all. Hope it’s alright and man…the grammar thing always kill me.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed this part. Now i gotta sleep, class starts early tomorrow. T^T (WHY? I hate school)

Much love~

anonymous asked:

Could you please do a headcannon with the KBTBB guys if they walked in on the mc having a bath.

I love this request. It’s so cute! :D Here you go! 

Eisuke: It was another long day for Eisuke, who was coming home past midnight from a business meeting. Taking off his jacket, Eisuke headed for the bathroom to relax from the day’s events. When he opened the bathroom door, Eisuke froze. You were in the middle of your bath, listening to music with earphones in each ear. You were closing your eyes and your head swayed to the music, as Eisuke chuckled. He pulled up a chair and sat right in front of you, until you noticed. You felt a presence so you opened your eyes, to reveal your boyfriend watching you. 
“Eisuke! What are you doing in here?!” you yelled, trying to cover yourself up. 
“Me? Nothing. I’m just appreciating the view.” He said, with a smirk. 
You tried to cover up your body by sinking deeper into the water so Eisuke couldn’t see, but Eisuke just smirked even more. 
“You know I can still see you, right?” he said, leaning back into his chair. 

Soryu: It was your day off and Soryu was away for a couple of hours, so you decided to take a nice relaxing bath. You started to unwind in the warm bath, as the silence in the bathroom slowly drifted you to a warm slumber.
Soryu just came home from meeting with some people, but couldn’t see you anywhere. He was excited to spend your day off with you, but where were you? He called your name into the empty living room, as he put his things down on the table. Soryu started searching the house, with a heavy heart, until he reached the bathroom. 
You were elegantly lying down in the bath, your cheeks flushed red due to the high temperature. Soryu’s cheeks immediately flushed, as he scratched the back of his head. He knew that you were going to get sick if you spent more time in the bath, so he decided to wake you up. 
You rubbed your eyes after feeling a passionate kiss on your lips, to see a blushing Soryu in front of you. 
“Umm. Well, you were here and I wanted to get you out so you didn’t get sick. And I couldn’t resist kissing those beautiful lips of yours.” he said, with an even more flushed face. 

Baba: You were using the new bath bomb you got from the hotel, when you heard a click of the door. Baba was at the market, getting some ingredients for the stew you were going to cook so you had a bit of time to yourself. As you settled in the bath, you heard a click. Was someone in the house with you? You dismissed the thought of an intruder and relaxed in the bath, when you heard a shuffle, followed by another louder click. Fluttering your eyes open, you were facing none other than Baba. He froze from the doorway, and soon started to smirk. A mischievous grin was plastered on his face, as he walked towards you. 
“Well hello there, pretty lady. What are you doing here?” he asked, caressing your cheek. 
Embarrassed, you tried to hide as you yelled at him. “Baba! Stop looking at me! This is embarrassing. Can you just go out? I’ll be out in a second.” you said, cheeks flushed. 
Baba didn’t budge. Instead, he smiled a bit brighter and kissed you sweetly. 
“How about we save some water and I join you?” Baba asked, winking. 

Ota: 496. There were 496 dots on the ceiling. How did you know that? Well, Ota had been working on his painting for the past 3 house and you had nothing better to do. Any other noise would have distracted him, so that means no phone or TV. You felt as if you were being tortured. Groaning, you got up from the couch and headed for the bathroom. Ota was too into his painting to even notice, so you decided to take a bath to relieve some stress. 
”_____? Where are you? You’re my muse, you can’t just bail on me.” Ota said into the empty studio, pouting. He started to wander around to the bathroom, to wash his paint stained hands. Ota opened the door, to reveal you in the bath. 
“Ota! Get out of here, I’m kindof doing something!” you cried out, desperately hiding your body. 
That was when Ota had an amazing idea. You were his muse, and this was the inspiration he needed for his painting. 
“Wait right here! Let me get my paintbrush! This is going to be a great painting!” he cried out, running to get his paintbrush. 

Mamoru: It was now 5:30 a.m. and Mamoru couldn’t sleep. He woke up groggily, unable to relax for some reason. He reached over to snuggle with you, but all he found was a cold bed. ‘Where was this kid at 5 in the morning?’ Mamoru thought to himself, as he got up. The air was cold around him, and he instantly got worried about you. Were you okay? He made himself over to the bathroom, to wash him face before he could go looking for you. He didn’t really have to look hard to find you. 
You were in the bath, facing away from him. You took a deep breath as you felt all the worries leave your body when you heard a deep voice behind you. 
“Geez kid. I was worried about you.” Mamoru said behind you. 
You instantly turned around, embarrassed and touched that he was worried about you getting lost. Then, you remembered you were in the bath. Naked. Your eyes widened, as you threw your arms around yourself. Chuckling, Mamoru just rolled you eyes, as he tried to hide his blush.
“You actually look like a woman, kid.” he said, kissing you with passion before you could yell at him. 

I hope you liked this! I liked writing Mamoru’s and Ota’s. Hehe. This was a really cute request, thank you for requesting! :D 

A comiXologist Recommends:
Kate Kasenow recommends The Woods #3

In the first two issues, new and original BOOM! Studios’ series The Woods established itself as the perfect storm of apocalyptic high school adventures in sci-fi horror. If that phrasing alone seems a bit intense for you, then you’d better fasten your seatbelts, because issue #3 is one wild ride.

Despite what the faculty and staff seem to think, things are looking grim for the students of Bay Point Prepartory Academy. After getting mysteriously transported to another world, the principal is daydreaming while the athletics department is turning the school into the dystopian setting of 1984. Meanwhile, Adrian Roth is fighting over control of a ragtag group of students with Sanami Ota. Both have powerful ideas about what needs to be done, but, unfortunately, so does everyone else.

Underneath the fantastic setting and lurking horrors of the plot, the story is essentially a diverse set of character studies. Writer James Tynion IV (jamesthefourth) has done a brilliant job of delving into each character’s personality and initiatives while still leaving a lot of mystery for readers to contemplate. Not to be discounted in the least, Michael Dialynas’ (thewoodencrown) artwork gives a unique look and feel to the multitude of genres represented. I’ve long been a fan of Dialynas’ work and seeing him tackle both endearing character moments as well as monstrous acts of violence is both refreshing and invigorating. Like a bright cherry atop this cake of terror, Jose Gonzalez’s colors add vibrance and surreality to this mysterious new world and its newest residents.

By now you might be asking yourself, “Why high school students? How will they survive? Who’s behind all this?”

Jump into The Woods now and find out!

[Read The Woods #3 on comiXology!]

For fans of: actionscience fictionhorror

Kate Kasenow is a comics artist from Indiana currently living in Manhattan. She works at ComiXology as a Lead Digital Editor and spends most of her spare time re-reading J. R. R. Tolkien.

anonymous asked:

mc leaving the kbtbb guys to take care of their child for a day without any help.

Ota: Ota would let his children to do whatever they wanted to do. He would encourage them to be more creative and take risks while MC would be the one who always taught them manners, science and math.

            Mischievous thoughts popped in his mind as he watched his son playing with building blocks. Ota indulged on the idea for a while before laughing and calling to him.

“Hey, ______ mommy is gone. Do you wanna do something more interesting?”

            You came home a couple hours later and was shocked beyond words could say. Ota had your son in his laps as they drew happily. The wall was covered with doodles. It’s going to take forever to clean. You felt faint and dropped your shopping bags.  They realized you were home and turned to you. Paints splattered both of their faces and clothes.

“Welcome home!” they beamed at you with their angelic smile.

Baba: Baba is a natural. He was a womanizer. True. But since he met you, he changed. He found home and wanted to have a family with you. Your daughter is his princess and sometimes, it’s embarrassing to admit but you’re jealous of their relationship.

            When you asked him to babysit his daughter, he gladly agreed to it. Baba would let her played saloon with him. She put powder and blush on his face, turned his hair into pigtails.

“How do I look, princess?” Baba asked as she was done with tying the ribbon.

She gave him a thumb up and hugged him from the back, “Daddy is very pretty!”

He pulled her hands and lifted her on his broad back. She screamed excitedly.

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