You Are Watching: GHOST KING (part 16)

(( Beta read by @honestoafault ))

Will held his breath as he studied the boy underneath him. He was rigid to the touch. His face seemed frozen in shock.

A blink.

Another blink.

The blinking of his eyes was the only thing that told Will he was still alive, like yes, he could feel him breathing but he was just so still.

“Nico….? You there…..?” Will asked unsure as he hesitantly ran his fingers up and down pale skin.

Will’s voice seemed to bring Nico back to some of him senses, because Nico inhaled deeply as his eyes closed.

“How?” The dark haired boy whispered.

But it was soft. Oh so soft. Too soft.

“What…?” Will questioned as he stared down at Nico, still essentially trapping the boy beneath him.

Those wonderfully dark eyes opened and focused on Will, there was a gleam of hurt in them that Will instantly felt guilty about but where there was that gleam there was a shining of curiosity. It seemed to outweigh the hurt.

“How did you find out?” Nico asked. His voice monotonous, and oh how Will hated that tone, especially now that it was being used with him.

“Please don’t do that Nico, don’t shut down on me, I don’t think any differently of you, I mean I kinda do because that information makes you so much more awesome! But please believe me when I say I’ve liked you way before I knew. Hell, you could even say I’m falling for you, because I am, I really am Nico. Because I can definitely see myself loving you. So please….just let me explain before you decide you don’t want this. I want this, but I want it without secrets.” Will exclaimed, his eyes desperately searching Nico’s.


Nico could hear as well as see Will’s desperation as he told Nico all this. Yeah, Nico was kinda hurt when he saw the picture and the card, because his mind automatically jumped to the conclusion that Will only liked him because he was Ghost King. But hearing the little mini speech he just gave, the Italian believed him. Which was honestly such a new feeling for him. To believe someone right away, because he tended to be a very suspicious and anxious person. But with Will, he just felt like he could honestly trust him. Wholly and unconditionally.

With a sigh Nico nodded, “Okay.” He replied simply.

And with just that one word, Nico could visibly see Will relax as the tension oozed out of him, but he still remained on top of Nico, not that he was complaining or anything.

“Thank you.” Will whispered to him as he slowly got off of Nico, which Nico certainly did not pout about, but he wasn’t pouting anymore once he felt Will hug him from behind and pull him to his chest so Will was leaning on the trunk of the weeping willow, and with Nico leaning against him.

The dark haired teen felt the blond rest his chin on top of his head and felt as well as heard him sigh.

“I guess……I guess I started to get suspicious after the first couple of episodes I watched. I honestly can’t tell you why, but I did. After the first 10 episodes or so I started to notice little gestures he did that I noticed you did. Because well, I’ve always noticed you. But the more I watched the more suspicious I got. I didn’t want to jump to any conclusions which is why I never questioned you full on. I may have asked round-a-bout questions but you always had a logical reason for everything so I just thought I was reading too much into all of it. Until….”

“Until the photo.”

“Until the photo.” Will agreed before he continued. “ At first it was the message. I was like, ‘how could he have possibly known that?’ But then I thought, ‘Lou must have told him.’ Which quickly brushed off any suspicion until I recognized the handwriting. Thus the card and photo…..so there you have it.”

There he had it indeed, and surprisingly he was okay with it. “I believe you.” Nico muttered as he turned around in Will’s arms a bit awkwardly to look at him. He was biting his lip nervously and twiddling his fingers as he stared back at Nico. “And….I still want this…..I still want y-you.” The Italian mumbled as a blush steadily spread across his cheeks.

The smile Will gave him was the most beautiful thing Nico had ever seen. It made his legs feel like jello, which thank god he wasn’t standing on them, and it made his heart stutter. Will cupped his face and slowly brought him in for a gentle kiss, it was more of a peck really, like a whisper of a promise of more to come. Nico couldn’t help the soft smile that graced his lips.

“But one more thing.” Nico muttered against those warm lips merely a breath away.

“What’s that?” Will whispered as he pressed another kiss to Nico’s eager lips.

“Please…..please keep this a secret. I know that might be selfish and unfair of me to ask of you. But Will, I-I-I really want this to remain a secret.” Nico pleaded as he pulled back.


Those dark eyes were filled with worry and fear, things that did not suite those wonderful eyes at all.

Those eyes that scanned his face for a reaction, one they seemed to believe would be bad. But all Will did was sigh and run a hand through Nico’s surprisingly soft locks. He knew it would be taxing to keep such a secret but it would also mean so much to Nico if he did, and really there was no competition on what to choose.

“Of course I will. I want you to be comfortable Neeks, I don’t want you to worry about anything. Okay?”

“Okay….” was his whispered reply before he felt Nico rest his head on Will’s chest and curl up into a little ball in his lap. Will happily wrapped his arms around the smaller boy and just basked in his natural coolness that was steadily getting warmer. He could certainly get used to this.

They stayed like that, enjoying each other’s company, not saying a word but content to do so until the bell rang, and maybe even a little after that. Yes, Will was a little late to his next class but as far as he was concered. It was totally worth it.

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Okay but pls consider: overly proud bf Klavier. All the time constantly, "okay so my bf Apollo can do this rlly cool thing with his eyes and I love him he's the light of my life I-" he's even proud of Apollo for very like. Dumb things. "Ok but the love of my life can literally burp on command. How cool is that." "Did u know that my beautiful bf can literally scream for 3 minutes straight without breathing. Isn't he adorable."

this is pure…..

klavier just bragging about apollo all the damn time and it’s so, so cute??? like ema hates how loved up he is and edgeworth just quietly sighs every time klavier’s eyes light up because he Knows what he’s going to be treated to for the next five hours but klavier finds a way to direct every single conversation to something apollo can do like “apollo did that once! apollo told me a funny joke about this! haha i love apollo!” and it’s very sweet and nice to see him happy for probably a fortnight until everyone goes out of their way to avoid him aha

he can’t help it tho. klavier scored an amazing man and he loves him 

also klavier having his little jar of reasons he loves apollo (like the ones people use when their partner isn’t around or when they’re having a fight and want to calm down) and it’s just so many things- like how apollo sometimes snorts after he laughs, how he always buys klavier the biscuits he likes when he goes to the shop, even the way he gets so angry when klavier choses rainbow road on mario kart

klavier always curls up for smooches afterwards like yes! hello! i love you! and apollo’s working on editing documents but he wraps his arms around him and softly kisses him

i really wanted to post something on my tumblr during my term break, but since it’s almost over and i haven’t gotten anything graphic ideas lately i decided to resort to posting another anidala fanfic rec since i did pretty much spend most of my term break reading - and even writing my own - fanfics. i noticed that i post fanfic recs whenever i’m on break, so i guess you can expect a new rec every time on break. anyways, these are fanfics that i’ve read after searching through the anidala pairing category and some fanfics that i’ve once again forgot to put in my other fanfic recs. this recommendation list is arranged in no particular order as always and when i have fanfiction to recommend again i’ll post them under the tag “fanficrec.” i hope you all enjoy these fanfics as much as i have! \(^▽^)/ 

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So the weirdest shit happened to me 10 mins ago.

I was driving home from the grocery store - trying to be an adult here - and the police stopped me for a regular check. It’s fine, I think, all normal.

All right, I stop the car near the road and the police officer comes: “license and registration please” .

I hand him the things and he widens his eyes like A LOT and I am like “OMG WHAT DID I DO”


I don’t know what to do at this point, cause this is an adult man, a police officer around 50 years old and wtf? Honestly. So I just kind of say “yeah”

“COOL CAN I SEE IT? MY DAUGHTER WANTS ONE TOO. Where did you get it? Was it expensive??”

I tell him things he wants to know, the tattoo studio and that I paid around 80 euros for it - it’s not big really - and he is like:

“All right I’ll let her do it on her birthday as a surprise”

And that’s it, he didn’t even check my documents. I think I just made a girl out there very fucking happy

Don’t Leave Pt.2 Preview

You trudged wearily down the busy Seoul street, to-go coffee in hand and the heavy briefcase on your arm as you stared down at your phone, trying to find your way around this godforsaken city. You had lived here for three weeks, but had only been going to work at your new job for a week, but for some reason the buildings still confused you and turned you around when you least expected it. You cursed under your breath as you finally found the right building where you worked. 

Luckily, the university you went to recommended you to this company or you would have started out at the bottom. It definitely wasn’t your dream job, but it got your foot in the door so you could start working on your novel and also pay bills at the same time.

You sat at your desk, staring at the computer screen, waiting for inspiration to come. Journalism didn’t come easily to you, you would rather focus on your non-fiction works, but it had to be done. You sighed and stared up at the ceiling, pinching the bridge of your nose between your fingers, trying, trying to come up with something when your phone buzzed. 

Jimin (1:14): Where are you? I thought we were meeting for lunch…

Oh shit. You grabbed your phone and your wallet before sliding your briefcase into the locking drawer on your desk and closing it tightly then made your way out of the office building and down a block away at a diner he had told you about.

Jimin moved up to Seoul just six months before yourself so he was a little bit more stable in the city setting than you. He got right into a company after college, dancing back-ups for now until he could possibly weasel his way into something more important. 

The door dinged as you walked into the cozy diner then saw his bright smile immediately. You ran over and hugged him as tightly as you could since it had been your first time seeing him since you moved here.

“God, I missed you Jimin…” tears nearly pricked at your eyes as you breathed the words into his chest. Not seeing him as much for the past six months were rough, seeing as he was there when Yoongi left. He left you more broken than you ever thought any person could and if it weren’t for Jimin, you would have lost your mind.

“Aw come on Y/N. You couldn’t have missed me that much,” he beamed down at you.

“More than you know.”

“So how’s Seoul? How’s… you know?” he questioned vaguely.

“It’s… cold. And at my parents for another week.”

“Oh, okay gotcha. Settling in nicely? How’s the apartment? I need to come see it.” He mused on as he glanced from the menu and back to you as you nodded at him in approval.

“Its good enough. Hopefully this job will pull me out of the gutter so I can get something better.” You laughed at the statement lightly as you too stared at the menu. 

Then Jimin put down the laminated paper and looked at you seriously, but you refused to look at him because you had a feeling about what he was about to say. “Have you tried to contact him?”

“No. No point.”

“What do you mean no point? Y/N, you know just as well as I do he would want to know, about you being here and–” Jimin spoke a little more sternly which caught your attention.

“Look,” you cut him off. “He left, Jimin. He’s most likely moved on. You see how well his mixtape is doing. He is busy and probably long forgotten about the stupid girl who fell for him in college,” your words were laced with not only bitterness, but hurt.

You guys deserve this for being so patient with me on getting this part written. Hopefully this fuels you guys for whats to come in a couple days. Enjoy.