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yeah hey, hi. One of those people that refer to some shithead abusive male char 'you wretched disaster' and get abused on this site because I write them, but no one bothers to see me trying to make it an AU and try to write them attempting to right their wrongs and be a better person. No, they see the baddie and I'm attacked, I'm trying though because its different and I wanna change outcomes for the better. Would be nice not being lumped into one cata because we try something new for them.

I really don’t get why so many people feel attacked by basic fandom observations. We got at least 5 messages exactly like this with slightly different wording and it’s really funny to me. I’m not saying stop doing it or you’re a terrible awful person, I’m just of the opinion that keeping these things in mind via humor is a good way of realizing where you stand exactly (in the majority) and that while you can gush about your problematic fave for a variety of reasons, you should keep in mind that this stuff makes others (the minority) uncomfortable or puts them in harm’s way, and that they often get the short end of the stick for speaking up about it. Compromises can be achieved on behalf of those who favor “bad” characters so as to make everything as comfortable as possible for everyone. This is especially important in fandoms where a lot of kids take part.

By the way, this is also a note to myself, because I find darker characters compelling very easily. Publishing that previous anon was as much checking myself for this sort of behavior as it was reminding everyone else of it.

If you don’t wanna be “lumped in” with the Real Fandom Baddies, then don’t be. If you know you’re not among the people who just don’t care, and you really try to make things right as you say, then you have no reason to feel threatened by that post. Do your thing. Be critical. No one can stop you anyway. Godspeed.


“All the better, then! Just think of marrying me as your punishment!” 

“I’m not as big a fool as you! I… I wouldn’t… think of that as punishment.”

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Have you ever looked into someone's eyes and they have like stars in them? I just did and I'm in love

A boy once told me the freckles in my eyes remind him of constellations


I cannot believe I have witnessed a meme be created


I still don’t think I’ve recovered from this yet

Writing update: Chapter 4 of The Ice Plague is written (*bounces quietly*) and now tagging The Golden Age back in. :)

(Also, it’s weird writing chapters that are around 4000-5000 words because they feel so short compared to what I normally write).

Who’s Your Daddy? Results

DirtyHaikyuuConfessions’s poll has come to an end! We first want to thank all of you for voting and we hope you had a little bit of fun while doing it. We hope you enjoy the results as much as we did! (Mod Kuroo practically screamed when looking at the winners.) Please expect the winners’ memes to come out soon-ish (Mod Bokuto is camping for a couple days). Without further ado, please give a warm round of applause as we announce DHQC’s Top Five Daddies!

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i feel like having felicity as ghost fox killer in doomworld is the legends writers guggenheim being like “what’s good about arrow that we can bring over to be screwed up by the legion of doom” and the only answer they can think of is felicity. 

not like… she doesn’t really have that much personal history with any of the legion? bring in barry’s new miserable life at the hands of eobard instead of whitewashing another female comics character k thanks 

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hiii i have a prompt for chetty if you are still accepting them that is! it's super simple and cute it's just Betty carrying Cheryl bridal style!!! bc god help me i can't get it out of my head! it could be cheryl twisting her ankle durig vixens practice or the scooby gang snooping around somewhere and she missteps idk I JUST NEED IT. sorry this is probably very messy. whether you do it or not you are awesome and i love your blog and writing very much! have a nice day! :)

umm thank u so much???? i love writing for these two assholes and like,,literally send me anything you want for them because my god i love it. also im always accepting prompts so like never hesitate. i hope this is what you wanted, if not, let me know and ill see what i can do! thank you again for the sweet message and prompt!:))))

Cheryl Blossom prides herself on being The Queen of Riverdale High.

She prides herself on the way a whole hallway can separate within seconds so that she can walk through with ease, how people will dive out of her way so they can be spared from her famous tongue lashings, how she carries herself with such grace and poise that people question whether or not she’s human.

(meaning for a solid three years in elementary, Jughead and Archie were convinced she was a robot that that Blossoms had created so Jason wouldn’t get lonely and that only stopped after they saw her cry after Jason fell down and broke his leg in the second grade)

So when she falls one day on the field as all of her little minions (read: the River Vixens) are filing out, she can’t help but feel a hot shame fill her as relief that no one saw her actually fall battles that shame. She attempts to get up but as soon as she puts weight on her right foot, she hisses and falls back to the ground, slamming her left knee against the grass.


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