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All the pain we’ve been through just shows how impossible it is for us to let go of each other.
—  Poets Love Her

Everyone needs to see chanyeol singing love is an open door at least once I hope this brightens your day up cause it sure did for me

Nothing will ever be able to stand in our way, because we are made to go through all kind of pain together.
—  Poets Love Her

✨I have returned to this Planetary sphere in service to the One Infinite Creator. As a catalyst of growth for us All as One. I Am, That, I Am. I am all beings. There is no separation. I am here to serve as your reminder. We are One being reflecting itself. Love all. Gaze into the eyes of the Creator. These eyes are your eyes. These eyes are all eyes.✨👁✨🙌🏻🙌🏼🙌🏽🙌🏾🙌🏿✨

EXO’s Reaction To You Giving Them Visible Hickeys

Xiumin: He’d smirk and touch the spot, staring at you. “Now, where would you like to be marked~?” (XIUDADDY MODE ACTIVATED!!)

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: Would act flustered AF but would be super proud of the mark. “ Now everyone will know that i’m yours” Then he’d be so damn fluffy and blow you kisses.

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Lay: He’d get rushed to go do something else before being able to react to it. But, when they asked what the marks on his neck and shoulders were, he’d point over at you from across the room and say,” they’re little love notes from my baby~”

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: (PREPARE FOR NSFW THINGS BEING MENTIONED!) You’d be showering and Baek would decide to join you, wrapping an arm around you and leaning in to nip at your ear. As he did this, you would lean in and suck a few harsh marks into his neck. He’d move away for a second and smirk almost maniacally, suggesting, “why don’t i give you a couple things to remind people who you belong to~” (sorry not sorry about that. this gif gives me feels!)

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: You’d pull away from jawline where there was now a long strand of big dark hickeys. He’d notice that you were looking at the place you had been sucking at then would look over at the mirror next to you two (Because you’d obviously have to sneak away from the other members by going somewhere with a mirror (i have the biggest feeling that chen would have a kink for that)). He’d touch the marks and smile. “You should give me stuff like this more often.”

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(DADDY KINK ALERT!) You two would be making out and, as things started heating up more, you would kiss down his neck, unconsiously sucking a dark hickey into his collarbone. He’d stop you and look down for a second then back up to you with a raised eyebrow. “Did i say you could do that? Does Daddy need to punish you?”

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:Kyungsoo would love every mark you ever gave him because it’d make him feel closer to you. So, when you two were cuddling on the couch and you gently sucked a soft hickey right below his ear, he’d smile sweetly and return the favor, giving you a mark in the same spot. “I love when you do that.”

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: (Just saying…but i could picture him with a mirror kink too) Jongin would have you straddling his lap and you two would be making out after his schedule. He’d pull you in to run his tongue along your earlobe, causing you to moan. As you moaned, you tried to muffle it because of the other members in the dorm by nipping and sucking at a patch on his neck, unaware that you had given him a big hickey. He’d bite his lip and look behind you at the floor length mirror to admire the newly made mark on his neck before looking back up at you. “You know, Y/N, I’ve got other parts of me that would love that kind of attention just as much~” He’d then take hold of one of your free hands and run it down to his bulge.

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: He wouldn’t even try to hide it when you gave him marks, so he sort of basked in the moment when he was in an interview with the other members and a fan had asked him what those marks under his jaw were. “It’s a secret. But, they’re from someone very special,” He’d say before staring into the camera and winking. 

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Luhan: You and Luhan had had a crazy night together for your anniversary, so it didn’t suprise him when he went to the bathroom the morning after to see that his entire torso was covered in hickeys and bite marks. He’d smirk then look over to you, noticing that you were beginning to stir from your sleep. “Looks like you were enjoying yourself yesterday. But, i always love your artwork, so it doesn’t matter~” He’d smirk and say while running a hand over the marks.

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Tao: Zitao loved the moments you had together, but he was never ready for the times you would take charge and mark him all over, reminding him who he belonged to. You two had met up for a date, but, instead of leaving with eachother to head to the restaurant the moment he got to the door, he was pulled into the bedroom by his smirking significant other who then slammed his back against the door and climbed him like a tree. As you wrapped your legs aroun his waist, your lips went directly to his adams apple, sucking harshly. When you pulled away, he’d feel the spot and smirk. “I love you too”

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Kris: Yifan always loved the moments where you two would get away and feel eachother up. Because he just so happened to be a hell of a lot taller than you, catching that man by suprise was always really hard. So you could only suprises him when you two were laying down and he was half asleep. He’d be passed out from the activites of the night before and probably wasn’t planning on waking up for another several hours. So, you took this to your advantage by leaning into him, kissing along his jaw lightly then nipping at his collar bone and sucking a big hickey into him. This would obviously wake him up instantly so he’d look down a little and chuckle softly. “Really, babe? Couldn’t wait till i was awake? Oh well.But now that i’m awake…~”

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