Now you’re also roommates. How many years have you been living together?
  • Sunggyu: We’ve lived together 3, 4 years. We’re already like a married couple (laugh).
  • Woohyun: Married couple, married couple. We also argue like a married couple (laugh).
  • Sunggyu: Lately there hasn’t been anything, but if we fight, it really is like a married couple, isn’t it? We also have that feeling.
Infinite's First Impressions of each Other
Infinite OT7

Kinda interessting LOL- Those are my crappy translations, so please be aware of the criminal translation, grammar and spelling mistakes.

SG:Before our debut, when we formed our group, during that time there were many incidents.  

WH: Yes.

SJ: Very many. Very many.

SG: I actually haven’t said it on a broadcast. Actually the first time I saw Sungjong.

SJ: Yes.

SG: I thought Sungjong was a girl.

SY: He looked very young.

SG: During that (time) he was wearing that toilet lid (I think it would be similar to the mushroom hair-cut).

SJ: During that time…

WH: Junior High.

SJ: Yes, junior high. The mushroom hair-cut was very trendy. I was  the leader for it. I’m from Jeolla-do. During that time the hair-cut was especially popular in the Jeolla province. That’s why I came with this head. Even wearing skinny pants.

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