To people who keep saying "if it wasn't for that lawsuit..."

Just stop it right there because if it wasn’t for that lawsuit BAP would still be underpayed, would still be unlimitedly exploited without getting a chance to rest and to live their private life. If it wasn’t for the lawsuit, members wouldn’t be able to contact their closest ones, they wouldn’t be able to visit their families, to attend important events with their friends. They wouldn’t be able to live basically. So yeah, I’m glad and proud that they did that. They just wanted their rights to be acknowledge, rights that every human being in this world has. I’m glad they did it together not just because of their friendship/brotherhood but because they were all equally mistreated as well. I’m super happy they came back, stronger than ever, composing their own songs, making their own choreos and all of this wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for that lawsuit. Please, fame isn’t important, it literally comes and goes. I’m proud of my boys because they do what they want to without feeling and burden whatsoever to follow the trend in order to get the recognition, they’re setting their own trend and I think it’s beautiful to see people like them staying true to themselves. I’m happy and more than proud rn to be a Baby. I hope boys feel proud of themselves because they’re getting that recognition slowly but surely. Always remember this, folks ✌


7000 Days with SHINHWA.. thank you for the unconditional love.. thank you for your hard-work.. thank you for your loyalty.. thank you for your brotherhood.. thank you for your passion.. thank you for your music.. thank you for standing firm against all odds.. thank you for all the memories.. thank you for everything..

Imagine that it is late at night in the dorm and everyone is doing their own thing - using the internet or reading etc. Suddenly all of the lights go off and the only sound is a fan as it slices through the air to smack each member on the neck. Exclamations of surprise fill the room and then the lights come back on. Everyone is looking around and searching for the culprit and making accusations. Hyuk looks around and smiles to himself.


나는 로빅이다. 오늘 #인기가요 #桃源境 #도원경 첫 방송 무대를 마친 #빅스 요원들의 모습이다. 활동 첫 주 든든하게 빅스요원들의 곁을 지켜준 별빛요원들 고맙습니다! 다음 주도 잘 부탁한다 #빅스X별빛_수고했어요#6천사_강림 #눈부심주의

I am Rovix. Presenting the #VIXX agents who have just completed the first performance of #Dowonkyung at #Inkigayo. Thank you to Starlight agents for constantly and consistently being with the VIXX agents since the first week of promotions! Please take care of us next week as well 😘 #VIXXxStarlight_YouDidWell #6Fairies_Bloom #Bewareoftheblindinglight

trans: @hakyeon-go-go


[MV] VIXX - 桃源境 (도원경) Official Music Video