Now feels like a good time to say what I’ve been waiting to say....

Since Zayn left, the rumors and speculation about a “stunt” or him returning has caused me major anxiety.  Not just because of how much I love and support the OT4, but because of how much his leaving really hurt me, especially with the shadiness of it all.

So after this tweet today, I ask that this fandom no longer draw attention to any rumors surrounding this topic.  Let’s stop with the trending topics on twitter, let’s stop with the speculation on how this is all a publicity stunt and he’ll be back.  He has moved on.  It’s a shame to see how things went down and I will never, ever tell anyone that they shouldn’t support his solo career.  It is absolutely your own personal choice on whether to do so.

But in terms of One Direction, let’s please give all the love and support to Harry, Liam, Louis, and Niall.  They are still One Direction.  They are still making the real music that we love.  They are still working their asses off and putting on amazing shows.

No more rumors.  No more speculation.  The OT4 are One Direction.  Please show them the love that they deserve.  Let Zayn do his thing, let the boys do their thing, and let us all enjoy the amazing things coming our way.


otp meme ■ [2/7] scenes                                                                                                               I haven’t heard anything, but I bet Jim got the job. I mean, why wouldn’t he? He’s totally qualified, and smart, everyone loves him… and, if he never comes back again… that’s OK. We’re friends. And I’m sure we’ll stay friends. We just, we never got the timing right. You know? ” 

Cartinelli + Haunted House

(based on this)

  • Peggy being all “I got you Angie, I’ll protect you” but at the first monster popping out she screams and takes Angie as a shield. Angie is offended and as they start arguing another monster pops out and Angie just jumps in Peggy’s arms. 
  • One of them definitely end up punching a monster (and apologize after) and one of them definitely say “STOP DOING THAT” in loop.
  • Peggy censors herself from swearing which results in ridiculous exclamations like “HOLY F..ISHERMAN”.
    Angie is in full ragging Italian mode and keeps screaming very much not censored swear words, in English and/or Italian.

  • At one point Peggy walk into a wall and get scared of literally nothing. 

  • While attacked by 2 or 3 monsters, Angie pushes Peggy toward them before screaming “TAKE HER NOT ME” and running away.

Sometimes I like to think Emma does like stupidly cute magic for Regina during their lessons. Like Regina will be teaching her and Emma will just randomly conjure up a flower and give it to Regina. And she’d be all like “please focus, miss swan” but at the same time she has to turn around to hide her blush and Emma’s just smirking cause she KNOWS.