Things to remember in exam period:

-You’ve worked your butt off for this. You will be fine.
-If you panic, tell an invigilator/teacher. They’ll know what to do. Sit at the front of the hall if you know you’re likely to panic.
-Sleep and eat. Your body will thank you and you’ll do better.
-Don’t talk about answers after the exam. That will stress you out, and then you’ll be panicked for the rest of the exam period. What happens, happens.
-What other people do is not important, as long as you feel like you’ve done all you could.
-Spend time doing things other than revising. Friends, family and pets will all be grateful and it will stop that pre-exam stress everyone gets.

Remember, if it’s an A* or a D, your grades do not define your worth. Do your best and remember there’s always second chances. I love you all.

—  important (studysleepeat)

A small galaxy’s worth of tracking dots affixed to Lupita Nyong’o’s face allowed artists at Industrial Light & Magic to transform her into the C.G.I. character Maz Kanata. And while we may not know which side of the Resistance  […] Lupita Nyong’o’s C.G.I. character, Maz Kanata, is on, we do know […] that she’s a pirate. Photograph by Annie Leibovitz.