(170919) [eng] cecikorea: #cecicoverstar #highlight The five men who are still creating highlights of their lives✨ To start our 23rd anniversary, CeCi’s October issue is with Highlight. In this pleasant autumn, we were happy thanks to the five men who stood side by side laughing together like family🙏🏼 #cecicoverstar #ceci #highlight


it’s been a long and tiresome journey, but you’ve managed to push through all the hardships and make it to the top. we’re all so proud of you and everything you’ve accomplished. thank you for being the red velvet we know and love #3yearswithredvelvet

1d as people from mtv's catfish: the tv show
  • <p> <b>liam:</b> "i'm not gay" "you're having a relationship with a guy" "you got me there"<p/><b>louis:</b> the girl who catfished her cousin for like a year because he insulted her once<p/><b>harry:</b> the guy who was a catfish and then called nev and max the next season because he fell for a catfish<p/><b>zayn:</b> that dude who wouldn't get off his phone so nev throws it into the river<p/><b>niall:</b> actually not a catfish, just shy<p/></p>