160930 `ㅂ´ Gangnam Festival

samcybercat  asked:

Not sure if you've already done this one already, but how do the OT5 range from being morning to night people?

rin- most normal sleeper? adjusts his bed time for when he needs to be up like a mature person?? unheard of. usually he’s up early to exercise, sleeping in being like 9 at the latest for him.

haru- only an early riser because he is not a night owl and gets sleepy in the dark, and can’t sleep for super long naturally.

kisumi- late night and early morning, i don’t figure he needs a lot of sleep to function and just catches up for a longer sleep one night a week or so.

sousuke- CAN get up early, sure. but will he if no one is dying and he has nowhere to be? no. also passes out easily, so late nights are more for when someone’s staying up with him rather than on his own. he is neither a night nor morning person, he is a sleep person.

makoto- bad bad bad night person. up late all the time, likes the silence at night so stays up past them all for it. not a morning person ofc, and ranges from “don’t even look at me” to “single syllable words only please” for the first hour or so he’s up.

anonymous asked:

how good are the members of the OT5 at giving hugs?

sousuke- crushing when he deigns to give one, though not often. makeshift chiropractor. so depends on who’s being hugged; kisumi could live without hearing his cartilage pop and would say he’s no good at giving them, rin is a huge fan.

rin- hug slut… very good at sneaking them in. side hug front hug back hug; he has an arsenal and knows who likes what (mako back, haru side, ssk front, kisu front).

haru “i don’t know what to do with my hands” nanase- worst.

makoto- giving for the sake of his bfs but weasels out of it as fast as he can. he sucks. low tier hug giver.

kisumi- drive-by spontaneous hugger for that quick affection fix. mako and haru deem it just barely put-up-with-able, ssk and rin are lowkey disappointed it’s not more, kisumi can please no one with this tactic.


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160930 MC SHINee Cut @ Music Bank Korea Sale Festival
cr: The Moonster


161001 `ㅂ´ SHINee’s Pick!「이 노래 어때?」
‘Feel Good’
from: Key