ot4: these girls are like my sisters


I’m pretty sure I saw someone on this site bring up the idea of Adrien and Alya being giant theatre nerds and the idea wouldn’t leave my head - songs used are “dead girl walking” from Heathers “schyler sisters” from Hamilton and “history has it’s eyes on you” from Hamilton

(honestly I need for Adrien/Alya interactions in Season 2 they don’t even have to be singing) 


they don’t get like half the references but ayyyy 

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How would the ot4, Link, and Komui feel if a very young girl thought that they were they're older brother/sister and followed them around. She wouldn't bother them and would patiently wait for them to finish and if they were gone, they'd wait outside their bedroom door for them.

my apologies if these aren’t too great,I’m used to being the little sister (and I don’t have brothers either) so I’m sorry if the ones for the guys are a bit ‘eh’ -Cali

Kanda: he’d would be confused,like where did this tiny human come from and why is it following me? I think he’d secretly like having her around though. but there could also be the possibility of him reliving his childhood through having a child around and that could really be either good or bad

Lenalee: she would be so happy to have a pseudo little sister because she herself is a little sister and I feel like she would have wondered what it would be like to be the big sister for a change.

Allen: hooo boy,he would be very protective of tiny child but also very big brotherly and sweet,would definitely play cards with the kiddo and sneak them snacks. like Kanda there is again the possibility of reliving his childhood

Lavi: he’s a toss up,he’d either be really good at being a big bother or really bad…maybe somewhere in between?  the semi goofy older brother. definitely the best at story time

Link: probably confused a to why there is a child around. after a while of having the child follow him around and watch him work,I have a feeling he’d become a little protective over a small child (maybe even a little fatherly?)

Komui: would be ecstatic,another little sister? how lucky could one man be? but no,seriously,the man is an experienced big brother. (let’s face it though,he’d play with her instead of working)

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I just got a Groupon email for the 1D concert. It cut the price from 69 to 34. Wow. They are reaaaally doing better now.

Yeah, there’s a bunch of Groupon deals out there:

There’s more but you get the idea. I’m glad tickets are more accessible for fans (they were hella expensive went I saw them in 2013). But I didn’t necessarily wanna see it happen like this. First of all, back to back stadium tours was an ill advised money grab. I blame their team for that. And for all the OT4 rah rah, in reality Zayn being gone hasn’t helped matters at all. As a matter of fact, while researching this ask I found these comments on a couple of those bargain finder sites:

fortin4040: Poor 1d, they were going for thousands last year and now it’s $20.

st4rdust: It’s cuz the hot one left. I sent my sister a text asking if she’d want to go see them since Soldier Field is on sale now and she said “Not without Zayn”. I was very relieved. 

talbert: no Zayn no 1D

Scott86: Yup. It’s like when Geri left the Spice Girls…The musical integrity and more importantly, the magic, is gone.

I DO NOT wanna see 1D go out like this. Get your shit back together. Please.