ot3: together

Today’s 3rd-year video theme is: Awarding Ceremony

Kentarou is giving Hiroki one of his original necklaces as a present.  Justin already has one since he was a guest at Kentarou’s recent donut conference fan event.

Justin as officiator asks, “Do you swear to always be together?”
Hiroki answers, “I do swear.”  


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I like this. 

Less jealous rage and more like 

“Sooooooooooo any room in that sandwich for extra meat or…????”


Aaaand more triforce voyage AU, now with colors.

Expect a comic soon.

Non poter stare insieme a qualcuno, non poter stare nemmeno senza.

Non poter stare vicini ma neppure distanti.

Mancarsi accanto, mancarsi dentro.

Mancarsi fuori ma nel profondo.

Chissà se è amore lo stesso questo.

Questo no smettere di cercarsi.


-Massimo Bisotti

so where is my angel!steve and demon!bucky fight over the radiant human, sam wilson fic huh? where is it! where is my fallen angel!steve and demon!bucky work together to court angel!sam fic, huh? where where is it!!