ot3: the dream team


Per vs. The Boss | Rapid Fire


Every time I see any trends about Andrew Neil being FIRE in interviews I want a TFC AU where Andreil are reporters. Neil is the sassy, sarcastic, fierce one who can trick answers out of anyone and Andrew just sits there as a lowkey menacing presence just intimidating answers out of people by making them as uncomfortable as possible. They feel the need to fill the silence and end up blurting out all their darkest secrets. What a dream team.

Wait wait hold up a minute here.

We’ve got Gang AU’s because of the bbs in GTA but.. where’s the AU for Bryce, Ohmwrecker, Cartoonz and Delirious for Rainbow Siege? XD I’d love to see an AU of them being like badass swat guys who go around rescuing people, stealing them back, and doing all kinds of cool CIA shit where half the time you can’t tell if they’re the good guys or the bad guys.

CIA au where Cartoonz is the sniper outside the downed aircraft while Bryce and Delirious play frontall distraction and Ohm tries to grab the hostage. Then they’re on the run from the terorists and trying to get this person back to a certain country, hiding out in some worn down buildings. Ripping up chairs and tables to board up the windows, throwing down traps outside open doorways.

Them doing all kinds of black-ops under undercover shit like, so deep you don’t know what they’re into.