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Regarding all the drama surrounding ME:A...


I get it. Your upset. I can sympathize. Honestly, I can. Bioware could have made every character bisexual, they did that it Dragon Age 2! But that’s a little unrealistic?

Like out of all the people that came to andromeda PLUS what’s left of the Angaras, some of the people you get on your squad/crew/whatever aren’t interested in your gender?

Like, Sara Ryder player here, hit on Gil and he was like “umm no thx” ouch that sucked, lemme try another! Lexi “no thx” oh well shucks, that only stings a lot.

I understand that when it comes to m!ryder’s wanting a male love interest, there’s not much to choose from, and that honestly sucks. You have every right to be upset. You can’t be your true self in a game that is like an extension of you.

But straight up harassing developers and voice actors or anyone that has come in contact with the game is not right! They pour their hearts and souls into this game for you, add little things that you like FOR YOU, and you throw it right back at them. “THIS GAME SUCKS BECAUSE I CANT BANG THE SQUID CAT!” That’s not even what the game is about! It’s just an added bonus, an after thought. You can go through this entire game series without screwing a single person!

TL;DR:: I’m not bashing people for wanting representation. I’d want that too. I’m not saying you don’t have the right to be upset. By all means, do. All I’m trying to get at is respect. Respect for the company, for the people working in that company, for the game that is pretty much their baby! Stop the harassment. If a dev gets touchy about it, wouldn’t you if you were jabbed endlessly about it?

Enjoy the game for the story, the lore, the adventure! Romance is great, but I value the friendships I develop. I fall in love with the characters. These are my friends, my family.

I hope you can see it that way too.

Enjoy Andromeda!

(Editx2: sieve-owl made a lot of good points in their replies. I suggest people read them as well)


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i love this game, but sometimes digging up all the guides and juggling tabs is stressful.

plus, i’ve lost my backups of all my old builds, so i have to start over. :(((


One of my favs ♥