ot3: play the game


Pocky Game, 3rd Years OT3 Edition ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Keith Zarriello

“Play The Game” - Keith Zarriello

Keith (from The Shivers) actually wrote this song for me, because I asked him to put something together about when someone you love leaves you, because it has sort of been a stupid theme in my life. And this is what he wrote.

Give it some love, folks.

We oughta be more careful with our words
Instead of having to regret ‘em

  • There’s more to Lissa than her being Chrom’s prankster sister
  • There’s more to Frederick than his knighthood
  • There’s more to Sully than her wanting to be better than men
  • There’s more to Virion than his philandering
  • There’s more to Stahl than food
  • There’s more to Vaike than his favoring muscle over brains
  • There’s more to Miriel than her rational mind
  • There’s more to Sumia than her clumsiness
  • There’s more to Kellam than his inconspicuousness
  • There’s more to Donnel than his being a farm boy
  • There’s more to Lon’qu than his fear of women
  • There’s more to Ricken than his being young and short
  • There’s more to Maribelle than her nobility
  • There’s more to Panne than her racism towards humans
  • There’s more to Gaius than candy
  • There’s more to Cordelia than her liking Chrom
  • There’s more to Gregor than his older age
  • There’s more to Nowi than her young spirit
  • There’s more to Libra than his commitment to his religion
  • There’s more to Tharja than her being a dark mage
  • There’s more to Olivia than her dances and shyness
  • There’s more to Cherche than Minerva
  • There’s more to Henry than his bad puns and obsession with blood
  • There’s more to Say’ri than her brother
  • There’s more to Tiki than Marth
  • There’s more to Lucina than her being Chrom’s daughter
  • There’s more to Owain than his wanting to be a legend
  • There’s more to Cynthia than her wanting to be a hero
  • There’s more to Inigo than his philandering
  • There’s more to Brady than his looks
  • There’s more to Kjelle than her armor
  • There’s more to Severa than her bitterness
  • There’s more to Gerome than his mask
  • There’s more to Yarne than his survival instincts
  • There’s more to Noire than her shifting personality
  • There’s more to Laurent than his practicality
  • There’s more to Morgan than their parents
  • There’s more to Chrom than his clothes, his having to marry someone for the plot’s sake and his not being in Smash
Dear BlackGirl

Society seems to have you down? Leaving you confused and leaving to attempt to become what you are not? Leaving you to starve yourself to lose those natural curves? Leaving you to add hair to your hair, so you could be America’s idea of beautiful? Trading education and elevation for cheap nights in the town? Leaving you to be everything society says you have to be, in order to feel like you can achieve what you can be? 

Listen Dear Black Girl.

I always loved the curves of your hips and the richness of your skin. I loved the nappiness of your pony tail, how my hands get stuck in between the seams. I loved how the hair dripping down from the side of you does not resemble a train station. I loved how you pick up a book in the middle of bus rides and tested yourself to be a smarter individual. I loved how you were everything you wanted to be, and even if society may have shunned your for it, dear black girl…

just know this black brotha over here adored you for it.

and I miss you.

It is about time you returned to the essence of your true beauty, the world needs it. 


Romel L. 

Play the Game
Play the Game

Play the Game. Queen.

Te la dedico cotilla!

Open up your mind and let me step inside
Rest your weary head and let your heart decide
It’s so easy when you know the rules
It’s so easy all you have to do
Is fall in love
Play the game
Everybody play the game of love.

Lately, I’ve been feeling that I need to return to my high school-ish ways. People wanna treat you one way and expect me to still receive them with open arms. It’s almost as if they think I will not catch on to the games that they are playing. I will not reveal any names, but (s)he is in for it today. No longer will I let (s)he think it is ok to save me for last place. I come first. THANKS. and please note the small print “She wins every time”.