ot3: i believe in these women

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About Harry isolating himself from the boys... What do you mean it will end soon? Is it because you think there is a reason why he seems distant? If yes, what is this reason? I didn't understand but I am really interested in your answer to a previous ask

There’s a difference between isolating himself and being deliberately isolated. I think it’s not Harry isolating himself, but it’s a deliberate thing from 1DHQ.

This started years ago when in order to serve the “H going solo – H spends time w women” narrative they started deliberately isolate him from ot3/ot4.

The fact that he’s been living in a closeted relationship with Louis didn’t help the situation and pushed him further from the band FOR THE PUBLIC. I would like to stress here that I don’t believe he is not loving his boys and he’s not loved by them just as much. I am hoping that after they come out the narrative will lose its meaning and he will be shown more with Louis and even with ot2/3.

Regarding HL: if after the CO there’s days when Harry is spending time with other people publicly and maybe Louis is working in London, that’s also OK. We can’t expect HL to live in each other’s pockets and the same is for the band. They spend 90% of their time together on tour, if not more.  I’d go crazy, and I can relate to people wanting to have some me-time, even if they’re surrounded by people they love, I can understand that some days it’s just better to stay with their thoughts and let the steam out. They can have separate friends, I know they have a ton of mutual friends, but they can have separate ones and that’s OK. It’s healthy. It means they know what they need in order to let out the steam and stress, so that when they’re together they can focus on each other. Honestly the pressure and the stress this band has been living under is intense, so I can relate to it. It’s not always the agenda, but we will understand more later: sending Louis to LA before the Cardiff concert, or seeing him more in LA – business related it came out. Seeing H in NYC is a stunt but also some kind of real estate reason. So everything has a reason and not everything means they don’t want to spend time together, but that they have jobs, they have contracts they signed and have to fulfill what they signed.

I cannot guarantee it will all magically change after the CO but I can only hope that this huge separation will go back to a normal level and for the public they will present as a united force.

If and When we are absolute sure that their management is gone forever, then we can expect more sane decisions, until then I am happy with the small changes, even there were many big changes and I understand that Rome wasn’t built in a day. I also understand that it’s hard to satisfy a fandom that’s been getting shit for years, but there’s been so many good changes, that to me what matters is the presence of Larry in the media, the increased backstage footage (m&g, signing) where there’s Larry, Liam’s part in the rainbow and the Larry signs, the cameramen’s deliberately showing of Larry signs and the media not buying the babygate but instead selling it as a Harry/Larry thing.