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6099 AD – Kingdom of Wallachia – Carpathian Region – Transylvania – Castle Dracula

“Welcome to my home,” a sonorous, youthful voice greeted each set of guests as they arrived to a glittering party. “You look well.”

The words spilled easily from a graceful, curved mouth, above which settled a pair of crystal blue eyes. Dark auburn—almost black—framed a face so lovely, the moonlight which shone through massive, glass windows could not hope to compare in icy beauty.

It was New Year’s Eve, a millennium or so into the Golden Age of the Nobility and Adrian Tepes was hosting his yearly, obligatory New Year’s Eve masquerade ball. There were performers—human and mutant alike—and displays of wealth, excess, art, and science. The grand ballroom was filled to bursting with the great and the good. The Seven Kings sat in seven golden thrones atop a dais overlooking the scene. As his father before him would have done, Alucard (as he was called now), refused a throne and mingled with his guests. This party, this night, anyone who called themselves Nobility was welcomed with open arms into Castle Dracula.

After a while, however, the host himself grew weary of it all and retired to one of the many balconies that littered his father’s castle. Alucard had never felt this was his castle, after his father died. It felt wrong, to call it something it was not. The spirit of Dracula still walked the halls; Alucard knew this. Sometimes the ghost would sing the (relatively) young dhampir a lullaby to help him sleep.

This would always be Castle Dracula. Alucard leaned on the railing and looked out over the vast landscape beneath them. His father had insisted on leaving the mountains as they were, treacherous and impassible, even with the climate control modules and many all-purpose vehicles. The lay of the land was a beautifully cruel mistress to look upon. He hardly noticed the other presence on the balcony.

Name: U.S.S. Enterprise

Registry: NCC-1701-D

Type: Galaxy-class Starship

Year: 2371

Affiliation: Starfleet (alternate)

Captain: Jean-Luc Picard

Background: Alternate universe version of the Enterprise where a Romulan General from the Earth-Romulan War, pre-Kithomer Captain Spock and pre-Tomed Incident Captain Harriman were all captured from their respective eras. In this version of events Sybok, not Spock, was rescued from Romulus during his attempt at Reunification and has since been making significant inroads in Romulan culture. Tensions between the Federation and Romulus resulted in a border clash in 2370. Deanna Troi was injured during that engagement and it led to rekindling of the romance between her and Will Riker. The Enterprise met up with a Romulan scout ship carrying Sybok in 2371. During this event the Devidians captured Data, and the Enterprise returned to Devidian system to investigate his abduction. With Data’s disappearance Lt. Cmdr Eram was promoted to 2nd Officer. They traced triolic waves to Devidia IV this time and Picard, Riker, Work, LaForge, Troi and Crusher all beamed down with intent to cross over into the Devidian realm. Their actions were eventually successful ending this timestream.

Appeared in Star Trek Annual #6 & Star Trek: TNG Annual #6, DC-V2. The events also occured in the original universe as well - in a sense, the Enterprise crew that entered the Devidian realm returned to our universe with no memory of the other timestream, only this one.

Name: U.S.S. Enterprise

Registry: NCC-1701-D

Type: Galaxy-class Starship

Affiliation: Starfleet

Year: 2365-2369

Captain: Jean-Luc Picard, William T. Riker

Background: Alternate universe where the Borg successfully invaded Earth. Prior to this event there were already divergent events between this universe and ours. Doctor Crusher remained at Starfleet Medical and O'Brien married Keiko prior to the invasion. Chief Argyle also remained on the Enterprise. Elizabeth Shelby was brought aboard as the Borg expert. After Picard was captured by the Borg, Riker was promoted to Captain. An attempt was made to rescue Picard using a strategy that involved separating the ship and going in via shuttle (with Worf and Data aboard), but Riker felt that using the Antimatter spread suggested by Commander Shelby would be too risky. The rescue attempt failed as the Borg concentrated first on the shuttle. They were only able to rescue Worf before the shuttle was destroyed. The saucer section itself too massive damage in the ensuing battle and Doctor Pulaski, Counselor Troi and Keiko O'Brien were among the casualties. The Borg proceeded unimpeded to Earth where they systematically began assimilating the population. It was a slow process that would go on for the next 2 ½ years, the Enterprise stardrive section making a nuisance of itself but never really slowing down the process.

In 2369 their sensors picked up a ship near Mardion Three, a dead world. It was another Galaxy-class starship, another Enterprise from a parallel universe. Riker decided to have the entire bridge crew of that ship beamed to the cargo bay. After a fight, the other crew stood down when they recognized their counterparts. Captain Riker explained to Captain Picard the situation and that it wasn’t long until Earth itself was dismantled and destroyed. Riker wanted them to help him snatch Locutus, as they had done once before on their side. It took convincing but Picard eventually agreed to help them - they had days before the rift that sent them there collapsed. They would use a variation of the same plan, with Picard’s Enterprise (now under Commander Shelby’s control) would fire the antimatter spread while Riker’s Enterprise would draw their fire, allowing Picard and Data to use a shuttle to penetrate the Borg shields and beam aboard the cube. The plan went without a hitch, aside from the fact that Locutus was no longer aboard the cube. Both Enterprises withdrew from Earth. Long-range scans revealed Locutus was likely in the Starfleet Command Complex in San Francisco. Picard’s Enterprise once again engaged the cube while Riker’s ship approached from a different angle and beamed down an away team consisting of Picard, Riker, Data, and both Worfs. They successfully retrieved Locutus, but the native Worf was killed. The Cube lost all interest in Picard’s ship and went after Riker’s vessel. Shelby gave up on trying to damage the cube and veered off back towards Earth. Riker’s Enterprise took a heavy beating while they tried to find a way to access the Borg central net, its command structure varied on the one from the other universe. They lost all their shuttles in a last-ditch attempt to score damage on the cube and then cutting beams began tearing into the hull. The other Enterprise, now under O'Brien’s command, returned and briefly took the pressure off, but then both ships were snared. Picard was able to tap into the Picard trapped inside Locutus, and the “Eat” command was sent to the Borg. The Cube shut down as all Borg attempted to feed at the same time, overtaxing the cube and effectively killing it. Repair teams from both ships patched up Riker’s Enterprise and Picard found out from his freed counterpart that he’d been the one who created the rifts and they were closing faster than they thought. The other Enterprise, capable of faster speeds than Riker’s ship, soon left the other one in the dust, but had to stop when Riker found that his O'Brien had attempted to switch places with theirs. His O'Brien returned without a fight, and the other Enterprise sped away back to the rift and their own universe.

Appeared in Star Trek: TNG #47-50, DC-V2. There’s some continuity issue as Riker lists Guinan as one of the casualties early on but later when her name is brought up he has no idea who she is.

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A lack of concern or interest in others had always been one of Adam’s stand-out traits. He’d be the guy who, if he saw some chick being beaten up in an alley he was walking past, he’d walk straight past it without another thought for the poor woman. But after everything that happened, he just couldn’t force himself to think like that anymore, even if he tried. So that’s why, with his hand on the other man’s shoulder, he suggested the two should head to ‘a bar or something’ to try and relieve Lawrence’s heartbreak over losing custody of his kid through alcohol and good company. Not expecting him to accept, he smiled and helped the man to his car and it wasn’t long until they were at the nearest decent dive.

Holding the door open for the Lawrence, he patted the other on the back before heading straight to the bar. God, he’d missed the smell of beer. “What d'you want?” he asked the elder with a grin, “My treat. Fuck knows you deserve it. Just uh, this one though. I’m not rolling in it, Mr Oncologist. Sorry - Doctor Oncologist.”


With your alternate mode and your ‘friendship’, you are most suited out of the crew to take on the task of terminating Blitzwing, Warpstorm. You will do this, and if you fail, be snuffed yourself. Whether by me or the triplechanger, that is your decision to make.

Those were the words given to the digitigrade before he left for this mission  murder, uttered behind closed doors and out of audial range of the vehicons and even Soundwave. Destroy a liability, return and report. Fail, and die.

It was terms he’d had many times, for deserters and the ilk, and he had little issue with it. But this time he felt wrong. Dirty, even. Blitzwing and the jet had forged an understanding of one another, and as Megatron mentioned, a friendship even though they had wounded pasts.

Blitzwing was one of the few and only ‘cons that garnered the A-10′s alliance and support. And to snuff that? It was a double blow. Letting out a slow exvent, the Seeker shakes his helm slightly as finials flick back in distress. It had to be done, but… he didn’t want it to be done. 

Blitzwing didn’t deserve it.

Shuffling wings before striding over to the triplechanger as the beige and purple mech looks his way, he can’t stop a twist in his tanks at the taller Decepticon’s ignorance of events to come.

If he pulled this off, he would never be able to wash the uncleanliness from his servos and this series of events would live in infamy in his data banks until he expired.

Let’s go.

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Leonard knew something like this would happen. Him and the team being thrown across all of space and time after something went wrong with a mission and this was the only solution Rip could think of.

After what felt like hours, Leonard found himself hitting the ground with his back, hard. He coughed at the dirt that flung up around him as he blinked his eyes open, the sun blaring down on him through the trees that surrounded him. Oh great, where was he now? Leonard looked around before trying to sit up, the ache in his back protesting the movement, but he pushed through anyway.