ot3: a hand that reaches out

Person A is a world-renown pop star/dancer/etc. and Person B is an obsessed fan. B gets front-row seats to one of their concerts, and during one of the songs A reaches out their hand and invites B to the stage to sing or dance with them. They totally flip out but agree. OT3 Bonus: Person C got the tickets for them (and possibly somehow set up the whole encounter).

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hii! i just love all your stuff! what do you say about mcspirk soulmates!au?? in wich you can only see the color of your soulmates´ eyes til you meet em, and you can finally see the whole spectrum? idk just love this dorks bye

  • Bones doesn’t believe in soulmates. He loved his wife with all his heart, but it was never meant to be. Bones also never noticed the otherwise grey-scaled world as much. The skies were always the brightest blues, and the leaves turn a wide array of browns in fall. He sees color, two different colors, and so he doesn’t even really think twice about it.
  • Until he meets Spock. Jocelyn can’t make it to parent-teacher nigt, so Bones goes instead. Spock’s Joanna’s new teacher. Bones doesn’t realize anything’s different until he reaches out to shake Spock’s hand. When their eyes meet, it’s an instant headache for both of them. Because suddenly seeing a wider arrange of colors isn’t a pleasant process, and the migraine Bones suffers sure takes away the sheer bizarreness that this new teacher caused all of this.
  • Meeting your soulmate should be the most romantic thing in the world. That’s what they advocate, after all. But it’s far less glamorous than that. Both boys just quietly suffer a headache while Spock guides them through Joanna’s report card. It looks fine. Both are awkwardly trying to avoid the topic of how-is-this-possible? Bones sees the dark green of the chalk board behind Spock, the weathered brick walls and the brightly colored apple on Spock’s desk. Some elements are still thankfully grey, and Bones much rather focuses on the dull color of the grass outside the windows, and the green leafs on trees. “Are you okay?” Spock asks, and Leonard shrugs. “I will be.”
  • Why is it that now that his world is instantly more colorful, he runs into Spock everywhere? The park at first, where Bones tries to avoid a conversation with him because how do you even approach this subject with anyone? Spock’s perfectly handsome, but Bones’ marriage ended so messily and he just doesn’t feel ready to engage with anyone romantically. Especially not someone who literally brightened his whole world in the span of a few seconds after meeting.
  • The second time they meet is at a bar. Bones is already a little drunk. Spock isn’t, or he doesn’t seem to be, but he does seem to be in a good mood. “Mr. McCoy,” Spock says, “how’s Joanna?” “Fine,” Bones says, easing into talking to him about teacher-stuff, Joanna, Bones’ job as a doctor. “Ah, you’re a doctor,” Spock says, smiling lightly, “you should meet Jim. He’d be your favorite patient.” “Jim?” Bones asks curiously. “Yes, my partner,” Spock explains, turning around on his chair to gesture towards another guy. He’s chatting up two girls at once, cocky smile and wild gestures. “James,” Spock says, and Jim gets up immediately. “What’s up?” Jim asks, and Bones rolls his eyes, instead focusing on his drink when Jim leans in to kiss Spock quickly. Perhaps a little drunk. He was flirting with a few girls, after all. “Who are you talking to?” Jim asks curiously, and Bones turns to look at Jim, finally. That headache is back in an instant the moment Bones catches a glimpse of those wicked blue eyes. Jim grunts, too, and Spock reaches out to grab Jim’s arm. “Are you okay?” he asks, and Jim reaches out to rub his own temples. “Yeah, I’m– Jesus,” Jim says, stumbling back a little. “I can see,” Jim says, and Bones rolls his eyes. “You didn’t seem blind before,” Bones says, and Spock frowns. “Wait, are you both seeing all colors now, too?“ “Jim doesn’t respond, instead he reaches out and grabs Bones’ shoulders, pulling him in to press a kiss on his lips. Bones looks utterly shocked when he pulls away, and maybe not too appreciative. “What the hell?” “I had to try and see if I felt anything,” Jim says, but Leonard just frowns. “Try that again and you can feel my first. In your face.”
  • It’s not like he doesn’t find either Spock or Jim attractive. And certainly he feels things when he’s around them. But it’s difficult. They’re already together, though seem to openly accept people into their lives with devotion and intimacy, and that’s just something Bones hasn’t encountered before, ever. He hangs out with them a lot, though, because somehow he does feel attracted to them, both socially and physically. Joanna loves it, too, because Spock is a great teacher, Jim a strong police officer, and her father a caring doctor. Spock and Bones help her with homework, Jim assists them when they practice baseball outside in the garden. Bones goes from no soulmate to suddenly having two, and Joanna suddenly goes to having three dads and loving it.
  • It’s only after over a year of knowing them and being close to them, Bones starts opening up to the thought of a relationship. Jim never pushes for intimacy, even though Bones can tell he’s craving for it; attention and intimacy of any kind. So when Joanna’s in bed, Bones sits down between the two of them, quietly admiring the world of color around him. Even though it’s been a year since he’s been able to see everything; a sunset in its brightest colors, the bright pinks and yellows of spring, and the cozy lights of a Christmas tree in winter, it’s all still something that amazes him still to this day.
  • He leans against Spock casually, who slides an arm around his shoulder while continues to read on his tablet with his free hand. Jim’s playing a game on his phone, half watching the TV, but mostly focused on his phone. Bones reaches out, pulling Jim in closer until Jim’s resting against him, too. Jim instantly eases into that, smiling when Bones’ fingers run through Jim’s hair. “Where’s this intimacy coming from, huh?” Jim comments, and Bones shrugs. “Well, what are you gonna do about these two idiots who crawled their way into my life,” Bones sighs. “What made you change your mind?” Spock asks, and Bones smiles lightly. “You.”

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Whoo! 600! If you feel like writing it, I can never get enough Leverage OT3 love. Whatever you want! But, if a prompt would make things easier: the team engages in the fine art of gossip.

Sophie started to suspect after the job where Parker had to be a restaurant critic. She wasn’t sure what she suspected, exactly, but it was something.

She started to get the idea after the job with the vintage cars, when Eliot told her he was going to have to look after Hardison’s restaurant forever, and put on his extra grumpy face so she wouldn’t even dream that he was happy about it.

In bed that night, she turned to Nate and began, “Do you think,” but then she didn’t finish the sentence. She wanted to tell him, because she knew he was concerned for the future of their – charges? No, that was too impersonal. Their family.

But then when they got back from the job with the painting she still, achingly, treasured, and the others were back from D.C., they wouldn’t say a word about what had happened, and exchanged secret, knowing looks. And Sophie did not fail to notice that Eliot went up the stairs to Hardison and Parker’s apartment over the brewpub when evening came.

After they’d gone upstairs, Sophie waited until the bartender’s attention was elsewhere, then turned to Nate and said, “I think that trip to D.C. may have been their honeymoon.”

Nate spat out his sip of beer – Hardison’s, with Eliot’s input in the form of constructive criticism disguised as complaints – and coughed. “What? So – Sophie, that was a job. Eliot was there.”

Sophie just raised her eyebrows and sipped her beer slowly. It was quite good, wheaty with a tang of orange.

Nate’s face sharpened, in that way she loved, looking both at her and past her to the puzzle coming together in his mind. “Huh,” he said. “That’s – huh. Almost a relief.”

“I know, right!” Sophie said. “They deserve it, don’t they. A future together, in every sense of the word.”

“They do.” Nate smiled and reached for her hand. “Took them a long time to figure it out. That they can have something real.”

Sophie knew he was talking about her, but she took his hand, and let him have the comfort of his smokescreens.

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Bucky and Steve worry about Tony outside of the suit. But only until someone tries to break into the workshop and by the time they get down there he has knocked out three of his attackers with a wrench and Dum-E is chasing a fourth around with a fire extinguisher and beeping angrily. "Should... should we stop him?" Bucky asks awkwardly. "Nah, he's having fun," Tony answers, shrugging, and then hits an intruder with the wrench again when he starts to shift. Steve clutches his chest. Jesus Christ.

Bucky and Steve are breathless for once when they arrive at the lab. JARVIS’ intruder alert has both of their pulses quickening and they expect the worst.

The lab is Tony’s sanctuary. If someone managed to get in there, they must be smart. Who knows what they’ve done to Tony-

Yet when they dash towards the broken glass doors, the chaos they see is not the chaos they expected.

There stands Tony, disheveled, his hair a mess. He’s bleeding from a cut to his forehead; the red mixing with the smears of oil on his skin.

He’s beautiful.

Once the first big wave of relief has passed, Steve and Bucky take a closer look at what is going on. There are three men lying on the ground. It doesn’t take a genius to see what knocked them out. They all got matching bruises where supposedly Tony’s wrench struck them.

It’s… kind of baffling.

The only thing that is even more surprising is DUM-E, who’s grasping a fire extinguisher and beeps angrily, while he’s chasing a fourth black-clad guy around the lab.

“Should- Should we stop him…?”, Bucky blurts out. Tony turns at the sound of his voice and his whole face lights up with a brilliant grin. He waves at them, all casual. Like it’s nothing new for him to be ambushed in the workshop and take the attackers out on his on.

“Hey boys”, Tony greets, brown eyes sparkling with mischief. “You’re late to the party.”

Steve looks like he might have a heart attack any second. His eyes shoot back and forth between Tony, DUM-E, and the men on the ground.

“Just- Just to be clear, should we stop DUM-E before anything happens?”, Bucky asks again. He’s absolutely not prepared for a situation like this.

Tony shrugs.

One of the guys to his feet shifts with a pained groan and Steve and Bucky both blink in surprise when Tony knocks the guy unconscious again.

Then, still while grinning like it’s the most fun he’s had in days, Tony gestures with his head towards DUM-E and replies: “Nah, let him. He’s having fun. Wanna go grab a bite once we’ve got this cleaned up?”

Bucky reaches out and puts his hand on Steve’s shoulder, squeezing. Steve looks like he’s about to faint. Bucky understands him.

But, after all… they knew what they were getting in for with Tony Stark as their boyfriend.

fluffy kara/lena/lucy ot3 headcanons
  • lena likes to tease lucy about her height (“I’ll strangle you.” “As if you could even reach.”)
  • kara is like a fucking furnace so lucy and lena have taken to wearing little to no clothing to bed (not that any of them mind)
  • lucy has a punching bag in the living room. lenas favorite chair just so happens to be in the correct place to watch her work out. suspicious
  • they are grossly affectionate. hand holding? ‘course. lil’pecks all the time? you bet your ass. constant heart eyes? have you even watched the show??
  • hugs last AT LEAST 5 minutes
  • kara wears a fanny pack, sandals, and a visor during every vacation they take. lucy and lena are simultaneously endeared and embarrassed
  • eliza practically adopts lena and lucy  
  • lucy insists that she is strictly a big spoon but being held by karas swole arms has a certain charm (lena agrees, kara blushes)
  • sunday nights are spent on the couch, with the soft glow of the TV bathing them, and kara spread out across both of their laps and complaining about them bringing work home
  • lena, used to private chefs, gets a crash course on cooking that ends with alex finding them on the kitchen floor laughing and smelling like smoke (”you were making toast. TOAST”)
  • all three of em are complete snuggle hoes
  • lucy and lena steal karas clothes so often that she has like 3 outfits that are still completely hers
  • one time they entered a disco contest (lucy will never admit but it was her who signed them up. she’ll take that to her grave (everyone knows))
  • kara uses a combination of text lingo and emojis so complex that even lucy, trained to detect patterns and secret codes, and lena, a genius, cant figure them out
  • lipstick stains. all over kara. (40% of her morning routine is cleaning them off)
Imagine your OTP or OT3

Typical marriage scene, bride and groom standing at the alter, both look nervous. The bride squares her shoulders and puts on a brave face to hide her emotions. The groom bites his lip and fiddles with the cuffs on his jacket. 

The priest looks up from his speech into the audience and says those famous words, “If anyone can show just cause why this couple cannot lawfully be joined together in matrimony, let them speak now or forever hold their peace.”

Stillness settles over the room, everyone just waiting for the priest to move on.

The chapel doors slams open, a figure back-lit stands in the doorway. The bride gasps, a delicate hand clasps over her mouth. The groom’s eyes go wide and he clenches his hands into fists. The stranger stalks forward.

“I’m sorry, we need you. I need you. Please.” The mysterious man holds his hand out in the direction of the couple.

The congregation gasps, everyone looking around. Eyes darting between the couple in white and the man in black. 

A foot steps out slowly, unsure. The proffered hand reaches further. Fingers interlace. Tears and and smiles mix on two faces. The groom runs out hand in hand with the mysterious man. The bride screams at their back. 

Cut to motorcycle driving into sunset to sappy love song, roll credits.

/I live for cliche movie scenes turned gay.

Here’s a thing. A thought. Has anyone ever seen a picture of Gondulphus Graves?

I don’t mean us. We won’t have seen pictures of any of the MACUSA founders, not really. I mean the witches and wizards, the ones that live in the magical world, the ones that work with Graves and pass him in the corridors and share that awkward silence when he happens to get in the same lift. Them. Have they ever seen a picture of Gondulphus Graves? Have they ever seen a photograph of Percival Graves?

The answer is yes, to the first, because there is one hidden away on some wood panelled wall among the other dour and scowling founders. The answer is no, to the second, because Graves is a lot more cautious with his face now that everything is recorded in photographs. But perhaps then the more pressing question is:

Does anyone think about the fact that Gondulphus Graves and his many generations removed grandson look the same? The hair is different, the clothes have moved with the times, but nothing else has changed.

Now. Let’s do away with Grindelwald, because for this story, I don’t want him here. Let’s take Credence and change his nature, slightly, because there are obscurials and there are vampires and really, there’s nothing to stop me swapping things over. Mary Lou Barebone decries demons and witches and unholy ghosts, and the blood-drinking undead are pretty high on her list, no matter if they were born that way or not. No matter how hard they try to keep the fangs at bay, bury it and bury it and walk the hallowed halls of the church with the skin burning over their bones -

Sometimes, Credence can’t bury it any more. He slips up one too many times and leaves one too many drained and bloodless corpses, and Graves finds him. But that’s ok. There’s no Grindelwald in this story, just a Graves who is teaching Credence control. After all, Graves has centuries of it to spare.

And into this, let’s throw Newt. Newt who sees Credence and recognises him, Newt who tries to help. Newt whose creatures are cowering from the old magic threading through the town, Newt who struggles to reassure his thunderbird that he’s fine, that Credence is no danger to him –

Graves melts out of the shadows and his teeth, when he smiles, are a hair too sharp. His eyes, when he fixes them on Newt, glitter the darkest shade of red.

“Credence,” he purrs in a voice like velvet wine. “You made a friend.”

Newt stills. His heart beats fast but he tries to quell it, lore and legend both warning him how far out his depth he’s swum. He holds his case close and gathers his magic to apparate.

“Can we keep him?” Credence asks, deceptively light and innocent. Newt shouldn’t have interfered in vampire business, he knows this now, but he’d thought Credence needed help. He was only trying to help.

Graves’ hand reaches out, sliding up the side of Newt’s neck and raking sharp claws over the base of his skull. He tugs on Newt’s hair, tipping his head back and up, and lifts his other hand to run a finger up the front of Newt’s throat.

“Yes,” he says, and Newt’s magic crumbles out of his control. Graves smiles, hungry and slow, and curls his icy grip around Newt’s pulse. “I think we can manage that.”

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Wait, does that mean your ot3 is yoonkookseok? Because if so, I need more of that extremely underrated ot3!!!!

iT SURE DOES & you’re in luck cause I’ve got something stupid written about these three

Learned Doubt = Yoongi didn’t mean it. (Jungkook didn’t, either.)
» yoonkookseok. fluff.

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Make a kiiboumami fic

Yo Kiiboumaami is my shit >:V This is my ship. Good OT3 right here. Yes. Yes. 

Now here’s some mindless fluff >:V

Small Moments

“Hey Kiibo, if I detached your head from your body, would your head still be able to talk and function and all?”

“Wh-What?! Why would you even ask a question like that?!” Kiibo cried out, clearly outraged by the ludicrous question.

Ouma snickered, “Nishishi, you’re not answering the question? Can you or can you not?”

“Well of course he can! The SHSL Robot can do anything, right?” Amami piped in, reaching out to run his hands through Kiibo’s hair. The three boys were just lying in bed together for the night, relaxing after another dreadful day at their godforsaken academy. But, they were trying to forget their ordeals for the moment, opting instead to try and find solace in one another, as they usually did.

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Could you pretty please with cherries on top do a Mcspirk hospital AU? Pleeeeease!

  • Bones as a Head Surgeon/ Head of Diagnostics in San Francisco Medical Center. He works long hours, and it’s mostly stressful and exhausting. The only thing keeping him sane is his Spock, who is the head of Medicine/Administration. They spend many nights together in a silent break room, enjoying coffee, going through diagnostics, and taking deserved naps on the couch together.
  • Enter this new doctor. A few years out of school, but already with quite a reputation. He’s an expert on infectious diseases, or so his resume says. “So he’s going to be an arrogant prick,” Bones says, and Spock raises his eyebrows. “Give him a chance. You’ve not even met him yet.” “Darlin’,” Bones draws it out like a sigh, “sometimes you can tell just by a resume that someone’s gonna be a dick.” “I think you feel threatened,” Spock replies, just the tiniest smile on his face as he gently pats Bones’ shoulder, and walks off. “Threatened, my ass.” Bones calls at Spock’s ass as he walks away. 
  • Jim Kirk is every bit Bones feared him to be, and then some. He likes to interfere during Bones’ surgeries, giving hints and comments, and Bones hates it. “I have the steadiest hands in San Francisco, Kirk, I know what I’m doing.” Jim just grins, like he gets under Bones’ skin on purpose.
  • Jim likes to sit in Bones’ office, counter every diagnosis Bones comes up with for tough cases, he shows up to work dressed in jeans and a t-shirt - who does that, seriously. And he eats pretty much all the time. As a doctor, Jim ought to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, but Bones really mostly only sees him munch on fries, burgers, and greasy Chinese food every break, between surgeries, pretty much every second he’s not busy saving lives. 
  • “I hate him, I hate him so much. Why’d you hire him?” Bones asks, pacing through Spock’s office and Spock is fairly sure Bones is just going to lose it soon, over no reason in particular. “Kirk’s eccentric. He’s smart, and his hands are steady enough to match yours.” Spock points out. Bones sits down on Spock’s desk, kicking the other’s chair. “Why’d you have to make it personal?” He scoffs, and Spock shakes his head with a faint smile. He rests his hand on Leonard’s thigh, before getting up from his seat. “Calm down. He probably just looks up to you.” Spock points out, his free hand running through Bones’ hair. “Give him a chance. You’ll like him.” Bones looks up at him, smiling just lightly as Spock kisses him. “Eyo, boss. I’m just-” Jim pipes in as he walks into Spock’s office, looking shocked at the image in front of him. “Oh my God,” Jim exclaims as Spock stands up straight again, and Bones turns around to face him. “I’m sorry. Didn’t mean to interrupt in this– in that. I’ll let you finish. I’ll be back in five.” Jim says, quickly closing the glass door to Spock’s office and Bones is sure Jim is laughing. Bones gets up on his feet, shaking his head. “I swear, that kid’s gonna be the death of me.” “That kid could probably bring you back to life.” Spock says, ignoring the glare coming from the other doctor.
  • Whatever game Jim is playing, Bones can play, too. So he shows up at this surgery that’s a pretty big deal. And Bones questions literally everything Jim is doing, until he sees Jim getting nervous. Immediately regretting his own behavior (Spock would be disappointed), Bones clears his throat. “You’re doing fine. Your initial diagnosis made sense.” He says, letting out an exasperated sigh, and Jim nods. Surgery goes just fine.
  • A gas leak explosion causes a building to burn down to the ground, and suddenly the hospital is flooded with patients. Spock gets off his chair and pulls on a white coat, putting himself available to help patching people up. After a few hours, Bones slumps against a chair, exhausted from his 15 hour shift and with all the new patients it doesn’t look like it’s going to back down any time soon. Spock sits down next to him, tossing his plastic gloves in the bin. Bones leans in and kisses Spock’s cheek. “Haven’t seen you in action in a while,” he says, Spock smiles. “I do feel a little rusty.” Both boys watch Jim work tirelessly. He must be exhausted, too, but Jim pushes through, stitching up patient after patient, patching up whoever needs it. “Do you still dislike him, Leonard?” Spock asks. “Yes,” Bones says instantly, before sighing. “No. I guess not.”
  • After that, Bones goes easy on Jim. Subtly offering him lunches, which he gladly accepts, and it’s a clever way to trick Jim into eating healthier. Jim still counters most of Bones’ diagnostics, and Bones begrudgingly admits that it may have saved a patient’s life. Spock tells Jim to take his breaks together with them, which he also starts doing. The three of them read peacefully together in the break room, buy coffee for each other, or play card games. 
  • Jim looks exhausted after a long night. Spock sits on the couch reading his tablet, answering e-mails while Bones leans against him, quietly reading a report on the test results of this new medicine. Jim sits at the other end of the couch, quietly, running a hand through his hair and letting out a tired sigh. Bones looks up, reaching out his hand towards Jim. “C’m here,” he says, and Jim looks briefly confused, but immediately relieved. He shifts closer, curling up against Bones, and almost instantly nods off. Spock is smiling, pressing a kiss to the side of Bones’ head. “I knew you liked him, too.”

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samstevebucky, smile <3

Steve has always been a sucker for a good smile. Sam’s got under his skin before he even know what was happening. It’s the kind of smile that takes up his whole face, honest, earnest, infectious. Sam has the smile of a person to be trusted, the kind of person who doesn’t hide behind fake grins or false words. Sam’s got the smile of an honest man and Steve’s glad he trusted it. 

There is something about seeing that smile, bright and gap toothed, first thing in the morning that makes his stomach flutter. Seeing it cast over a shoulder, or it creeps onto Sam’s mouth when he watches the birds out the window in the morning while he drinks his coffee. 

Bucky used to smile something like that, toothy grins he never hesitated to offer. Bucky laughed when he smiled, back before the war. Maybe that’s why when Sam smiles, so does Bucky. It’s small and hesitant, like he’s trying to remember what smile felt like. It aches in Steve’s chest, but it’s a good kind of hurt. The boy he grew up with in Brooklyn is gone, he was gone long before Bucky feel off a train in the Alps. The war had pushed the easy laughter right out of him, but the man sitting across the table, lips creeping up in a ghost of a grin, was something all toghter new. Steve was falling in love with him all over again.

Sam looked up from his birds, sees Bucky grinning at him, reaches a hand across the table, his fingers on Bucky’s wrist, tracing the grooves in the metal. Bucky blushes and Steve smiles back at them, before turning back to making breakfast. 

Imagine Person A playing tag with Person B and Person B stops for a second to take a breath, but Person A sneaks up behind Person B and Person B turns around last minute– but when Person A reaches out to tag Person B, Person A’s hand is a little low and grabs Person B’s crotch area. BONUS: Person A’s hand accidentally touches Person C’s crotch area, and Person B gets really jealous.

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Hush, Fenris/Hawke? (As always, only if you feel like it! <3)

Send me a “Hush” and I’ll write a drabble about one character comforting the other (from fear or grief)

(“You go, Hawke.”)

Isabela’s voice echoes in Liadan’s head as she walks through the dilapidated mansion. Her steps drag. She adds to the footprints in the dust.  

(I–I’ll say something vile.” A pause. “Well, so will you. Probably. But this–you go. You.”) 

Fenris is hunched over his desk. A tangle of shoulder and elbows and bent neck. He tenses as she moves closer, but makes no other motion. There is just quiet and shared space, mixing in his breath (ragged) with hers (slow). 

There are letters under his hands. Crunched up slips of scrap with letters pressed so hard into them that the paper is torn along straight lines. Hawke reaches out, runs one finger along an edge, reaching the top of a shaky V. 

“You did write to her,” Hawke says. “I–”

“–Donnic helped,” Fenris says, voice flat. “The words were still–more. Then I make. But you gave me this, Hawke.” 

Something seizes in her throat. “No,” she says. “It’s your learning. Your skill. I just–” 

“–If you’d let me kill her, would things be quiet?” 

Hawke swallows. “Afraid not. The dead are usually louder. Especially when you love them.”

“I do not,” Fenris says, eyes on hers for a brief, hectic moment before he hunches up again, stares at the desk. “I cannot love someone I do not know. Should not feel betrayed by them. Should not wonder if–” his hands release, papers crumpling under them, skin stretched thin over lyrium and sinew. “Who would have fought for this?” 

 “I don’t know,” Liadan says. “Fenris, it’s–” 

He moves, the desk chair screeching back on tile, and then is standing before her, lips tight, pulse rapid in his throat. She reaches out, hand landing on his shoulder. Shifts her grip so her fingertips find tensing muscles there that coil through to the back of his neck. 

He pulls her into a rough hug, and she is bent over and around him, feeling long and useless until his breathing eases against her shoulder and his heartbeat stops trying to break out the back of her spine. 

They hold each other, and try for quiet.