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Look, I don’t mean to be dramatic, but Jerry’s and Annie’s pretty much have the same mugs.

Jerry x Annie was the hidden CP otp this whole time.

guys i don’t think that maya x farkle x riley is not talked about enough . they have all been best friends since the third grade and would do anything for each other. i literally can’t do this. they love each other so much. THEY ARE ALL BEST FRIENDS AND HAVE BEEN FOR THE MAJORITY OF THEIR LIVES I CANT HANDLE THIS

No one could ever have prepared me for the feelings I have for Khaji Da and Jaime Reyes, and more specifically for the BluePulse OT3. 

I had never even really considered it??? Like, Jaime and Bart wormed into my soul early on, but including this adorable fucking piece of shit scarab? Never crossed my mind.

But now I just have so many FEELINGS and keep WRITING SHIT and keep CRYING

and basically I blame you @fire-fira

Thank you for ruining my life. It’s a beautiful destruction and I love it.

hobisparkles  asked:

nam(kook?)seok + mattress store au

Jungkook spots them before the door even dings to announce their arrival - the glass storefront gives a clear view of Hoseok and Namjoon, walking forward, all black clothes and sunglasses and looking like some kind of high-fashion goth couple.

Which honestly they kind of are?

Hoseok slips his glasses atop his head once they’re inside so that they hold back his now-too-long lavender hair, and he looks around for a moment. Jungkook hides behind a filing cabinet; he knows Hoseok’s looking for him and he really, really does not want

“Oh! Young man!” Hoseok shouts. 

It echoes. It’s so, so embarrassing. And considering the only other person on the floor for the afternoon is in his fifties, and the others are busy elsewhere, it’s clear that Hoseok means him. He sighs and stands straight again, and Namjoon and Hoseok both grin at him. The annoyance at them showing up at his job fades a tiny bit at that. But just a tiny bit.

“Young man,” Hoseok repeats in a haughty voice, somehow louder even though Jungkook’s right in front of him now, “we’re interested in a very large bed. We need something that could sleep at least three adult males. Is there anything like this in stock?”

Without even looking, Jungkook knows his face is as red as a pepper. He can just feel it, feels the heat of his mortification seeping in. But it’s not like anyone knows; he doesn’t talk to these people at his job, doesn’t tell personal stories when everyone else does, doesn’t have a single ounce of intimate details anywhere on his desk. As far as his coworkers are concerned, Jeon Jungkook doesn’t even date. He certainly doesn’t have two boyfriends.

Who are here.

Shopping for a mattress.

For all of them.

God why is Hoseok so embarrassing.

He can’t quite find the right words initially and he sounds like an idiot, all the random noises that come out, but they wait and watch him with a fondness that just makes him flush even more. Hoseok leans against Namjoon and holds his hand tighter and Jungkook hates that he turns to see if his coworker notices.

“Um. Th-this bed…over here.” It’s all he manages to say. He gestures vaguely in a direction, then starts walking toward a king-sized pillowtop. “This.”

“Well it looks big enough,” Hoseok says as he presses his palm against the mattress. “But I think we need to try it out.”

“Don’t,” Jungkook says gently, shaking his head a little.

Namjoon laughs quietly and bounces back onto the bed, at the same time that Hoseok crawls toward the center. And then Hoseok’s staring, pats a spot for Jungkook, gives a smug little smile as he waits.

“It would clearly fit one more,” Jungkook says.

“Well. I work best with visuals.” Hoseok quirks his eyebrow, then lays back against the mattress to keep watching Jungkook.

Another look at his coworkers. Still no one looking. But that doesn’t ease his nerves at all. 

“You’re an ass,” Jungkook mutters while climbing onto the mattress.

“Don’t be so uptight. I’m getting you a sizeable commission here.”

a few more Akaoi HCs

my reasoning behind these is still ‘why not’

~ I have a million ideas about how they could meet but I like to think about them becoming roommates when Akaashi starts college and just not getting along at all in the beginning, despite their friend circle (namely Bokuto, Kuroo, and everyone that comes with it) being pretty much identical. Akaashi just wouldn’t tolerate Oik’s bullshit at all and the latter thought of Akaashi as kind of a killjoy. That all changed once they got to know each other better and realized just how wrong they were about each other though. They ended up as good friends before they started falling in love.
~ now that they’re much closer, they understand each other pretty much without words. They’re both really perceptive, and they let their guard down around each other very easily.
~ they watch a lot of space documentaries together! They also like to visit the planetarium.
~ Akaashi is a blanket hogger par excellence. Oikawa is just cold. Poor guy.
~ touch either of them without consent and you will get fucked up
~ look, Akaashi has tried liking Ushiwaka, but it’s really hard when most of what he knows about him is via Oikawa, so now he harbours kind of a second-hand grudge …
~ Oikawa’s family absolutely loves Akaashi. It’s hard not to, really, but his sister’s taking it to the next level. (”I’m gonna plan the wedding!” - “IT’S BEEN THREE MONTHS GIVE US TIME”)
~ Takeru, too, loves Akaashi, mostly beause he now knows where to get blackmail material.
~ the first time they uploaded a selfie to Instagram they basically broke the internet. I imagine Oikawa to be really popular because like. Look at him. Tell me he wouldn’t be. So it’d be kind of a big deal. (completely unrelated, but my headcanon social media alias for him is definitely toorurun)
~ one time at a carnival Oikawa really wanted an alien plush so Akaashi went and pretty much destroyed the shooting gallery. Turns out he has scary precision. He could probably kill a man. That day, Oikawa made a mental note to never get on his bad side.
~ Akaashi tries to watch everything Oikawa’s currently hyping, even if he doesn’t like it at all. The amount of terrible soap operas he has sat through just to know what Oikawa was crying about is ridiculous. It’s worth it though, because in the end he gets to see his boyfriend happy.
~ this works vice-versa too - Akaashi doesnt get nearly as hyped up about things as Oikawa does, but i’s obvious when he’s excited about something. Most of the time Oikawa has no idea what he’s talking about (it’s mostly school-related stuff, I imagine Akaashi as like a photography major so there’s lots of stuff Tooru’s never even heard about, who knew taking photos could be so damn technical), but listens anyways because damn, he’s cute when he’s excited.