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people who ship finnrey are total sweethearts and people who ship stormpilot are cutie pies an people who ship reyva are the best kinds of gays and people who ship all three are the loves of my lives and I hate r*ylos


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I was seduced by the force, I drew some Star Wars fan art yesterday. Finn likes keeping the people he cares about close. Maybe Finn is dreaming about this while he’s [spoilers]

I miss drawing self-indulgent fan art, I am trying to get back into it, hopefully I’ll have more free time in 2016. feel free to drop me a request ;)


I like this. 

Less jealous rage and more like 

“Sooooooooooo any room in that sandwich for extra meat or…????”

  • Lance: This is my boyfriend Shiro and Shiro's boyfriend Keith.
  • Allura: And how does that work?
  • Lance: Well, I love Shiro and Shiro loves Keith and I hate Keith.

Jedistormpilot Modern AU

Rey owns a coffeeshop and loves gardening, the feeling of her fingers sinking into the dirt, of watching something grow and flourish. Growing up without a family made her afraid of losing the people she loves so she doesn’t love anyone. Too bad the stupid regulars who keep coming into her shop don’t know that. 

Finn was very successful, very young, an investment banker until he had enough of helping them exploit struggling people and quit. He isn’t sure what he wants to do now, is still figuring out who he is, but he finally feels like he can breathe. Except, maybe, at the sight of Rey, or the guy writing on his laptop in the corner of her cafe…  

Poe was forced to flee his home country because of his involvement with anti-government rebels. He now lives in a shitty apartment, works as an investigative journalist, and loves his puppy bb-8 more than anything else in the whole world. Though there is that girl who owns the coffeeshop… and the man he sees there sometimes… 


In honor of Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary, I present to you all my first ever zine! I’m so proud of this piece and it turned out so much better than I could have expected. I wish I could include everything I drew in there (There’s Spones! There’s Uhura/Chapel! There’s sad Jim!), but I decided to pick some of my favorites in honor of this awesome day. I hope you guys like it and may we continue to boldly go~!

shevni  asked:

but imagine the best man is in love with *both* of them! OT3 for the win. That way no one gets their heart broken :)

(idk if this was intended as a prompt but thats what’s happening)

Poe wasn’t going to get drunk. He wasn’t. He was going to be the perfect best man, hold the ring and watch as Finn’s eyes lit up when he saw Rey walking down the aisle (no fucking man is giving me away, thank you very much, she’d snapped at Han when he’d offered to walk her down the aisle, before graciously offering him the position of her maid of honour). He was going to give a perfect speech, make Leia cry (because he’d bet Jess $50 he could), and then sit down, shut up, and smile his way through the rest of the night. 

That had been the plan anyways.

To be fair, he’d made it through the actual wedding part okay. His chest had gotten tight at the look on Finn’s face when he caught sight of Rey, gotten even tighter when he’d turned as well and saw her walking down the grassy aisle between the two rows of lawn chairs. She’d looked perfect, the sunlight lighting up her dark hair twisted into careful curls by Leia (which were guaranteed to be ruined within the hour but whatever). Her plain white dress was so perfectly her, as was the bouquet of wildflowers spilling out of her hands. Of course, Finn looked beautiful too, because the universe apparently hated Poe. His white suit cut a sharp contrast against his dark skin, his smile so bright as he looked at Rey that Poe had to turn away and take a couple of deep breaths. 

Between the guys from the auto shop and the entire company’s worth of firefighters there was so much hollering when they kissed it would have been easy for Poe to get distracted, to miss the way their lips lingered. The way they smiled at each other, clasping together their hands with their matching rings, plain silver bands. But he didn’t miss it, and no one in that entire field missed how in love with each other they were. 

And that was when Poe started to drink. 

He wasn’t going to drink a lot. Just a glass or two, to fortify his nerves, honestly. Just one swig from Jess’s flask… but then Finn helped Rey tie up the skirt of her dress when she got annoyed with it while trying to run back and forth between tables. 

He was just gonna have one glass of champagne… but then Rey bent in half to talk to Maz, nodding seriously at whatever the crazy old lady was telling her. 

He was just gonna have one mixed drink… but then Finn got a little bit of icing on Rey’s face while feeding her a piece of cake, and Rey straight-up smashed an entire slice onto Finn’s face in response. 

(after that he kind of gave up keeping track) 

It didn’t really hit him until Han finished giving his extremely awkward maid of honour speech and Poe stood up to give his best man speech. Suddenly the room was spinning, he was leaning heavily against the table, and Rey and Finn were giving him matching concerned looks. 

Aw fuck, he thought, taking a deep breath.  

He isn’t really sure what he says, to be honest. He’s too nervous and too drunk. Halfway through though, he does come back to himself a little bit, noticing the alternately horrified and amused looks on the crowd’s face. Jess, of course, is laughing so hard she’s actually crying, that asshole. 

“Anyways,” he says, trying to wrap up what he’s pretty sure was a very rambling and embarrassing story about the month he and Rey had both kept insisting Finn drive back to this awful small down just outside the city with them (Rey had needed to keep checking to see some old guy out there was ready to sell her his amazing vintage car yet, Poe mostly did it because it was hilarious how upset Finn got over the place). 

“Uh, what I’m trying to say is that I love you guys,” Poe turns to them, raising his glass, “you’re the best people I know and I love you both and I hope you’re so fucking happy forever.” That gets some laughs, and everyone cheers loudly. Finn blushes, because Finn blushes at everything, and leans over to kiss a laughing Rey on the cheek. Poe should sit down, that was a decent ending to a terrible speech and he should really just sit down…

Poe doesn’t sit down. 

“No like, I really love you guys,” he hears himself continue, unable to stop the incredibly inappropriate words pouring out of him. Everyone’s staring at him, he should stop, he should shut up, just shut up now before-

“I’m in love with you.” He says, and the crowd goes instantly quiet. So of course, he speaks even louder. “I’m in love with both of you.” Oh good now he’s crying, great. This is going great. 

“So yeah,” he concludes, looking at somewhere over Finn’s left ear, unable to look at either of his fucking newlywed friends. And then he finally, blessedly, shuts his mouth and sits down, hitting the table and making it rattle on his way down. The volume in the room is picking up again, thank all the gods, the gathered crowd begging to mutter amongst themselves about the spectacle he just made of himself. He kind of wants to sink under the table to be honest, staring down at his empty plate determinedly. At least he’s stopped crying.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Rey’s shout effectively silences the crowd again and Poe looks up at her, startled. She’s staring at him with the exact fierce determination that made him fall in love with her in the first place. She’s also standing, hands on her hips in a way that makes him very nervous. Surely she wouldn’t beat him up at her own wedding, would she? 

(who was he kidding, she would absolutely kick his ass in her wedding dress)

“Poe Shara Dameron, did you seriously just declare your love to me and Finn at our fucking wedding?” She pauses long enough to make it clear that she actually expects Poe to respond. 

“Yes?” He says, more of a question than he means it to be. 

“I’m going to kick you ass.” She states, moving to climb over Finn to get at him. Finn, now that Poe is looking at him, just looks really stunned, and not very inclined to stop his wife from clambering over him in order to beat the shit out of his best man. 

“Please don’t,” Poe says instead, pushing his chair as far away from her as he can. He is vaguely aware of the entire room still staring at them, but is far more preoccupied with the immediate threat of physical violence. Luckily his pleading seemed to finally snap Finn out of his daze, the other man hooking an arm around Rey’s waist to stop her, though Poe was pretty sure that the fact her skirt had gotten tangled around the chair had more to do with the halt in her advance than anything Finn was doing. 

“You love us?” Finn asked, ignoring Rey as she unsuccessfully attempted to detangle herself. 

“Yes?” He says again. 

“Well shit,” Finn says with a growing grin. “We love you too.” 

“What.” Poe says. 

“We’re in love with you too.”

“What.” Poe says again. He’s pretty sure his brain has literally broken down because he has absolutely no idea what is happening. 

“C’mere,” Finn says, reaching out with one of his unfairly long arms and grabbing Poe’s jacket, hauling him forward and, before Poe has a chance to realize what was happening, is kissing him. Poe freezes, shocked, until he feels Finn’s tongue sweep over his lower lip. He surges forward, probably making some embarrassing noises into Finn’s mouth as the other man fully licks into his own mouth. 

When he finally pulls back, gasping for air, he only has a moment to take in the fact that Rey is no longer trying to free herself before he is again tugged into a kiss. Rey is a more aggressive kisser than Finn, and Poe swears he could feel it all the way down to his toes. Also, apparently Rey likes to bite. 

When they separate, the room is utterly silent. 

That lasts for about five seconds, before their collected friends and family start fucking screaming. Poe can hear Jess shouting “fuckin’ finally”, but he can’t bring himself to care about the fact that he was literally never going to live this down. Can’t bring himself to care about what people will say, how badly the team down at the fire station is going to tease him. 

He’s too busy smiling at the loves of his life, who were smiling right back at him.