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some bnha trios!! i have caught up on the manga and i love the superhero kids!

Uhhhh I know people have moved onto the Otayuri/Yurabek pairing… but is it odd that I only really think of them as just friends? Besties?

Also. Where’s the adorable Plinami stuff? (I am NOT looking for nsfw… just cutesy friendship stuff ;w; )

On that note. I propose a friendship OT3 between Otabek, Yurio, and Minami.

I’ve honestly been thinking about the OT3 friendship for weeks since Otabek appeared. 

Like, I get the dynamic between Otabek and Yurio… but Minami would be able to add some happiness and excitement and lighten up the atmosphere!

Anyone agree? Am I alone in wanting this OT3 friendship?

Welppp. Imma just post this and see the reactions to it…

A clash of opinions

When your OTP start having weirdly in depth conversations (probably at 4AM);

  • who’s a cat person, who loves dogs?
  • who loves baths, who finds the idea repulsive? (”Literally bathing in your own dirt?!”)
  • who lives on coffee, who lives on tea. (Bonus: In your OTP+, who doesn’t drink hot drinks, who doesn’t like caffeine, who is a “pretentious coffee snob”)
  • who lives only for the recognition of others, who is motivated by physical rewards?
  • who loves summer and being warm, who hates it and likes winter and being able to wear layers?
  • who’s a night owl, who’s an early bird?
  • at the cinema/movies, who chooses salted popcorn, who chooses sweet. (Bonus: in your OT3, who actually wants cheesy popcorn but fears that may start a civil war)
  • who eats anything and everything, who is vegan?
  • who sets one alarm each night, who sets 15 and still over sleeps?
  • who likes hot showers, who prefers them cold?

Cause Mike’s gonna be tall af, he’s going to give El and Will forehead kisses all the time!!! Greetings? Forehead kisses. Farewells?? Forehead kisses. Showing how proud he is of both of them? FOREHEAD KISSES!!!!!! They do something and he’s fonding!????? FORE HEAD KISSSSSSES!!!

ok but if odaat gets a second season i really hope josh and carmen are still at least moderately featured they’re such good friends to elena and supported her through her coming out without one bad moment please don’t let them be throwaway characters

[AFF] Operation CBX

Title: Operation CBX 
Author: theslyfox
Pairing: platonic!Minseok/Baekhyun/Chen
Status: Complete
Length: Short Story
Rating: PG
Genre: Action, Hey Mama!AU

Summary: CBX, a hidden agency which runs by ex-detective that disbanded a year ago. With the revival, Baekhyun leads two other comrades; Jongdae and Minseok, along with their own unique expertise to solve impossible tasks, including the governments and politics. They have guns, but not to murder. They choose justice, but they’re not with the police. They have technologies, but only to reveal the dark truth. The agency is made only for one goal, and that is; the revolution. 

Reasons Why You Submitted: This is a very good story, and even though there aren’t any pairings it doesn’t have to be either. Really liked how the author used scenes from they Hey Mama MV in this story! I strongly recommend it!


As if it’s nothing, I want to hold your hand

Send me an OTP

(or OT3 or friendship just… relationships ok?)

and I will give you my headcanon of:

  • Who’s the messiest one:
  • Who feels the most uncomfortable about PDA:
  • Who’s the funniest drunk:
  • Who texts the most:
  • Who has the most embarrassing taste in music:
  • Who reads the most:
  • Who’s better with kids:
  • Who’s the one that fixes things around the house:
  • Who’s got the weirdest hobby:
  • Who cooks and who cleans up:

So awhile ago I was asked what characters I ship in my headcanon and one of the relationships I listed was the polyamorous relationship between Cheerilee, Caramel, and Big Mac. Because I don’t often draw them, I decided to doodle the three for funzies. So here they are basically being cute. o3o

The three of them have been in a relationship for a little while, about a year now, and while they love each other quite a bit they aren’t married (not yet anyway). In Equestria, a polyamorous relationship can be called a “herd” (sometimes specifically labeled “romantic herd” because the term “herd” in general can be defined in more ways than one) but there isn’t necessarily a lead mare and/or lead stallion. The main concern when it comes to romance of any sort in Equestria is that all parties are aware of their partner(s) preferences and that they’re all consenting to the relationship.

You can’t tell here since they aren’t colored but for Caramel I gave him a slight design change in comparison to the canon version. Instead of blue eyes he’d have Heterochromia, with one eye brown and the other a mild blue. I gave him a gap in his front top teeth because I think it’s cute. I might add a couple of white strands to his hair and give him a marking or two but we’ll see. As for his overall appearance, if you think he looks pretty young in comparison to Big Mac and Cheerilee… then you’re right! In my headcanon, Caramel IS younger than the two of them. Big Mac is 28, Cheerilee 29, and Caramel 23. Of the three, Caramel is more prone to blushing, even when Big Mac or Cheerilee simply tell him they love him. Precious cinnamon roll. o3o

Big Mac likes to call his mates “his darlins’”, Cheerilee calls them “her boys”, and Caramel them his “loves”. :3

I think they might have a foal or two in the future but I’m trying to figure out if they’d adopt or have biological foals. Maybe both. o3o

But meh. That’s another story for another time. I hope ya like mah messy doodles, and if you have any questions feel free to ask. ^.^

Whenever Illya and Gaby are on a mission that requires going to a wedding, Napoleon will always request Buddy by Willie Nelson.

He’ll stand against the wall watching Gaby and Illya dance until eventually he has to make his rounds and continue the mission.

Because that’s Illya and Gaby’s slow song.

And Napoleon will always be a meddler. 

Until he comes round their room later that evening and hears Cry To Me playing through the door.

Then he knows they’re wrestling