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In which Bakugou is me


I wanted to draw all my Hamilton ships <3 … and by that I means all the ships I have with Alexander Hamilton, and my favourite AUs for those ships. I’ve got a problem.



i love them so much ok i dont know if we’re gonna see them again in tomorrow’s episode im nOT READY

(dude dont ‘bro’ me rn we’re having a moment)

So, a few thoughts came together in my brain and sort of clicked into a heartbreaking realization.

The thoughts:

  • Chris is Josh’s best friend.
  • Josh used to talk to Sam after he lost his sisters, and said she was one of the only ones who understood him; she thought they had a bond. Sam also, having been the twins’ best friend, would be one of the last living non-familial links to his sisters.
  • Chris and Sam had nothing to do with the prank on Hannah, Chris being passed out and Sam having actively tried to stop it.
  • These things probably mean Chris and Sam were the people Josh cared about most.
  • Dr. Hill says "Why did you hurt them? It’s yourself that you despise.“ and says various things that make it crystal clear that Josh blames himself for his sisters’ deaths (’couldn’t lift a finger to help them’, etc etc).
  • Josh specifically tortures Chris and Sam (and Ashley, but she seems more of a tool with which to torture Chris than an active target of the psychological torture), the two who were least involved in the prank, and then claims it’s revenge.

The heartbreaking realization:

  • It’s not revenge on them, like he claims: it’s revenge on himself. He’s hurting the two people who mean the most to him, the two people who it would hurt him the most to see hurt or upset. His ‘punishment’ of his friends is just a self-punishment, inflicted by watching the people he loves most suffer and knowing he is the cause. He’s trying to fool himself most of all when he says that it’s their punishment and they deserve it.

After Keith, Lance, and Hunk all get together, they all like to curl up together in bed in one giant cuddle pile. Hunk always ends up in the middle with Keith and Lance pillowed on his chest because he’s the biggest and it just seems to happen that way naturally

But maybe Hunk kind of secretly wishes that for once, just once, he could curl up and pillow his head on one of the others. Only he doesn’t know how to ask, and both Keith and Lance seem pretty comfortable with the current arrangement, so he kind of just accepts that this is the way things are and that’s that.

Until somehow Keith finds out - blame the mice the sneaky bastards - and the very next night he pushes his way into the middle without bothering to explain anything and Hunk is confused but really happy and Lance is just confused but Hunk gets to cuddle up to Keith and pillow his head on Keith’s chest and it’s the best thing ever he’s so happy.

And maybe Lance didn’t get it at first, but he’s lying there facing Hunk all night and even he can’t miss the huge grin on Hunk’s face even when he’s sleeping, so he figures it out pretty quick. And so the night after, he shoves Keith aside so he can be in the middle, even though it results in Keith getting shoved out of bed with an angry squawk and starts a fight that it takes Hunk five minutes to settle

After that, they take turns being in the middle each night. And everything is happy and wonderful and cuddly and good


So… Hi(?)! I just read your Papa!Mochi & Baby!Eijun Masterpost and in the reading I asking to myself, if Eijun and Satoru really likes Nori-nii (aww~ cute nickname for my Nori, I really love him -random comment- ) what if someone really seems to want something with Nori? Are they going to get jealousy? By the way… this is so cute~ I like your drawing~ it’s really beautiful and even more with that AU~ I like KuraRyou/RyouKura~ they are my otp~ I also have seen your other AU MiSawa, and it’s cute too~ :D“ from blue-salamon

Update was a bit late today ‘cause I was busy babysitting without my mum giving me a heads up first.

I’ve been wanting to do more strips with Nori. I love him. He’s adorable. I want to show more of him interacting with the kids. I kinda want him to be the type that the kids consider more like “one of them”. More a playmate than a babysitter compared to the other adults. XD

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