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oh mann i've been reading your writings for hours now hELP they're so good!!! I read one with julian/asra/apprentice in the same relationship and pls i need more of this polyamory in my life (perhaps gender neutral or she/her??? idk)

Anon, I’m only writing my MC, Finn, at the moment so I hope this is okay. 


Finn pressed his thumbs into those perfect hipbones, Julian arching up off the mattress in response. He looked up, a pang of jealousy, of possession, coarsing through him as he watched Asra pull pale skin between his teeth, nipping and sucking at Julian’s throat, his hand travelling down, down that broad chest. 

Finn growled, grey eyes meeting Asra’s violet, and they both smiled. 

Asra laced his fingers through that riot of red curls, whispering something in Julian’s ear, his eyes never leaving Finn’s. Julian whimpered, pulling his bottom lip between his teeth and biting hard. His hips bucked again, gravitating towards Finn, towards that hot, slick mouth, his erection painfully hard, begging to be touched. 

Finn trailed a gentle touch down to the inside of Julian’s thighs, his knees shaking, quivering in response. He tipped his head back in ecstasy as Finn finally, finally tasted him, his tongue flicking out to brush over the flushed head of his cock, to lap up the wetness that had escaped.

Asra groaned at the sight of it, his eyes blown-black, nothing but lust there now. He tugged at Julian’s hair, jolting him forward to make sure he was watching what Finn was doing to him, to make sure that he could see, feel, everything. He pressed his bare chest against Julian’s back, his legs wrapped around his waist. 

Julian’s fingers twitched against the silky sheets, itching to grab, to touch, to… anything

“Don’t make us restrain you,” Asra hissed, noticing the doctors impatience, pulling Julian’s earlobe between his teeth and biting down once, his tongue quickly soothing away the sting. 

Finn parted Julian’s legs further, easing a slick finger inside slowly, so fucking slow that Julian’s chest began to heave, desperate, panting breaths falling from his lips. 

Finn ground down against the mattress, trying to ease some of his own desire as he pushed inside that tight heat, Julian’s cock still inside his mouth, his cheeks hollowed, sucking hard with every movement. Up, down, up, down. 

Asra groaned, Finn looking up at him just in time to catch him reaching down, his hand pandering between his thighs, those clever fingers curling around his shaft. Julian turned his head, watching Asra stroke himself, that flush upon his cheeks swirling ever darker.

Finn curled his finger, causing Julian to quickly snap his gaze back to him. “You’ll pay for that,” Finn smirked, quickly taking Julian back into his mouth. 

“P-please… I’m going to…” 

“Shhhhh,” Asra whispered, smiling into Julian’s hair, his voice breaking as he continued to stroke himself. “Be good, and you’ll be rewarded.” 

Finn removed his finger from inside Julian, kneeling and wrapping his hand around his own aching erection and Julian’s, stroking them together in delicious tandem. The three of them were close, so close now that he could hear the thumping heartbeats of the two men, their warm breath upon his skin. 

He leaned in, kissing Asra over Julian’s shoulder, before pressing his lips to Julian’s, swallowing his groan as he finally came undone, spilling out into Finn’s hand, onto his own stomach. Asra watched intently as Finn followed him, Julian finally able to break the rules, his hand flying to cover Finn’s, helping him with his final, shuddering strokes. 

Yes,” Asra whispered, voice thick, heavy. He watched the two men kiss, gentle, loving as they came down, then…

“Finn? Finn...”

Finn sat up with a jolt, panting and, fuck… really hard. He felt Julian’s hand upon his back, rubbing soothing circles on bare skin. 

“What is it? You were talking in your sleep…”

Finn flushed, the heat in his cheeks foreign. “Uhm… I was dreaming,” he smirked, quickly turning to Julian and catching his lips in a heated kiss. 

Julian chuckled, grasping at Finn’s waist as he straddled his hips. “Oh, uh… good morning?” 

  • Pride: Why is it, when something disastrous and drunk happens, it is always you three?
  • Lasalle: [covered in glitter and wearing sunglasses indoors]
  • Gregorio: [has hickey everwhere on her neck]
  • Sonja: [with a split lip and a black eye]
  • Pride: Just sit down, I’m making you all breakfast

Cho, Harry, and Cedric after playing some Quidditch, lying on the pitch and joking around

Because nobody dies and these three have the chance to live out their crushes on each other

  • Sirius: Nice hands, Moony.
  • Remus: Uh...thank you?
  • Sirius: I bet they'd look better wrapped around my-

“I do not love you as I love Cristina. I love you as I love you,” said Mark. He bent his head. “I wish that you could see my heart. Then you would understand.”

It seemed she could not think of Mark without thinking of Kieran, too. Could not see blue and gold eyes without seeing black and silver. 

 "Mark needs kindness,” Kieran said, after a long pause. “And so do I.”

“Hot faerie threesome,” said Emma cheerfully. “I can say I knew you when.”