With all the gorgeous ot3 feels going around, I realize what I want most is ace!Nightingale in a relationship with Beverly/Peter. I can’t write it myself because I don’t really even know how to say it, let alone what it would look like. There have been a couple of fics lately that have stopped short of Peter/Thomas sex, although I’m relatively certain the author just didn’t want/bother to write it. AND THAT’S GREAT! But it would also be great were an author to intend it from the start and want to explore how it would work.

I can imagine Nightingale as always ace or coming to it late (got out of the habit, not worth the bother anymore, etc.). An indifferent sex drive in youth can fade altogether over time, but a craving for intimacy, however conflicted, can survive in eclipse, waiting for the right people to make expression safe. I can so easily imagine that being true for Thomas, as I can imagine clear-sighted Beverly and easily distracted Peter wanting to give him that place of safety, while finding out how good it is for them, too.

So now this has taken up residence in my head, and while I like to think about it, I don’t get far (see above). If someone ever wrote it I’d probably explode.


me trying to romance Jaehee after doing Zen’s route.


Imagine your ot3