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Exo and shinee reaction to finding out their famous American girlfriend isn't doing well health and mentally wise through fans. She didn't want to tell them because she didn't want them to worry. Sorry for the specifics and thank you!

Like the fans are whats causing her stress/mental health issues, right? If not, send it again and I’ll do it. Enjoy~


Xiumin: “Y/n, I just want you to be happy and healthy, okay. Don’t even worry about worrying me, alright?”

Luhan: “How serious are your health problems, should I take you to the doctors? How long have you been feeling like this? How serious is it?” *literally asks you 100 questions*

Kris: “I’m your boyfriend, you’re supposed to let me know when something is worrying you.” *hugs you to let you know he’s there for you*

Suho: “Y/n, next time let me know if something’s wrong, okay? It worries even more if you don’t tell me.”

Lay: “How come I didn’t realize this sooner?” *starts to blame himself for your decline in health*

Baekhyun: “Listen y/n, those ‘fans’ aren’t really your fans. I know its hard, but try to ignore them, alright? And next time, tell me when something is bothering you.”

Chen: “It worries me even more if you don’t tell me, please let me know if something’s wrong, okay? We’ll work through it together, alright?”

Chanyeol: “How long have you been like this?” *doesn’t know what else to say/ is very concerned*

D.O: “Ignore the ‘fans’, okay? True fans would never make you feel like this.” *trying to make you feel happier*

Tao: “I need you to tell me whats going on with you, especially your health. Do you want me to take you to a doctor?” *kinda hurt that she didn’t tell him earlier*

Kai: “Thank you for telling me y/n.“  *feels like shit for not being there for you*

Sehun: “I’m your boyfriend, its my job to worry about you.”


Onew: “How bad is your health, should I take you to a doctor?” *is upset that you didn’t tell him*  

Minho: “Did you really think you shouldn’t tell me? I’m your boyfriend y/n, you can tell me anything.”

Key: “First of all, those ‘fans’ that hurt you have no reason to. I mean you’re perfect, how could they find anything to insult you about?” *trying to make you smile*

Taemin: *hugs you to comfort you* “Let me know when somethings wrong, that’s what I’m here for.”

Jonghyun: “You have been acting a bit odd" *feels awful that he never caught onto your health issues*

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I just want Baekhyun to be happy

I just felt sentimental tonight after seeing endless gifs of Baekhyun’s beautiful smile.  He’s a wonderful human being, and he deserves all the love and happiness in the world. I just want Baek to be happy.  And everyone else in EXO, be it Kris, Luhan, Tao, Lay… EXO12 forever.  As long as they’re happy, we’re just fans we don’t have the right to criticize their life choices what so ever.  So calm your shits and just enjoy them while they’re around and together as EXO, or doing their own thing.  We probably all made choices in life that not everyone around us agrees on, but as long as we feel like it’s right we do it anyways.  So why can’t they?  As fans we may feel hurt by their choices and decisions, but we should NEVER go around bashing them, even if you’re not a fan, does bashing on a celebrity benefit you in any shape way or form? At the end of the day, you’re just going to sit alone in your little corner and hate your life. Keep all your negativity to yourself.  EXO brings us happiness and positivity to this already overflowing negative world we live in, so keep your negativity bottled up and explode by your lonely self or lighten up and enjoy the simple wonderful things about life that may or may not include EXO.  If you don’t like something take it out of your life.  If you don’t like EXO, or someone in EXO then avoid it, ignore it, but don’t go around hating on it.  That’s my two cents on hating celebrities, it’s really unnecessary pointless, useless, and pitiful.  Point of the post is that I love Baekhyun and everyone in EXO, although just a little bit less than how much i love Kyungsoo ^_^ <3 

if Ksoo is #1, then Baek is #1point(infinite zeros)1  :D :3  

“This is the start of EXO as 12!”

“This is the start of EXO as 11!”

“This is the start of EXO as 10!”



I APOLOGISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

when i checked the eng subs to see what the captions said, xiumin said ‘why can’t i choose 1st place and 2nd place’, not 'why can’t i choose 12?' 

this translating is all my fault and feel free to delete this from your blog. i will myself delete it after i’m sure more people have read this

in the chinese sub video, the subber wrote '12 place’ together so it looked like '12 members’, but he/she meant '½ places’!!!!!!!!