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I am just so tired from the antis and their bitterness I mean how can they take from that interview that Melissa doesn’t like Karamel when she literally said ‘I love it’ but then she realized she cannot comment about it because it is not respectful for the other part of the fandom and she did what’s right and she said that she shipped Kara and happiness. But before that she wasnt going to say that she ‘DOESN’T’ but that she doesn’t know how to answer and when the show is about her character she just dogged the subject not to piss the fans off( even she knows what the antis are like lol). But she has made it pretty clear that she likes the ship( she said se loves it before that sorry not sorry) and that she loves working with Chris and the comments to ‘Free her’ are just disrespectful and completely out of context and bravoooo the antis reached a new level ot pettiness and delusional behavior

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Some different skin tone versions of this!

If none of the available tones work with your character, please let me know and tell me which color I should use! My character is always pale ot the lowest level of tan, so I can’t test these out really. I want to make my designs available to more people so if you ever need an adjusted version of one, let me know and I will do my best to make it work!