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OK you think rey is Han and Leias daughter but how does that add up? Can you elaborate on how you think this could work?

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After 10 episodes of Sherlock BBC it seems to be a an interesting idea to compare all the antagonists of the show with their canonical predecessors from the original stories. Have Mofftiss altered them? If so, in which way did they modify their characters? The outcome of this comparison is really surprising and also a bit revealing because there seems to be a pattern in the changes.

After some considerations I decided to turn this post upside down and start with a short summary ot the final results so you can view it at one glance. If anyone likes to take a more detailed look at this comparison of the characters you will find everything under the cut.

This list shows very clearly a notable change of character in most of the antagonist. Jefferson Hope and Jonathan Small went from a bit not good to very bad. Whereas Irene Adler, Bob Frankland and Mary Morstan were altered totally the other way round - from nice and good to rather bad or outright evil.

The biggest villains of the original stories though are representing the most interesting puzzles in Sherlock BBC. Colonel Sebatian Moran’s character looks a good deal diminished in BBCs Lord Moran … unless we meet him again and may see a different side of him.

The same goes with Charles Augustus Magnusson. Maybe he’s indeed dead … maybe he’s yet alive. With all the hints of ‘sharks’ and going back on S4 setlock we can’t be sure anymore. And if CAM is still involved in the game … who knows how this character might surprise us in the end.

Finally there is the criminal mastermind himself … brilliant and changeable Jim Moriarty. A much more dazzling and colorful character than Prof. James Moriarty from the original stories.  No wonder he embodies the bigges riddle of all. It’s not just the question if he’s dead or alive …. it’s also the question if he is what we think he is … or if he is someone quite different. Is/was he the puppet master of this great game or just the puppet on a string? Jim from IT, the spider, actor Richard Brooke? And if he’s just the marionette who then might the real puppet master be?

If there is indeed a pattern of how Mofftiss changed the original characters from good/a bit not good to quite bad and evil …. then the really big canon baddies - Jim and CAM - might surprise us after all. Quite possibly this may also apply for Culverton Smith who will appear in S4. One could call this a rug-pull too, I think.

As mentioned above there is a detailed description of all the canon and BBC characters under the cut:

Reposting because the original link didn’t work anymore.  22nd March 2017

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This beautiful picture was created by @renrink. The minute she opened commissions I jumped at the chance to request something.

I love mythology and I love Undertale - so this seems the perfect thing to be my first official blog here. :)

I intend to do comics/stories based on my own ideas for the ReaperTale AU,

As a thank you - I wrote a short story ot accompany it I hope you all like it.


Field of Stars

The sun had long gone to bed and the ribbons of colours ruby, pale rose, orange and honey cast in its wake had long since darkened to lilacs, dark blues that merged into the deep dark vacuum of space.

Without the bright light, the stars slowly became visible, white flames against velvet, their faint hissing mingled with the music of the spheres once the planets appeared, but for now he was all alone.

Space was cool to the form; the temperature like shade on a hot summer day and against his bones was pleasant, the moonlight made them glow until he had gone beyond the silver disc out to the fields of stars.

He reached to a satchel at his belt, a glow could be seen from within as he drew out the newly harvested souls of plants and animals – the flames were all sorts of colours and they flared vividly against the dark backdrop.

He cast them far and wide as if they were solar seeds; they left trails against the sky as arched or shoot to their resting place in the firmament. Small, large, bright and faded, they gleamed and glimmered as he walked amongst them making patterns when he felt like it.

He felt her coming, her aura as warm as the sun and turned to meet her a star in his hand. ‘Baby’ stars flowed beneath her feet, newborn souls flocking to the Goddess, like chicks around a mother hen.

Her dress was white with a tint of pale pink so she seemed enrobed in silken petal. In her arms she carried her lantern, its warm light spilling over her making her glow.

*Hey Tori.  

She smiled at him. “Good evening Sans. I see you are making new patterns today.”

She walks besides him in the night sky as he pointed out his new patterns including a few that made her laugh, a sweet sound that rivalled the planet songs.

She gathers the fading stars, the embers of souls, so that they could be reborn as bright new souls to begin the cycle of life all over again. Sometimes a star would fall, scattering into tiny pieces that would be reborn on its own.

As dawn approached, it signified a new day and as Sans watched Tori walk away back to earth. He remembered when the tradition began, so long ago.


Ladybug begins to question her feelings towards Chat Noir, just as Chat questions his feelings towards Marinette.
Chloe’s birthday masquerade ball unleashes a hoard of problems that Marinette never thought she’d have to deal with, stemming from the loss of her miraculous. Can she help Chat Noir get back Ladybug’s miraculous without exposing herself? Or will this be the end of Ladybug as we know her?

[Lots of MariChat, reasonable amounts of angst, ~hopefully~ a satisfying reveal}

This is the first fic I’ve posted (and written) in five years. Be gentle with me.  Check it out on AO3 here or read below!

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