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Title: Thanks for Being Here

Warnings: None

Author’s Note: It’s short and sweet. I believe one of the requests was for a previous game, but I didn’t get to it in a timely manner and I wanted to make sure I got this one out before too much time had passed. I also posted a Jordie Benn imagine tonight. Max Domi is up tomorrow, and it might be my favorite imagine yet…

Word Count: 1,403

Your eyes instinctively fell closed, your heart sinking into your stomach. Taking a deep breath, you opened your eyes, skimming the sea of disappointed fans all around you; finally settling on Auston. Standing by the bench, his hands were resting on the top of his stick, his bottom lip pulled between his teeth as the Capitals celebrated at the other end of the ice.

You had managed to make it to all of his home games during the playoffs; carefully planning your schedule and reworking your obligations back home, making the 5-hour drive from Michigan each game. The two of you had met when he was playing with the National Development Team and both of you worked hard to maintain your relationship over the past few years, despite the distance. For all the doubt there had been surrounding the Leafs at the beginning of the season, you couldn’t be happier for Auston and how far the Leafs had come, but it was still disappointing to see the boys lose.

You heard Ema sigh as her arm wrapped around your shoulders, giving you a squeeze; the two of you sporting matching frowns. Your eyes followed Auston as he made his way through the handshake line, then to center ice as the team saluted the crowd, his shoulders slumped. You and Auston’s family headed to the lower level of the arena to wait for him. Your phone buzzed moments later, slipping it out of your pocket you saw a text from Auston.

Auston: I’ll meet you back at my place? More media stuff to do than usual.

(Y/N): Okay. I love you.

Auston: Love you.

As you went to put your phone back in your pocket, you noticed Ema was quickly typing a message out on hers. Glancing up at you, she gave you a quick smile.

“I guess we’re all getting the same message?” she asked. “We’re supposed to leave and he’ll talk to us later?

“Yep, that’s the same one I got.” you sighed, just wishing you were able to give Auston a hug.

“Brian and I are taking the girls out for a late dinner. Do you want to join us?” she asked.

“I appreciate the offer but would you mind just dropping me off at Auston’s on your way?” you questioned. “I should be there when he gets back.”

“Of course, sweetheart.”

The short drive to Auston’s from the ACC felt like an eternity. You waved goodbye to his family, watching as the car drove away. Walking slowly into the building, you thanked the doorman as he held the door, making your way to the elevator, and stepping into Auston’s condo a few minutes later. You changed into your pajamas and made a cup of tea before settling the love seat on the balcony, overlooking the bright lights of the Toronto skyline, the cool spring air felt nice on your skin.

You were lost in thought a while later when the glass door slid open, Auston stepping out onto the balcony, having already changed out of his suit and into a pair of sweats and a t-shirt.

“Hey.” he mumbled, forcing a quick smile on his face before it fell, sliding the door closed behind him. “I was looking for you for like, 5 minutes. I thought my parents took you out to eat with them.” he said, walking over to you, taking a seat beside you.

“They offered, but I wanted to be here when you got home.” you said, setting your mug on the low table in front of you.

You leaned back, Auston crossing his arms in front of him before resting his head against the wall, his eyelids fluttering shut. You sat in silence for a few minutes, listening to Auston’s steady breathing. You knew he was upset about the loss, and you didn’t want to pressure him to talk about it. You scooted closer to him, his arm instantly draping around your shoulders, you cuddled into his side, his arm pulling you closer.

“I’m sorry.” he breathed, finally opening his eyes, turning his head to look down at you after a few moments. “I can’t believe you drove hours to see… that.”

“Auston, you have nothing to be sorry for.” you said, your hand resting on his chest. He looked down at you, unconvinced. “I would drive that distance to see you lose every game of the season if it meant I got to spend more time with you.”

A smiled tugged briefly at the corners of his mouth before settling into a straight line. “You’re too good to me, you know that?” he said, shaking his head sadly.

“I know this whole season has been hard on you, you’ve been more stressed than I’ve ever seen you. Is there anything I can do to help?” you asked earnestly, looking for any way to soothe your boyfriend’s worries.

“You being here is more than enough.” he said, pressing a kiss to the top of your head. “I didn’t want to lose, I’d give almost anything to still be playing, but you know, I’m just exhausted. Just sitting here with you and not having to think about opponents, systems, scoring…. It’s just what I need.” he admitted.

“Do you want to talk about the game?” you prompted.

“No.” he said flatly. “Maybe tomorrow, maybe next week, maybe never. Right now, there’s just so much shit going on in my head. I don’t even know if I was making sense to the media.” he sighed. “And then tomorrow is just another day of interviews where I’ll get to keep talking about it.” he frowned.

“Can I tell you one thing?”

“Sure.” Auston replied, reaching up to brush a strand of hair off of your face.

“I’m so proud of you, Aus. You’ve been working so hard for so long and I’m glad it’s paying off. I’m just so happy for you and I’m really proud of you.” you said.

Auston smiled the first genuine smiled he had all night. You tilted your head, your lips meeting his with a matching smile.

“Thank you for being here.”

“I’ll stay as long as you need me to.” you said, running a hand through his hair, pulling his lips back to yours.

“You mean that?” he questioned as he pulled back.

“Of course, I do.” He nodded, turning to lay on his back, resting his head on your lap, his long legs draped over the armrest. Your fingers tangled into his dark locks, massaging his scalp. He relaxed into your touch, looking up at you through his long lashes. He studied your face, thinking. You raised your eyebrow, but he gave you no hints as to what he was thinking.

“What’s going on in that head of yours, Matthews?” you laughed after a moment. He reached up, pulling one of your hands away from his head, holding it in his own over his heart.

“I know you have a lot going on at home and I’ll be heading back to Arizona in a few days. But… maybe next season you’d want to be here in Toronto with me… permanently.” You saw insecurity in his eyes, unsure of what your answer would be.

“Are you asking me to move in with you?” you smiled, your heart almost beating out of your chest.

“Yeah. I am. Then you wouldn’t have to spend so much time driving. If you wanted, I’m sure you could get a work visa; you wouldn’t have to if you didn’t want to though. I know it’s a lot to think about, but then you’d be around after all my games. And I think you’ll find I’m a lot more fun after wins. I just think—“ he babbled nervously.

You leaned down, your lips finding his to shut him up.

“That means you’ll think about it?” he asked when you leaned back a few moments later.

“Yeah. I’ll think about it.” you agreed. “I already have an answer, so make sure to give me a heads up if you change your mind.”

“I won’t.” he smiled. A shiver ran through him, goose bumps rising on his skin. “It’s cold, babe. Can we go to bed?”

“Of course, babe.” you replied as Auston sat up. “You need sleep.”

“And I need you to cuddle with me.” he said, a playful pout spreading across his lips.

“There’s nothing I’d rather do.”

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Request: Hey I absolutely love your imagines, can you do one where Y/N is comforting Auston Matthews about the most recent OT loss and just the overall stress of the playoffs. Like super fluffy and cuddly pleasee

I THINK I MADE THE CUTOFF UNLESS IM TOTALLY OUT OF IT, if that is the case go on with your wonderful selves and ignore this! But can I request an Auston Matthews imagine where you live in the U.S. (Michigan maybe?) And make it up to his last game of the playoffs and comfort him after? (Also,sorry if this has been requested!)  

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That other anon is lying. The leafs were on lockdown after their loss. They want to win this series and they're not going to be dicking around. I have a friend that works for the Leafs and not even the WAGs got to spend a whole hell of a lot of time with their guys after the game. All of the guys were super upset about the OT loss. I don't know of many players that hook up during playoffs anyway unless you're a regular & it's later in their runs when they have more days off in between.

yeah thats what we thought hahah

Don’t worry! it’s not too late to get into the NWHL--> crash course post

Connecticut Whale

  • Best team on ice!
  • First in the league with 22 points (as of 1/16/16)
  • They have a record of 11-1-0 (as of 1/16/16)
  • They play in Hartford CT, so to everyone saying “i want to the hartford whalers back” WELL YOU’RE IN LUCK
  • They’ve only lost one game! (as of 1/16/16)
  • They’re big on the puns, and so are their competition, “let’s go whaling” has quickly become an NWHL meme
  • One time during the off season the players were all chilling in a house and made themselves cake pops
  • Any team with a girl named Shiann Darkangelo on it is a bad ass team
  • They really like the green and blue heart emojis
  • Captain: Jessica Koizumi (#56)
  • Goaltenders: Jaimie Leonoff (#32), Chelsea Laden (#78), and Nicole Stock (#24)
  • Their team hashtag is #FinsUp (in response other teams usually tweet #finsdown) and their twitter is CTWhale_NWHL

Boston Pride (my team so i know a little more)

  • Best team on paper
  • Seriously they have the most USWNT members and the most all stars on their team. 
  • Second in the league tho with 17 points (as of 1/16/16)
  • They’re record is 8-3-1(as of 1/16/16)
  • If you know any women’s hockey player they’re probably on this team
  • They Play in Harvard in Cambridge MA (which is like right across the river from Boston so it’s the same thing)
  • IF YOU PLAN TO GO TO A PRIDE GAME JUST KNOW THAT THE BRIGHT LANDRY CENTER IS THE COLDEST BUILDING IN THE WORLD. I’ve been to many hockey rinks and trust me you’d be warmer if the game took place outside. I’d suggest stuffing hand warmers in your shoes.
  • They have a team dog 
  • They played in the women’s winter classic against the Les Canadiennes of the CWHL and tied even though they were missing majority of their national team members.
  • Captain: Brianna Decker (#14) and Hilary Knight (#21)
  • Goaltenders: Brittany Ott (#29), Lauren Slebodnick (#30), Kelsie Fralick (#1)
  • The team hashtag is #ThePack and their twitter is TheBostonPride

New York Riveters

  • They have the best goaltender at least
  • Third team in the league with 7 points (as of 1/16/16)
  • They have a record of 3-8-1 (as of 1/16/16)
  • They play in Brooklyn and have a stronger relationship with the Islanders than the Rangers despite the color scheme. Seriously the Islanders are one of the only NHL teams following an NWHL team (the Rivs) and they give them suite tickets to games. good on you Isles.
  • Nana Fujimoto was actually named the best goaltender at a women’s international level
  • Their other goaltender, Jenny Scrivens, also works for the actual league as a media person. She literally does everything. 
  • They have a very diverse cast of characters. Lyudmila Belyakova (#9) is from Russia and she’s a pest, Janine Weber (#12) is from Austria and scored the Clarkson Cup winner last year for the Boston Blades, and Nana Fujimoto (#33) is from japan and the best.
  • Their logo was voted the best in New York! *flex emoji*
  • Captain: Ashley Johnston (#10)
  • Goaltenders: Nana Fujimoto (#33), Jenny Scrivens (#30), Shenae Lundberg (#1)
  • Their team hashtag is #RepTheRivs and their twitter is NYRiveters

Buffalo Beauts

  • They have Captain America on their team
  • If the National Team player you know is not on the Pride well it’s probably Meghan Duggan, and yes she’s Captain America.
  • Their fourth in the league with 6 points (as of 1/16/16)
  • Their record is 2-8-2
  • They play at the Harborcenter in Buffalo right next to the First Niagara Center. I believe they have a strong relationship with the owner of the sabres seeing as he owns the building they play in and they have low arena costs. 
  • They will be hosting the first NWHL All Star game
  • They have the most international players, seeing as they’re so close to the Canadian Border.
  • They may be last but they’re still super exciting to watch. One of their OT losses came in a shootout after they were down 5-1 and were able to tie the game at 6-6.
  • Their Goaltender, Brianne Mclaughlin, was on American Ninja Warrior and is the third goalie for the USWNT.
  • Captain: Emily Pfalzer (#7)
  • Goaltenders: Brianne McLaughlin (#29), Amanda Makela (#34), Kimberly Sass (#1). 
  • Their team hashtag isn’t as prevalent as others but #goBeauts seems to be a favorite, and their twitter is BuffaloBeauts

ALso the NWHL twitter has changed their handle. It went from NWHL_ to just NWHL, you can follow them Here and NWHL Gifs Here (they also have a tumblr @nwhlgifs).

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can you teach me the basics of the nwhl? ive been trying to get into it but its hard because i cant watch the games and i dont really know the players. but i want to get into it, but im just really confused

I made this post! which should be like a good starter because i quickly summarize all the teams (except i messed up with the Whale, they play n Stamford not Hartford). 

And then this tag includes the post above but also an exhaustive explanation of every single player and coaching staff on the Boston pride, and one for a few star players on the Buffalo Beauts. I was going to make more but they take a really long time although the Riveters one is in the making.

The games are streamed here. I mean I don’t know why you can’t watch them but they should not be geolocked and they have a free archive of all their games (besides Boston Pride home games because those are on TV). 

Here is the:

Pride Roster, Schedule, Twitter, Facebook, instagram

Beauts Roster, Schedule, Twitter, Facebook, instagram

Whale Roster, Schedule, Twitter, Facebook, instagram

Riveters Roster, Schedule, Twitter, Facebook, instagram

NWHL Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

And of course the Standings as of 2/8/16

and actually you can see a breakdown of all the stats of each team and player here

Here’s a rundown for the need to know players on each team:

New York Riveters: It’s all about the goalies

Nana Fujimoto is probably the most popular player in the league right now. She’s considered the best goalie at an international level and she is good. If the Riveters won it’s probably because she stood on her head. She’s tiny enough to fit in her goalie bag but she’s quick and she sees everything. Basically unless you hate talented nice people, there is no reason not to love her. You can look at my Nana tag to see more.

Jenny Scrivens is not just a goaltender for the New York Riveters but she’s also an actual employee of the league and runs media stuff. She makes it to as many events as she can and she also works in the Brooklyn NWHL office. She hasn’t had the success that Nana Fujimoto has had but…no one is as good as Nana. She’s basically Team/League Mom. And i saw her play once, she had to get pulled but It wasn’t her fault. You can look at my Jenny Scrivens tag to see more.

Lyudmila Belyakova isn’t a goalie but she’s a firecracker scorer. She’s a little nasty but has got a lot of skill. She’s tied with the team lead in Goals at 5. She’s also Russian!!! she’s one of two Russian players in the league and she came over from the Russian women’s hockey league to play in north america. She’s getting paid a part time job and she skipped across the world for it. Not to mention she’s only about 21 years old. I have a tag for her too.

Honorable Mentions:

Janine Weber scored the game OT winner for the Boston Blades during the Clarkson Cup championship and Ashley Johnston is the captain.

Boston Pride: USWNT 2.0

Hilary Knight is probably the biggest name in woho right now and basically that’s because she’s the best. Also she’s huge almost 6 feet tall and 170+ pounds. But she’s not super aggressive although with her size she could be. She’s fast and she definitely doesn’t mind throwing her body around but she’s a scorer. She’s also both a penalty killer and a power player. Just all around, Good Player. She’s also the co-captain of the team. Here’s my Knight tag.

Brianna Decker is the other co-captain for the Boston Pride, and i would argue is in the running for best women’s hockey player. She’s definitely the best scorer. She’s speedy and small but strong as hell. She scores in the slot, at bad angles, wrap around, anything she’ll do it. Give her a puck, a net and put a goalie in her way and she’ll find a way to score. my URL is in reference to her mixed with a boston accent. Here’s my Decker tag.

Kacey Bellamy is my favorite player so maybe i’m a little bias putting her here but she’s awesome. She’s the most valuable defender in the league right now. She’s just as big as Knighter is but cares more about staying back and defending…because she’s a defenseman. She won’t hesitate to join in on an offensive rush or ut herself in a position to score but she is definitely defender first. When i met the Pride players in my Bellamy shirt one of them very morosely commented “we needed her out there today” as they had lost the game that day. Here’s my Bellamy tag.

Honorable Mentions:

Brittany Ott is a goaltender, she’s super solid and is a fan of making big saves. Blake Bolden is another d-man but she’s more of an offensive force than defensive.

Connecticut Whale: The Sleepers

Kelli Stack right now is the highest paid player in the women’s game, she makes about 25k. Last year (correct me if i’m wrong,) she was the MVP at the CWHL All Star Game. She’s a huge force for the national team and she’s not super small or anything but she’s a speedy scorer. Not only that but she has never placed lower than second place in international competition. She also recorded the Blades franchise record in points in a season with 42. 

Jessica Koizumi is the captain and recorded the most games played in the CWHL (i think or she hit 100 first or something like that). She’s a calm veteran presence on the team. Uhh i don’t know much about a lot of the Whale Players, sorry. She was Born in Hawaii and when she was in the CWHL she played for the Stars (now Les Canadiennes) and the Blades.

Wanna know why the Connecticut Whale are so dominant in this league?? Jaimie Leonoff. She’s is a goaltender from Quebec and similar to other goaltenders in Quebec, she makes or breaks her team. GOod thing though the Whale have some good backups behind her. She’s really fun and outgoing, at the all star game she was wearing sunglasses, a police hat and had a nerf gun. 

Honorable Mentions:

Kaleigh Fratkin is a well known name on the CT Whale, she even filled in for some of the missing players during the women’s winter classic and suited up as a Pride player for the day. And i really love Shiann Darkangelo’s name, she also MC’ed at the all star game.

Buffalo Beauts: Show Stoppers

Meghan Duggan is probably the name you know from this roster if you’re familiar with women’s US hockey. She’s captain america. She’s aggressive and kind of mean but also has some amazing hands that she can just embarrass the hell out of you with. She’s got that masshole attitude though (on the ice at least). She wears the A for the Beauts but everyone knows she’s basically a 24/7 captain. I have a tag for her here/

Emily Pfalzer is the actual beauts captain. she is tiny tiny tiny but she is also an A+ defenseman. She’s a native western new yorker and is kind of a big deal back in Buffalo. She’s very young so she doesn’t have a lot of national team experience but i’m sure that’ll change in the upcoming years. My tag for Pfalzer is sparse but it exists.

Brianne McLaughlin is their goaltender and puts up with too much crap in my opinion. She’s a lot better than her stats say as her team seems to leave her out to dry a little too much. She’s a good sport about it though. Seriously even if the score is like 6-0 she probably still was playing amazing but had to face like 50 shots. She was also on america ninja warrior and didn’t do too well but it was cool to see.

Honorable Mentions:

Amanda Makela is their other goaltender and she’s got a lot of talent too. Then there’s also Shelby Bram who is canadian from Winnipeg and her sister players in the CWHL, Bailey Bram.

There’s also a capgeek-like page on their website

oh also their website in general is nwhl.co

And if you want to see what kind of prospects the teams have lined up, you can see a recap of the draft here. Unlike the CWHL the NWHL players do not have a choice about what team they get drafted to. In the CWHL, because they don’t pay you, you can say “i can only play here because i work and live here” but because the NWHL offers payment, work visas andhelps find employment and living conditions, you do not get to choose where you go. With that being said players have to be going into their senior year at university to apply for the draft and since there are only 4 teams, only 20 players are drafted. 

There is no official rulebook out yet but it seems to operate similarly to the NHL. Differences being OT is 4-on-4, hitting is limited but not all out banned, and there is no hardfast suspension rules considering only one person has faced suspension. These will probably be hammered out by the administrators during the off season. The scoring system as far as wins, losses and OT losses are the same as the NHL.

The championship cup is called The Isobel Cup and so far I don’t think there has been any actual trophy shown anywhere but the name comes from Lord Stanley’s daughter, and one of the first women to play in an organized women’s hockey game. The playoffs are a weekend where the top team plays the worst team and the middle two teams play each other one day and the next day the two winners square off for the championship.

They have one corporate sponsor in Dunkin Donuts. The Islanders are a huge supporter of the Riveters despite the Riveters being Rangers colors. The Bruins are a supporter of both the Pride and the Blades. And the Beauts play in an arena owned by the Sabres and have a good relationship with them although I’m not sure how deep it runs, it could be the closest or furthest.

The NWHL was concieved by Dani Rylan who first wanted to start a CWHL team in New York and was denied because the CWHL had other priorities (like playing the players they already had). So Rylan set out to make this league which is why she is also the GM of the Riveters (she is looking to have that changed due to conflict of interest).

So yeah i hope i got everything this turned into sucha  long post but i go crazy when i start talking about the NWHL. if anything else is confusing to you just let me know and i’ll answer whatever questions you have. That should set a good ground work though

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I don't understand how teams are chosen for playoffs ;-; How does this whole process work? Thanks :)


  • 30 hockey teams total
  • 2 conferences: Western (14 teams) and Eastern (16 teams)
  • 4 divisions: Pacific & Central (Western) and Atlantic & Metropolitan (Eastern)


  • 16 teams make the playoffs by the end of the 82-game season
  • Team ranking is based off of total points accumulated from games
  • 2 points for any WIN, 1 point for OT/SO LOSS, 0 points for LOSS
  • Top 3 teams in each 4 divisions go to playoffs (3 x 4 = 12 teams)
  • 2 wildcard spots per conference for next 2 best teams (12 + 2 + 2 = 16 teams)

PLAYOFF RANKINGS PER CONFERENCE (if the playoffs started today, look at the image below for reference)

  • 1st place team in the conference plays wildcard spot #2
    • Washington (100 pts) vs. Detroit (75 pts)
  • 1st place team in the other division plays wildcard spot #1
    • Tampa Bay (82 pts) vs. Pittsburgh (76 pts)
  • 2nd & 3rd place teams in the divisions play each other
    • Florida (80 pts) vs. Boston (79 pts)
    • NYR (82 pts) vs. NYI (79 pts)
  • (and then same thing happens with the Western conference)
Oilers real heroes, save Leafs-Nation

After 11 straight loses Leafs nation was on the brink of probably some sort of emotional breakdown. All across Toronto you could hear the wailing of the fans and it seemed peace would never be in the grasp of this fan base. 

However, good guy Edmonton Oilers saved the day, as always. With a win, finally, Leafs fans everywhere now can have hope again after beating a team that loses 73% of the time (including OT losses). 


February 5, 1999: Dirk Nowitzki makes his NBA debut during the 1998-99 lockout season, scoring the first points of his career at the free throw line. Despite getting the start at PF, he finished the night with just 2 points and 4 assists on 0-of-5 shooting in 16 minutes of action in the Mavericks’ OT loss to the Sonics.