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Sherlock looked around the oddly dark hallway he found himself in. He wasn’t sure how he had gotten here, or how, but he did know that he didn’t belong there.

Sherlock stood up, walking down the hall in a daze, trying to figure out where he was or why. Sherlock finally caught sight of something metallic and shining moving around in front of him. By the time he saw what it really was, there was little else to do other than his eyes go wide and he run for it, into the nearest hole he could hide in.

Sherlock stood panting in a small alcove, staring at the ceiling as a camera seemed to zoom in on him.

“Is someone there?” said Sherlock barely above a whisper. “Someone that can tell me where I am and how I’m supposed to get out of here?”









Unless any of you have painkillers, I doubt there’s any reason you should be here.

[Oh, apparently these headaches were starting to make her rude.]

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Sherlock Holmes. Pleasure.

Now please don’t waste my time with whatever it is you’d like to say. It’s obvious not one of you has something interesting to contribute. So let’s leave it at that, then, shall we? Let yourselves out.