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1. What was the first fandom you got into?

I guess Harry Potter? But that was before I knew what fandom was because I was like 3 or something. I don’t actually remember how old I was when I got into Harry Potter. But then I don’t remember life without it so yeah.

2. Favorite fictional character?

That is an impossible question to answer! I have so many! I guess the one I’ve always connected with the most is Hermione Granger. Idk I’ve always felt like we’re basically the same person except for you know the whole magic thing.

3. Favorite band/artist?

This one’s easy - My Chemical Romance

4. Will you help Will Graham?

I haven’t actually watched Hannibal yet (it’s on my list but my list is loooooooong) but I have read most of the books and you know what, I like Hannibal. I think he’s pretty freaking cool and I don’t really care if he wants to eat people or whatever. So no, I probably wouldn’t help Will Graham, I’d let Hannibal do his thing because he’s so awesome (plus I wouldn’t really want to get in his way).

5. Your OTP?

Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I hate this question! I don’t know! I have so many! UGH ummmmmmmmmmm I guess my oldest one would be Ron and Hermione.

6. An unpopular opinion about something?

Um…. Idk if this is unpopular but I think people on this site (particularly, I’ve noticed, Americans) seem to sort of obsess over Britain and British culture and our TV shows and stuff and it’s like “We’re not that great. Actually go to a normal city or town here and you’ll see what it’s really like.” Plus I find the obsession kind of creepy. Also, on the same note, it’s not like I hate this or anything I just find it super super weird when people from other countries think they’re like a special snowflake or something for liking and/or knowing of Harry Potter or Doctor Who and stuff like that like literally everyone in Britain knows of these things and most people like them…? 

7. Current obsession?

Ughh idk, Starkid!

8. Best fanfiction you’ve ever read?

I’d have to say The Life and Times by this wonderful person just because ugh it’s amazing.

9. If you could only live in one place forever where would it be?

Um idk in bed? I’d say London because it’s so big so you’ve got pretty much everything there but then everything’s so expensive but ugh okay yeah London I guess.

10. What would you do if Hannibal asked you over for dinner?

I’d say yes probably because I would genuinely love to have a conversation with him. Plus I’m vegetarian so I’d just eat like the salad or something because I’m pretty sure he doesn’t make vegetarian alternatives. That way I can talk to him and I won’t eat any people.

11. Least favorite food?

Broccoli oh my god it’s disgusting, it literally makes me vomit. 

My Questions:

1. What is your favourite period in history? 

2. Do you think you could cope if you suddenly had to live in that period?

3. What is your least favourite book? (And you have to have actually read the book it can’t just be because you’ve heard it’s appalling) 

4. If you were an animal, what animal do you think you’d be?

5. Which fandom (people-wise) that you’re in do you not like? 

6. What is your favourite thing about books?

7. If your pet could talk to you what do you think it would say? (If you don’t have a pet then pretend you do)

8. If you were transported to a parallel universe where everyone loves you and everything is how you’d imagined perfect would be, would you ever try to get back to this one?

9. What is one positive thing about going back to school soon? (I mean, we all know there are loads of negatives so be positive!)

10. What is the worst film/TV show that you have watched purely for one actor and which actor was it?

11. What is your favourite kind of weather?

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anonymous asked:

Hi, can you list your top 10 favourite blogs? Thank You

Hello! :D Of course I can! Here you go:

My Top 10 favourite blogs (in no particular order):

- officialbabywhispererrickcastle 

- deepspaceniner 

- oswinoswaldappreciationlife

- thesunwillguide

- avenge-the-earth

- carryonmysociallyawkwardson

- 221bbarricade

- runwithatimelord

- iwatchlotsofmovies

- summersnitchdani

Those are my favourite blogs who I constantly reblog from and probably spam their notifications :P. Please go follow them if you can because they are all so lovely and deserve it! Thank You :)

(P.s. sorry to all those who didn’t make the list it was really hard to choose because I love you all)

oswinoswaldappreciationlife asked:

a, d and m?

A. If you could get away with one murder in your lifetime without any legal, social, or emotional repercussions, would you kill someone?

  • yes, but i’d prefer to have the emotional repercussions actually? like if you’re gonna kill someone, it should effect you

D. Would you rather know everything the universe has to offer but in exchange lose all emotions or remain the way you are now?

  • so pretty much would i want to be become dr. manhattan from watchmen? yeah why not. i feel like people would be pretty pissed off if someone was offered the ability to cure cancer or whatever and didn’t take them up on it

M. If you could have the ability to manipulate matter or energy, which would you choose?

  • manipulate matter oh my god that’s my go-to as far as ‘any superpower’/'one wish’ questions are concerned. you could be immortal and stinkin’ hot and filthy rich and entirely change your identity one day to the next and it would just be fab

multi-color, heavy detail marginalia: those hd eyes drawn in the corners of reinforced looseleaf pages in those thick school binders, with the little hearts doodled over and over, the flowers with too many petals that you kept tracing over in different colors, all of it absentmindedly drawn as you thought about being someplace else as you architectured an entire universe inside of yourself during a class lecture you’d already heard in a past life

oswinoswaldappreciationlife asked:

Hi 😄

thank you!!

1. deliver us from evil - bullet for my valentine 

2. nobody’s hero - black veil brides

3. poison girl - HIM

4. buddha for mary - 30 seconds to mars

5. taste the blood - devil may cry 3: dante’s awakening soundtrack

your poem:

what’s happening to me? i’m dying from the inside, body hurts too much to feel

i’ll die fighting, there’s a fire inside me that burns

a prey she was for the cruelty of love

mary was a different girl, had a thing for astronauts 

the flinch in your eye calls your bluff, feel free to die when you’ve had enough

be the zevran to my arainai!

oswinoswaldappreciationlife asked:

Zaynab,17,female. Some of my interests are martial arts/combat sports, going out and talking to friends and watching tv shows / films. My fav tv shows are aos,scandal,how to get away with murder, elementary, the flash and doctor who. Fav season is summer , nature element air and colour is green 😀

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sidebar: 5/ 10 / werewolf
posts: 7/ 10 / shadowhunter
overall: 6/ 10 / witch
following: no, sorry / now / yes / till the end of the line
your inhuman power: you can create multiple visions of yourself 

i changed my url blogrates!

oswinoswaldappreciationlife asked:

thanks for doing these :) favorite food is probably mangos and my selfie tag is /tagged/my face

my pleasure darling, i love seeing all your gorgeous faces :D mangos are the BEST YEAH 

fancast: you’d make a gorgeous fem!lindir wow your hair is luscious i kinda wanna touch it in the least strange way possible

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following: ’fraid not, sorry! ily though | right now | hell yeah | i don’t stalk you what are you talking about

comment: although we have some different fandoms your blog is a++ i love your aesthetic that you got going on wow 

fancasts and blog rates?

oswinoswaldappreciationlife asked:

I recommend the song mumm ra she's got you high and my face tag is /tagged/my face 😄


URL: 1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10|how…..

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I cast you as: Reyna Ramirez-Arellano

Comments: I like the colours on your blog

Want one?

Blacklist #emily rates things

oswinoswaldappreciationlife asked:

Hey hope you find a good book to read I'm sorry I can't recommend you one I haven't read anything for fun since 6th form started because I'm always swamped with work 😭 my face tag is tagged/my face 😃

haha that’s ok! aww i know what u mean, sixth form makes me soo busy sometimes, that’s why i need some time in the holidays to read :)

url: 5/10
updates tab:
no but ily

fancast: maria hill :))

blogrates + fancasts (13/20)