So, I reached my goal to make a follow forever. I figured I should make something to always let you know who, in my opinion, are one of the nicest, welcoming people here. This blog has been through so many chances, from loving Game of Thrones, to the many Doctor Who gifs, to the obvious How I Met Your Mother grievances, to me finding one of the most heartbreaking musicals and finding two beautiful women who I probably would’ve never heard of before.
     I love you all so much okay and thank you for making my dashboard wonderful each day with your gifs, funny comments, and/or just coming to talk to me about anything or everything. ❀◕ ‿ ◕❀

                       ♔ my main squeezes

     allyssa: you’ve been so lovely to me since day one. i cannot stress you enough how glad i am to have you in my life. you’re always there to make me smile, to bitch about the latest thing, to talk to me about my colour porn, just to make me feel incredible. you’re someone i never want to lose, you make me feel so confident and making me love myself each and every day. thank you for being there, always. you’re way more than you think you are.
     jimmy: wow, you and i’ve been through so much. i’ve no idea how the hell we are still here, growing and learning from each other every day. thank you for saving my life, thank you for being there when i thought everything was down. in my darkest days, you were there. you are always there. and i need to thank you for that. you trust me and i trust you, our bond will never go away. i love our friendship and in this site it’s one of the greatest things i’ve cherished. know that with me, you have a new sister. mostly, like.. a jenna coleman sister that will never shut up about her.

 these are not in alphabetical order, i love each and every single one. i just wanted to have cute labels.

                       ♚ my lemon gumdrops

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i was tagged by @susanstxrm, @scottmclaws and @herillusions to post three facts about myself that my followers probably don’t know!

  1. i’m bilingual! english is my second language (but i learned it at a very young age, so i’m fairly sure i actually think in english?)
  2. i used to love doctor who, and once i binge-watched 8 episodes in one day (and once i watched 9 episodes of arrow in one day lmao)
  3. i’m really bad at listening to things. i used to listen to wtnv, but my mind would always get sidetracked and i’d get completely lost

i tag: @oswinsoswald, @lohgbottom, @merlins-earmuffs, @ollvianders, @amyskhaleesi​, @harmedean, @aprohdites, @merlinn, @rcnanlynnch, @tardislight@colinmorgane and @dxrkones (only if you want!)