oswin why

so i’m playing dragon age with this mod on, and i’m staring at Ozzy wondering what the hell it reminds me of. then it hits me… 

                                                    Oswin on Ice

you know Fen is waiting for him in that kiss and cry 

You know a ship has taken over your life when...

…You can’t even go to see Spectre without planning out a four-story Missfle epic in its’ stead, with Jane Bond!Clara, Blofeld!Missy, Kate as M, Osgood as Q…

This is getting out of control !?!?!?

Just falling down the pit of shippy insanity here. What else is new?


 No,we didn’t date.                                                                              Technically, he wasn’t an ex-boyfriend.                                                          But he was an ex-something.                                                                          An ex-maybe.                                                                                                  An ex-almost.                                                                                                      Almost.