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My Master/Doctor Theory

What if the doctor and the master were actually married?

Since when do you care about the doctor?

She said just one of it is wrong, so there’s the possibility that the doctor was female before Gallifrey fell. So if he was female and Missy male and the two were best friends, well… They wouldn’t be the first best friends who fell in love.

Also this:

Missy had a daughter.
Why would the doctor gave her this if that girl wasn’t his daughter, too? Didn’t he say that he knew the master was insane since they were children? Why give it the daughter of a friend that he knew he’d go insane sooner or later, if he didn’t care about that child?
It’s proven that the doctor had a daughter, since Susan Foreman is his grandchild. Yes, she never called him “grandmother” but I think gallifreyan children are used to it that their relatives change their gender in time.

Means that they could’ve had a daughter together theoretically. 


So, if all I’m saying is true what there are questions:
What happened?
Why aren’t they together anymore? 
Why did they become arch nemesis?

You are the Master and you and your wife have children, then you fight because your wife thinks you’re insane since you took a look into the time vortex. She tries to convince you to get help but stubborn like you are, you can’t see where the problem is.
An explosion.
Gallifrey is under attack. You both get killed and regenerate. You don’t know what your wife looks like anymore and can’t find her (because you’re looking for a female obviously). You hear a rumor that she calls herself the doctor now and run away, minutes before the doctor’s about to push the button to destroy the planet. You escape Gallifrey as well.
Your wife, or now husband, is on the run with your only grand-daughter, your children and everyone you know are dead. You start to hate the doctor. 

How devastating must it be to know that your partner has taken everything away from you you loved? To know that your partner just run away. Without you. That he didn’t care enough to take you with him as well?

And that’s the reason why Missy likes Clara but actually wants to destroy her. 
She’s her husband’s new girlfriend (or at least that’s how she sees it). She is jealous. She wants her partner and her daughter back. 

Random Clara pondering (SPOILERS for "The Bells of Saint John")

What a great episode! Love the Great Intelligence arc that seems to be forming. I had to pause the episode for a good couple of minutes when I saw “by Amelia Williams”, just to go OH MY GOD. I was so happy. 

So we now know how Clara became a computer genius…and she’s called just Clara Oswald, no Oswin…which I guess means this one is the first Clara? The original Clara? Oswin Oswald and Clara Oswin Oswald we met before both died. Both of them sort of seemed to ‘know’ the Doctor in some way, while this one seemed as if she has just met him. What if this Clara, the original Clara, went travelling with the Doctor and then something has happened which 'splintered’ her and sent her into different times? Neither of them actually remembers the Doctor, but he must be somehow buried in their subconsciousness because they do seem to know him.

Since I now seem to got obsessed with theories on Clara/Oswin, I want to go through some of the stuff that may or may not relevant. Just because I think it’s all so fascinating…Its all probably been mentioned already, and I’ve got nothing new to say, but anyway :)

1. So Nina gets mentioned again. Who is she? Is she relevant in some way? Is it the alias of someone we’ve known from the past? 

2. The leaf - “That was page one.” First thought when I saw that leaf was Canada, since it seems to be maple leaf. Then I thought of the Alaska, Oswin’s spaceship. It’s the first time we see Clara/Oswin, aboard that ship.

3. The number 23. In the book 101 Places to See, where Clara was writing her age, 16 and 23 are missing….What if Clara is not going through her life linearly, but wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey? 16 and 23 are missing because she hasn’t lived those ages yet. Is that too crazy? Also, the number 19 is the only one crossed twice…what’s that all about?

Clara Oswin Oswald was born on 23rd November 1866, first episode of DW aired on 23rd November 1963, and Clara missed the number 23 when typing in the password in the last night’s episode. But does any of you guys know what it means? Because I have no idea and I’m dying to know xD 

4. The roses. AGAIN. At first I didn’t notice them, but now I’ve been looking through the episode again, and they are indeed there. Coincidence? Probably not, now that we know Rose is coming back.

Those are definitely roses in Clara’s room, and the dress on the Spoonhead seems to be covered with tiny little roses too. There might be more roses hidden around, I’ve found these by just dashing through the episode.

5. The Woman In The Shop gave Clara the Doctor’s number - my first thought was River, naturally. But knowing Billie Piper is in for the 50th, it could be her as well.

6. This is probably completely irrelevant, but still kinda cool: Clara’s necklace - is that an angel? xD


Clara Oswin Oswald’s and Oswin’s last words were “Run, you clever boy…and remember.”  What if, whenever she’s about to die, she says those words whenever she remembers the Doctor, remembers who she is? And she remembers that the Doctor needs to remember, so she tries to remind him? Am I rambling yet?

Any ideas who Clara is? What does any of these new (or old) things we’ve learned mean?

Clara Oswin Oswald, time to find out who you are

I’ve collected the main theories I saw around tumblr, added to them a bit and wrote my opinion (the bolded parts are my opinions on the theories and anything that is not actually in the show like production info and actors that are coming back).

This turned out long, really long and if you are going to read this – thank you and I’m sorry.

This might will have grammar mistakes, English is my second language so please don’t be mean about it.


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Moffat Appreciation: Let’s Talk About Libraries

This was originally going to be my post for Moffat Appreciation Day, because I absolutely love what Moffat has done here. But since I don’t actually am Moffat (sigh), it took me a bit longer to put this together. My apologies.

It all started with Silence In The Library/Forest Of The Dead. I have lost count of how many times I have written about these episodes, because they are such utter masterpieces. This is the moment where Moffat introduces us to one of his most poetic concepts: That we are all stories in the end. River Song is literally saved by becoming “a book on a shelf” in a library that saves people on hard drives. 

Moffat was not the first to address the idea of people existing in cyber space. He wasn’t even the first to introduce this concept to Doctor Who. Many Classic Whovians at the time recognised and appreciated the reference to the Timelord matrix - “a big computer made of ghosts”, as we all know since Hell Bent.

Moffat, however, was the one to utilise a library metaphor to bring the idea back into New Who. And he did it beautifully. We are all stories in the end and history is but a library of those who have lived before us, according to Moffat. 

Books and libraries in Doctor Who represent the dead, represent history, and in the case of Timelords, represent the matrix. Moffat has prepared us for this over and over again. 

Clara’s mum is present throughout series seven in form of a book, capturing her dreams and aspirations:

The stories of Gallifrey follow the Doctor wherever he goes:

Amy and Rory become part of a book when they are lost to the Doctor forever:

As do the many lives of Lady Me that are no longer accessible for her:  

Even Clara becomes a story in the end - at least to the Doctor. 

As of Hell Bent, the Timelord matrix has made a full return from Classic Who. This was no surprise, as by the time that Clara was introduced into the show, people were uploaded into wifis left and right, foreshadowing its imminent return. 

But Moffat had prepared us for this for a long time, with the little help of something as familiar as a library, and with one beautiful concept: We are all stories in the end.

Random Clara/Oswin thoughts

I’ve submitted this at oswintheories.tumblr.com, but thought I’d put it here as well…Not sure how these work now that we’ve seen young Clara, or if they work at all…is just stuff that’s been roaming around in my mind, Anyway.

1. Clara is CAL

I doubt that it is a coincidence that they look this similar. Their eyes and their nose, head-shape and even their hairstyle are really similar and it’s not too hard to imagine CAL growing up looking like Clara/Oswin. (ETA: I’ve just seen a gif set paralleling Oswin and CAL, and there are just way too many similarities for it to be a coincidence).

So what if CAL is somehow projecting into different times and places? It would explain why Oswin is brilliant and why she can’t die - because she’s not actually, properly real.

What if that Dalek wasn’t Oswin converted into a Dalek, what if that Dalek was trying to absorb the knowledge of the Library and somehow got CAL into itself? CAL has created another reality for herself, just like she did before. But what if after that explosion in AotD something happened that made CAL scatter all around time and space, and now the Doctor keeps bumping into her? Perhaps the TARDIS keeps bringing him to her (“I always took you where you needed to go”)? OR, she somehow got linked to the TARDIS and re-appears whenever and wherever the TARDIS lands.

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New Doctor Who Theory

The Daleks gift Oswin to the Doctor.

This could work because

1) He DID fulfill their mission to get rid of the Asylum.

2) They captured Oswin and converted her to a Dalek because she was a genius, but her continuous conflict of human v. Dalek put her in the asylum. meaning

3) The Daleks have no use for her anymore and

4) The Doctor could demand the genius girl as a “gift” for helping  them

5) and even though they are only hatred, they maybe could give the girl over if demanded because they have no idea who he is.

The Nina Who Lived?

Okay, sorry to bring this up again, but I just don’t get why there aren’t more people suspicious about that Nina character from series six/seven. I mean, she is mentioned here:

First boy I ever fancied was called Rory. Actually, she was called Nina. (Oswin, Asylum Of The Daleks)

And here:

Is it okay if I go and see Nina? You can call her mum. (Angie, Bells Of Saint John)

And here:

Oh, page one has an exclusive on Nina, a local girl who got kicked off Britain’s Got Talent. […] no one’s noticed yet. They’re far too excited about Nina’s emotional journey, which in fairness, is quite inspiring. (The Doctor, Closing Time, Doctor Who)

Moffat doesn’t do coincidences, so what is going on? How can this Nina character be everywhere? Is she an echo? But how could she be? And why do we never get to see her?

Is she one and the same person? But how could she possibly be a friend of Angie’s in the year 2013 and then be alive to be Oswin’s first crush? No one can live that l-


This really isn’t my first Nina theory (by far), and I have suggested all kinds of people to be Nina. But Ahsildr pledges to tend to those who are left behind by the Doctor, and Clara’s echos sure get left behind. 

So is it possible that Ashildr now goes by the name of Nina and keeps hanging out around Clara’s echos?  What do you think?