The overall winner of my blog of the week is darlingkillers. Susan has an amazing blog, amazing posts, amazing theme, amazing everything basically. Prize includes one screenshot promo and unlimited promos until Dec 1st (on request), a spot on my blog and my endless adoration and friendship.

Runner ups are oswim and truhdetective! Prizes include: 4 solo promos on request, love and friendship.

Special mentions go to oscawilde / holmescest / dehaahn / holmesology / krcnos / reveriential / infinitiy / zacoffon  / pseudologicals /​ 11aliens for having spectacular blogs and only just missing out.

Everyone who entered had amazing blogs, you all are fantastic, well done, and thank you for entering. I love you all!


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rules: make your aesthetic (based off of your personality and interests) with only photos that you have saved to your device! you cannot search and download any items until you are done!

i chose some pictures from my london trip, the natural history museum and the library, also a picture from my flight. I had some wallpapers saved on my phone and I’m so in love with fall that I chose some fall wallpaper and a winter one. It’s not easy to find good images that represent your aesthetic or personality. I love to travel and to explore the nature. I love it when my dog plays with the red, orange, yellow leaves piled up in some backyard. Long walks in winter when everything is white makes me feel free. The picture of me in the library was taken when I tried to study with a very good friend and I like to keep these little moments precious. Oh and Halloween is awesome! 

i tag: @filifades, @oswim , @queenofdale , @bxcky , @kuriyakin , @professorkirke and basically everyone else who wants to do it c:

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Name: audrey

Nicknames: none

Birthday: 5th may

Height: 1,67 m or more who knows

Sign: taurus

Gender: female

Sexuality: idk boys are cute girls are cute and i’m just sittin there alone

Favorite Color: dark green

Time Right Now: 9:59 pm

Average Hours of Sleep: 6 but can last w/ 4

Lucky Numbers: 5 and 2

Last thing I Googled: pancakes muffins

Number of Blankets I Sleep under: one

Celebrity Crush: a lot but natalie dormer and sebastian stan probs

Favorite Book: write to kill by daniel pennac

Favorite Band/Artists: bastille, vampire weekend, fall out boy, arctic monkeys, twenty one pilots, p!atd, my chemical romance

Last Movie I saw in theaters: ant-man

Dream Trip: whichever country in scandinavia

What I’m Wearing Right Now: pajamas yayyy

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