cooking right ?
  • Martin, signing : hey dad remember when you ate human pie to save me ?
  • Ed : human pie ? ew, cooking people is pretty gross.
  • Oswald : yeah but the look on her face was priceless, fucking Grace, i'd do it again
  • Martin, still signing : ...Grace ? I meant the pig guy.
  • Oswald, chocking on his food : riGHT HIM OF COURSE

Oswald Cobblepot and Martin & Dante Cenzi and Roman.(OCs)

I mean, I realised I had 2 OCs who had a pretty similar relationship to Oz and Martin’s so…I guess I drew it ? 

Excepted that Roman can speak but simply prefers not to (trauma) and only talks in ASL (which annoyed Dante to no end since he had to learn it in order to communicate.) 

Also Dante is very much a garbage human being that Oswald isn’t.