oswald's throne room

His Weakness

You and Oswald sat in his throne room, the fire roaring in front of you as you both cuddled on his throne. You say curled in Oswald’s lap, a glass of wine in one hand and your head resting on his shoulder. The warmth of the fire and the feeling of Oswald’s hand drawing soft circles on your along was slowly lulling you to sleep. You sighed into Oswald’s neck, letting sleep finally take you. As you slept, Oswald took a moment to admire your small form. You were beautiful, wrapped up in his jacket and curled up in his lap. He took your boss of wine before it dropped out of your hand. As he watched you sleep his mind differed to a thought thy often plagued him; you were his weakness. You were Oswald Cobblepot’s weakness. Everyone knew about you, it was not like he kept you a secret. Oswald liked to spoil you, and that meant taking you to extravagant places and giving you expensive gifts. Oswald had lost count of the amount of times you had told him not to do that, that you had no need for all the expensive gifts. But he knew you liked the gifts and he enjoyed how your face would light up when he gave you the gifts. He often worried about your safety, worried what would happen to you when he wasn’t around to protect you. So he would often send his body guards to check on you and even sent Victor to spy on you when on the rare occasion that you would fight. Oswald loved you dearly and he knew you loved him. For that reason, you were his weakness and he would do anything to protect you.

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