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I watched Titanic for the millionth time the other day, and there’s a bit where Jack kisses Rose on the hand. I decided to look up the origin of the tradition out of curiosity, and found out that with hand kissing in a formal setting pressing your lips too much on the actual hand would be considered too intimate a gesture and thus inappropriate due to it’s romantic connotations. 

Well golly gee, those lips seem to be all over that hand of yours Miss Oswald.

A Long, Hard Night

A Gordlock Story

Harvey Bullock X Jim Gordon

A fan fiction written by @meowitskatmofo​ and @thisisjustsurvival​, inspired by our adventures. Please note that in our version of events, Jim Gordon and Oswald Cobblepot had a one night stand after defeating Galavan the first time. Hope you guys all enjoy! <3

Lots of smexy goodness, please enjoy! Bonus little Nygmobblepot prologue. ^_^

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