oswald is the best

Also since I’m at it: I don’t have time for people who hate Gotham’s Edward for shooting Penguin like… what was he supposed to do? What would you rather have happened? He realizes that Oswald’s selfishness was “for love” and jumps on his dick? Would you, personally, have forgiven someone you trusted with your life, who murdered (premeditated, and killed with malice aforethought AND, even though Ed doesn’t know this, knew that it would greatly effect you to lose this person and even /planned/ to take advantage of that vulnerability in advance) the person you love, a person who accepted your past and represented a better future for you? Give me a break, he had it coming.

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Headcanon: bendy knows every single cartoon. His best friends are mickey, spongebob, and oswald. Although he is trying to avoid the teen titans after their reboot

I will help Bendy avoid them because now they are annoying as FUCK.


God even without a face (FUCK!)and bandage it makes the most of the facial expressions that I sweat and go crazy…… BEST…..I JUST HAS NO WORDS… HOW TO DESCRIBE WHAT I FEEL AFTER ALL OF THIS………😱❤

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“Well… I hope you’re happy at the head of the table”
                                “You know, the table’s more or less littered with dead old dudes…”

I’ve been meaning to ask, but did they seriously drink three bottles of wine over takeout?

reasons why Gotham killed me tonight:

- Ozzie’s broken face when he realized Ed didn’t feel the same way

- Ben Mckenzie’s acting tonight. Bravo man, you did an amazing job

- the smol kiss Selina gave Bruce

- Oswald saying Ed was his best friend and Ed agreeing

- Jervis’ makeshift hat

- “i don’t want to kill him, i want to destroy him”

Everyone that episode of Gotham:
  • Oswald: :(
  • Oswald: Where is my Eddie-bean?
  • Tarquin: Hi Oswald!! Hi!! I'm your new chief of staff I'm trying my very best to please you hi!!!!
  • Oswald: >:( You're not my Eddie bean, you suck.
  • Jim: lol gonna turn up at the funeral of the guy I murdered and make sure his mob boss father sees me lol
  • Harvey: Jim can you pls make a good wise decision once in your life I am literally begging you
  • Zsasz: Hi Jimmy lol why don't you ever lock your door?
  • Jim: what the fuck
  • Zsasz: anyway I'm gonna kill you, sucks lol, bye
  • Jim: what the fuck
  • Tarquin: Hi Oswald hi!!! I got you a TV appearance please love me!!!!
  • Oswald: >:(
  • Oswald: Unless my Eddie-bean's going to be there, I don't care.
  • Ghostie Elijah: BOO!
  • Oswald: Aaah!
  • Maria: Hey Alfred ~
  • Alfred: *heart eyes*
  • Selina: ugh, my Mum's flirting with my Dadfred, gross
  • Bruce: *is a smol angel*
  • The Actual Gotham Fandom: JErome is tHE BEST I love him SO M UCH ugh WHEN IS HE COMING BACK IT SUCKS WITHOUT HIM
  • Harvey: what the fuck
  • Jim: jerome's not even that great lol
  • The Actual Gotham Fandom: hOW D A R E ???????????
  • Jim: oh shit run
  • Zsasz: Hey Jimmy bae ~
  • Jim: OH SHIT
  • Sleepy Oswald: zzzzzzzz I am snooze
  • Ghostie Elijah: don't trust the birthday boy!
  • Sleepy Oswald: who dat tho
  • Falcone: Jim must die!
  • Lee: Yes! Jim must die!
  • Lee: ...
  • Lee: .......
  • Lee: *ariel voice* bUT DADDY I LOVE HIM
  • Falcone: ffs fine
  • Oswald: Another day, another struggle without my Eddie-bean. :(
  • Tarquin: Hi Oswald hi!!!!!! It's my birthday!!!! I got cake!!!!!! Do you want cake? :D
  • Oswald: !
  • Oswald: *snoopin in Tarquin's office, v. sneak*
  • Oswald: *finds rotting corpse* That's my daddy dearest! Looking as handsome as ever!
  • Tarquin: Hi Oswald hi!!!!! Looking through my cupboards there? :D You can take any of my personal belongs you want if it'll make you love me!!!!!!
  • Oswald: >:( *beats Tarquin to a bloody pulp*
  • Tarquin: This has got to be in the top five worst birthdays of my life :(
  • Oswald: Welp, time to go on TV. Without my Eddie-bean. :(
  • Interviewer: So, I heard you used to kill people?
  • Oswald: Yah, like five minutes ago hahahahaha I mean what
  • Ghostie Elijah: ffs Ozzie why do I have to clean up all your mess?
  • Oswald: whoops gotta go bye
  • Interviewer: what the fuck
  • Camera crew: what the fuck
  • People watching at home: what the fuck
  • Snedward (snake Edward): heheheh i'm so evil and sneaky
  • Snedward (snake Edward): I made him look like an idiot on live TV
  • Babs: no offence Edwin Mystery or whatever the fuck your name is but i think he would've managed that without your interference, the guy looks like an idiot every time he leaves his house
  • Snedward (snake Edward): shush i'm sneaky and evil