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I was originally really mad at Ed, but then after some time... I got to thinking about how much it must have hurt him to finally feel like he had someone he could count on, someone he trusted, someone who he could truly consider a friend, just to find out he was wrong. And also it must have hurt his ego to find out from Babs. he must have felt so stupid & hurt and angry all at the same time. *sigh* just wanted to say I agree with you/the anon.

Oswald was his best friend. The one person he thought he could trust. I was just talking about all of this with a friend, and I’ll leave it up to them if they wanna add anything to this, but basically we were saying–Oswald should have known what losing a loved one felt like since he had already lost both of his parents. It is mortifying, and disgustingly painful and he willingly took love away from Ed, not even knowing if Isabella was bad news or not. He never saw the abuse she inflicted upon Ed, he made excuses for the fact that he killed her so he could give Ed a “shoulder to cry on.” Honestly I get annoyed when people just throw Ed under the bus here. People can shit on Isabella all they like, but they cannot deny that Oswald had no right to rip love away from Ed and betray his trust just so he could somehow have Ed’s love, right after Ed risked his life for him, promised to do anything for him, and exchanged an intimate trust. 

You’re right about his ego too. It’s a big insult to have the person who betrayed you right under your nose. He was shocked because, obviously he had so much trust in Oswald, it couldn’t have been him. But it was, and I think that’s what hurt him the most. He was wrong. Basically becoming the mindset of “whats the point of friends anyway” because he’s had nothing but betrayal. 

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“Everything I’ve done in my life, possibly the best thing was turning Oswald Cobblepot into… the Penguin.”

A man’s patience is tested by three things—God, himself, and other people. An apt illustration is that of a bow and arrow in the hands of an archer. God is not aiming at what we are, nor is He asking our permission. He has us in His hands for His own purpose, and He strains to the last limit; then when He lets fly, the arrow goes straight to His goal.
—  Oswald Chambers, in Shade Of His Hand

Also since I’m at it: I don’t have time for people who hate Gotham’s Edward for shooting Penguin like… what was he supposed to do? What would you rather have happened? He realizes that Oswald’s selfishness was “for love” and jumps on his dick? Would you, personally, have forgiven someone you trusted with your life, who murdered (premeditated, and killed with malice aforethought AND, even though Ed doesn’t know this, knew that it would greatly effect you to lose this person and even /planned/ to take advantage of that vulnerability in advance) the person you love, a person who accepted your past and represented a better future for you? Give me a break, he had it coming.


“Well… I hope you’re happy at the head of the table”
                                “You know, the table’s more or less littered with dead old dudes…”