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Gotham returns from its fall hiatus tonight, with a special three-episode story arc that promises one thing: “Absolute Mayhem.” That’s how star David Mazouz, who plays the young Bruce Wayne on the show, describes this upcoming run of episodes in the exclusive trailer FOX and WBTV have provided to Comicbook.com.

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In the trailer, there’s a lot to take in - this is one you’ll want to watch frame-by-frame, but if you’re worried you missed anything you can click the link above for our detailed rundown of what you might have missed. Suffice to say, with Jerome coming back from the dead, it’s going to be a chaotic time in Gotham City. He’s only clearly in about 18 frames of the trailer - you can see every one of them in the gallery below - but his presence is felt throughout.

On top of Jerome’s return, though, there’s every thread left open after the fall finale: Selina’s mother is back, and has knowledge of the Court of Owls, the Court knows Bruce has resumed investigating them, Jim Gordon killed Lee’s new husband Mario - who is also the son of Carmine Falcone, and Ed Nygma found out his lady love was murdered by Penguin and is out for revenge (with Barbara pulling the strings). Phew, that’s a lot to cover in 132 minutes of Gotham.

Why do we keep talking about the three episodes? Well, after these three episodes in January, Gotham goes on another hiatus, this one for the entire months of February and March, and most of April, returning April 24, 2017 after the full run of 24: Legacy, which borrows its timeslot. When it returns, it will have eight episodes left, so the good news is, you’ll get Gotham into June, providing they don’t start doubling up episodes.

So a new trailer for these three episodes came out and I paused to get this. I swear Jerome, don’t you dare kill Lee.

Gotham S3E12 Based Off Live Tweets

So I don’t get to watch the gotham episode till later tonight and I decided to see what was going on in terms of live tweeting. So I read through the live tweets and here is what I picked up on. 

.Oswald is seeing his fathers ghost
.Mama Kyle and Alfred ??
.Eminem was in the GCPD morgue ?
.Lee not on good terms with jim and the fandom…again
.Falcone is pissed at jim…again
.Ed has a spicy voicemail
.20 minutes into the episode and the jerome fans are getting restless
.Shes not crying, your crying
.”Whats In the Box”
.Clown Cars ??
.Jerome not only has fangirls on tumblr, but also has fangirls in gotham
.Oswald Sleeps in a hat
.Ed forgot oswald’s birthday
.Ed is a snake
.Oswald got a “Cute Blonde Boy” for his birthday
.Lee is a drug dealer
.Harvey Bullock is the only pure character left
.Sherlock Holmes Music
.where is “that bitch Jerome"


gotham villains | mental disorders (insp.)

↳ jerome valeska aka the joker. —sociopath as a symptom of narcissistic personality disorder (npd). 
↳ jonathan crane aka scarecrow. —phobia as a type of anxiety disorder.
↳ tabitha galavan aka tigress. —sadistic personality disorder (spd).
↳ harvey dent aka two face. —split personality or dissociative identity disorder (did).
↳ edward nygma aka the riddler. —obsessive–compulsive disorder (ocd).
↳ oswald cobblepot aka the penguin. —napoleon complex.
↳ victor zsasz aka zsasz —cold-blooded as a symptom of antisocial personality disorder (aspd).
↳ ivy “pamela” pepper aka poison ivy —manipulative as a symptom of histrionic personality disorder (hpd).
↳ nathaniel barnes aka the executioner. —intermittent explosive disorder (ied).
↳ jervis tetch aka mad hatter. —paranoid schizophrenia or schizophrenia, paranoid type (spt).

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Gotham as F.r.i.e.n.d.s

Gotham Positivity

I know we are all a little angry at Gotham right now but honestly I still love this show so much. I know my blog has turned into a big ass Gotham propaganda but I hope more people watch it because this show has blessed me with so much I would like to thank it.

So thank you Gotham for :

  • A new take on the Batman mythology that keeps the fans happy and brings a lot of fresh new stuffs.
  • Being the best super hero tv show at the moment with a very distinct atmosphere and cinematography, grey characters all around and actions with consequences.
  • Oswald Freaking Cobblepot who will feed you with your own children while wearing a purple glitter suit and perfect mascara.
  • Jim “I’m not going to fight them except that I am” Gordon.
  • Edward Nygma who literally went from an awkward little puppy to a suave sexy confident motherfucker in one season.
  • Tiny human expresso Bruce Wayne who is full of bitterness and anger but wears cute little jumpers and will make you tea to make you happy.
  • Alfred being the badass motherfucker we all know he is and going from classy english butler to “OI MASTER B YO LITTLE SHIT” in 0,2 second every episode.
  • That time Jim woke up in Nygma’s flat to the sound of Ed and Ozzie singing a piano duet together and thinking that was the gayest shit he ever seen.
  • Selina Kyle being a good person but not a nice person. And being the embodiment of “look at the camera like she’s in the office”.
  • Harvey Bullock who keeps asking Jim to not do the thing but will eventually help him do the thing anyway.
  • Fish Mooney being and over forty women of color who rules a gang and is considered both attractive and powerful.
  • Bisexual Murderous Queens Barbs and Tabs.
  • Jim and Lee cuteness. And Lee generally being both sweet and badass.
  • That time Jonathan Crane’s father walked toward a man while menacingly stroking a pig.
  • Edward Nygma wearing the Green Suit Of Sex™.
  • Fish Mooney being the embodiment of “throw her to the wolfs and she will come back leading the pack”.
  • Baby BatCat
  • The biggest foreshadowing of the year, when Oswald walked into a club while “I know what boys like” was playing in the background.
  • That time Alfred try to menace Fox at a bar but Fox probably thought for ten solide minutes that he was hitting on him.
  • The Galavant family still being super bitter about a misunderstanding with the Waynes last century and creating “The Club Of Bitter Fuckboys” to kill a sixteen year old boy (and failing)
  • “My name is Fish Mooney, bitch.”
  • Ed being locked in Arkham and yet creating a sort of tiny society with the patients.
  • *Ozzie pops his head out of the limo* *Ed had the biggest grin on his face* *You know they had sex in the car*
  • Ozzie calling everyone “Old Friend”, including people he only met once.
  • “Master B, I don’t want you to do the thing, but I know you’re gonna do it anyway so I might as well help you do it properly”.
  • Oswald being in a constant state of heart eyes at Ed.
  • Jim being done with everyone shit but saving the day anyway.
  • Harvey not being able to have lunch break because he literally can’t let Jim alone in the wild for one second.
  • That time Galavant/Azrael was about to kill Bruce, Alfred and Jim but Oswald came out of nowhere with a bazooka to save the day.
  • Edward “I have no concept of personal space” Nygma.
  • Jim slowly running out of fuck to give.
  • Oswald compulsory need to be extra all the time.
  • Like that time he screamed “I AM THE KING OF GOTHAM” on the roof with dramatic music and lightnings in the background.
  • Harvey Dent only appearing when they need some random lawyer and a pretty face.
  • The irony of making Mr Freeze hot as fuck.
  • Firefly being a girl !
  • Female friendship and female character supporting each other.
  • That time Ben McKenzie had to act like Clayface acting like Jim Gordon.
  • Oswald inability to lie and control his face in front of Ed.
  • Barbara helping Ozzie redecorating his house with his dead stepmother head.
  • Ed in his burrito of sadness.
  • Ozzie commending his own Nygmobblepot fan art.
  • That time Ed got burned by his own reflection in the mirror.
  • That time Edward Nygma, mastermind criminal genius and futur Riddler stumbled on a log while running away from the cops and fell head first in the snow.
  • Ed general lack of chill, like when he framed Jim for murder in the most complex way only because he asked him once about Miss Kringle.
  • That time Ozzie got drunk alone in his new club.
  • The fact that every single character in this show seems to survive only out of spite.
  • “I wish you were a monster. But you’re just a man”.
  • Selina Kyle holding guns twice as big as her.
  • Victor Zsasz being the Murderous Fairy Godmother who doesn’t seem to work for anyone but only to magically appear when there is killing to do.

Feel free to ad stuff I’m sure there is plenty more !