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A fandom mashup I made for my favorite brother relationships in the world. I hope you enjoy!~

Business Partners

Here is the fic I wrote for my dear friend Lucia’s @heartpoisedfanarts fanart here (x) It’s prison cell angst/gay stuff so hope you enjoy

rating: g

summary: Edward tries to persuade Oswald into working with him to get out of their cells. Oswald is hesitant and filled with rage, while Ed has trouble connecting to his own feelings.  

ao3 link: (x)

“Are we going to talk?” Edward asks, his limbs slack against the bars. Oswald still had his hands circled around the grainy bars, staring through the gaps with eyes burning green, looking fully black in the dim light. Edward’s voice seems to falter him, and the corners of his lips twitch again.

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riddle-boy  asked:

n y g m o b b l e p o t

who hogs the duvet: Oswald, unless Ed is having a rough night and he gets tangled up in it.
who texts/rings to check how their day is going: Ed sends texts to Oswald throughout the day. However, during days when Ed checks in less frequently or if Ed doesn’t respond quickly Oswald will keep ringing and texting him because he gets nervous something has happened. Ed usually responds to him in under a minute so if he waits five Oz gets nervous and in ten he has a search party ready.
who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts: Ed, definitely. Sometimes his gifts are a little too much by normal person standards, but Oswald lives for over-the-top and extravagance. Oswald tends to stick to gifts that are expensive and meaningful more so than creative.
who gets up first in the morning: Ed, unless he’s pulled an all-nighter and therefore cannot ‘get up’ because he was never down, or if he was up late. Oswald sticks to a routine and is generally in bed at a certain time and gets up for breakfast which is always served at the same time in the morning. The only time he’s bad about sleep is when he’s in crisis mode and stays up scheming and/or drinking. That usually ends with him passing out on the couch until the afternoon.
who suggests new things in bed: Ed. Oswald just likes to give Ed what he wants, although Ed has pushed him to do some research on his own for things he might like to introduce because Ed feels like he’s always the one trying to spice things up.
who cries at movies: Oswald. Ed won’t cry in public. He barely cries in private. Meanwhile Oswald is a sentimentalist at heart and romantic dramas and the like make him teary. Titanic had him inconsolable for ten minutes.
who gives unprompted massages: Ed. Unless a more pronounced limp counts as prompting from Oswald. Ed gets tension headaches and Oswald will massage his neck, shoulders and upper back to relive that. Ed has taught him how to help him and Oswald will always jump to assist when he notices Ed pressing his temples and eyes in that way he does.
who fusses over the other when they’re sick: Oswald is super fussy and it makes Ed very overwhelmed the first time it happens because Oswald is so… attentive. Not to say that Ed isn’t a great nurse, because he is. He’s just less fussy about it so long as Oswald is cooperating with his instructions.
who gets jealous easiest: Oswald, but only romantically, really. He doesn’t like people coming on to Ed or getting too handsy, but otherwise he’s fine. If someone gets too far he’ll literally kill them though, so there’s that. Ed gets jealous in a strangely… intellectual way? He has to be the most important person to Oswald. If someone encroaches on that romantically, in their business ventures, or even in a platonic sense, Ed is no doubt plotting how to ruin their day and steal Oswald’s attention back.
who has the most embarrassing taste in music: I guess Ed? He loves 50s jukebox tunes and loves singing along to Big Band stuff. Oswald is into The Clash and the like so his taste is more modern and therefore more acceptable, I suppose. Ed also loves classical music.
who collects something unusual: Oswald collects information, seemingly insignificant but which he could possibly use to his advantage one day. Ed collects knowledge, of every variety. They round each other out. Of course, that’s not to say that Ed doesn’t pay attention to people’s likes and dislikes, but really only for people he cares about. Ed used to have trophies from his victims but Oswald broke that habit, thankfully.
who takes the longest to get ready: Oswald, but only because his hair and makeup take longer. Ed fusses with his hair and clothes for a while but he usually finishes before Oswald and then wants to help Oswald with his routine and tends to delay him longer fussing with Oswald’s clothes.
who is the most tidy and organized: Ed. Neat freak. Unless he’s having a serious breakdown but that doesn’t count.
who gets most excited about the holidays: Ed. Oswald has very little enthusiasm the first few years because he used to spend every holiday with his mother. Eventually Ed gets him into the spirit though, every time.
who is the big spoon/little spoon: When they spoon Ed is the little one. He usually likes cuddling on top of Oswald though, because Oswald sleeps on his back.
who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports: They’re both super competitive, but definitely Ed. He has to win whereas Oswald is more cool with losing because it’s just a game. He doesn’t like losing, but it doesn’t bother him like it bothers Ed.
who starts the most arguments: Tough one… but Ed. Usually it’s because Oswald says something and then Ed will contradict or correct him and Oswald gets fed up after a while because why can’t Ed just let him finish speaking? Ed can’t help himself but it does piss Oswald off sometimes when the only thing Ed appears to be doing is undermining what he’s saying by challenging the validity of it.
who suggests that they buy a pet: Ed. He likes having something soft to hold and pet, it’s comforting to him. He uses it as a kind of stim. Oswald doesn’t want any animals in the house because they’re ‘dirty’ but he loves Ed more than he cares about a mess and he knows Ed will clean up after it.
what couple traditions they have: Takeout and Wine. Ed likes to joke that he forgot the entertainment, then he and Oswald will go out and find one of their enemies to kill. It’s really very sweet.
what tv shows they watch together: Game of Thrones. Ed forces Star Trek on Oswald and Oswald makes Ed watch his soaps when he can’t so he stays caught up.
what other couple they hang out with: When Ivy starts dating, Oswald always crashes them or brings Ed on a date to the same place, what a coincidence? When she starts dating Harley, the kid actually is pretty desperate for more friends and wants Ed and Oz to join them. So it starts.
how they spend time together as a couple: Usually it’s business related if they’re out to dinner, but they really enjoy cultural experiences like museums, exhibits, galleries, theater, opera.
who made the first move: Oswald, but Ed tricked him into it.
who brings flowers home: Edward more often, but if he has time to stop by a florist Oswald will.
who is the best cook: They’re both really good cooks, actually. They just specialize in different areas. Oswald is very skilled at cooking ‘poor man’s’ food. Goulash, noodles and cabbage, etc. Whereas Ed’s over here making a five course meal with like ingredients like lobster, difficult items like a soufflé, and fondue as an appetizer (Meanwhile explaining how the temperature of the cheese alters the shape of the proteins to give it its distinct texture. Nerd. I’m so sad the show never let him elaborate on this I personally know way too much about fondue for someone who’s never done it.)

Rogues Songs

Jervis Tetch/The Mad Hatter = Searchin by the Coasters

Joker = Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson

Garfield Lynns/Firefly = Burn it to the Ground by Nickleback

Drury Walker/Killer Moth = Under Pressure by Queen

Selina Kyle/Catwoman = Devil Woman by Cliff Richard

Victor Fries/Mr. Freeze = Impossible Year by Panic @ the Disco

Harvey Dent/Two-Face = Villain by Theory of a Deadman

Edward Nigma/Riddler = Let’s go Digital from Phineas and Ferb

Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy = Poison by Alice Cooper

Oswald Cobblepot/Penguin = Money for Nothing by Dire Straits

Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn = Hey Hey by Superchic(K)

Jonathan Crane = I Can’t Decide by the Scissor Sisters

Scarecrow = Oh Death by Jen Titus

Basil Karlo/Clayface = I got a Name by Jim Croce

Anarky = Baba O'riley(teenage wasteland) by the Who

Waylon Jones/Killer Croc = Save my Soul by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy


a doctor who au meme: early 19th century

in england in 1803, three brothers- Christopher, David, and Matthew- reside in the estate “Gallifrey Park” as doctors. Christopher (Christopher Eccleston), the eldest, is married to Donna Noble (Catherine Tate), and is looking to inherit the fortune of their aging father. David (David Tennant), the second, is madly in love with the poor Rose Tyler (Billie Piper), but is seeking to find a richer bride. The last, Matthew (Matt Smith) has taken Miss River Song (Alex Kingston) as his wife. The three brothers work as doctors, sustaining off their family’s wealth, with Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill) as their accomplice and his wife Amelia (Karen Gillan). Along with Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) the neighbor, their cousin Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) and his sister Gwen Cooper (Eve Myles), the three brothers live a peaceful life.

Until the first day of June, 1803 when they receive a letter. It is written filled with threats, stating that the first of every month, one new member of Gallifrey Park will be killed. Signed by a mysterious name- “The Master”.

The group must figure out the Master, solving mysteries and saving those also affected by him…

But time is running out.


Doctor Who Ten/Clara Harkness AU: Silver Destiny>> The Doctor and Clara are caught up in the war between humans and Cybermen. But when the Cybermen of the future travel back to assist their past counterparts, Clara discovers what her future has in store – and how the Cybermen achieved time travel in the first place…


You’ve gotta be stronger than a man. You’ve got to be a woman.