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No concept of personal space

Even if it doesn’t cure anything, increasing blood flow to the muscles might still help with the ache. :)
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sky above me
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fire within me


“Rest up, my feathered friend. Preserve your strength. Because tomorrow, we’re going to play a little game.”


“Cards on the table?”

the star signs as batman villains
  • Aries: The Riddler
  • Taurus: Poison Ivy
  • Gemini: Two-Face
  • Cancer: Bane
  • Leo: The Penguin
  • Virgo: Mad Hatter
  • Libra: Catwoman
  • Scorpio: The Joker
  • Sagittarius: Mr Freeze
  • Capricorn: Ra's al Ghul
  • Aquarius: Scarecrow
  • Pisces: Harley Quinn
Jim, Harvey and Oswald confront Ed in the Warehouse

Oswald: Pffffffffffffffft!!!

Ed: What’s so funny?

Jim: Yeah Oswald. What’s so funny?

Oswald: *still laughing* Ed? W-what the hell are you w-wearing!?

Ed: What are you talking about?

Oswald: Y-you look like a goddamn l-leprechaun!!! *laughs harder*

Harvey: *snickers*

Jim: *shoots Harvey a dirty look*

Harvey: What? He does!

Ed: Green happens to be my favorite color!

Oswald: Yeah and I like purple, but you don’t see me parading around in a bright purple suit! You’re blinding me with all that green!

Ed: Shut up Oswald!!!

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I don't think he's smiling at Oswald. It's hard to tell who it is from that angle, but I don't think it's Oswald

Umm… what? Sorry forgive me, but what? I thought this was common knowledge.

Here’s the original. Take a closer look.

It’s obviously Oswald, like there is not a slither of doubt in my mind. Who else has that jaw structure, that hairstyle? Who else would Ed look at with love and relief shining in his eyes. The only logical and factual conclusion is Oswald. Here’s the brightened version if you haven’t seen it yet. I hope it helps clear some things up.

Nygmobbleposivity+Predictions for Winter Finale.

Well firstly, I’m obsessively optimistic with a lot of things. Secondly, let’s talk about episode 11, where Edward finds out Oswald killed Isabella. He had this peculiar vision of stabbing Oswald in the back; now after seeing the rest of the episode, I think it’s safe to say this was obviously just a foreshadow of Edward backstabbing Oswald by corrupting his sanity. But I’ve always been sure it’s more than that.

After the vision, we saw that he turned back with hatred and anger; then as Oswald called for Edward, the Riddler’s mood suddenly changed to hurt and confusion when his friend said “Can we just pretend nothing ever happened. go back to the way things were? you’re the best friend I’ve ever had. I don’t want to lose you.” Then in that momentary silence to himself, I always said that he had an argument with his alter ego like “just kill him already! this is your chance, what’s wrong with you?!” But Ed chose to close the knife with shaky fingers, to lean against Oswald. “You’re my best friend as well Oswald. Remember that.”

Now Edward wants Oswald to pay for what he’s done; not just killing Isabella, but betraying his trust; I mean, how can you forgive someone after that right? But at the same time, Eddie still respects and loves his best friend somewhere deep down inside. Which is why he turns to Barbara, Tabitha, and Butch to destroy Penguin; but being the smart guy he is, he will end up double crossing them. This way he can unleash his revenge on Oswald–which he successfully did–without having to kill him yet. “I want this pain to be slow. and when this bird is broken, and alone. we do the humane thing. put him out of his misery.” 

Now to Tabitha, and Barbara, this means bullet to the head. But how ‘bout Edward? He wants Ozzie dead as much as them, but is he just in denial?? Why couldn’t he just do it? After everything Edward did to break Penguin, there is something missing; one last talk amongst friends. but is it really?

Now let’s look at the promo pics another time.

Edward shooting someone else; I assume it’s Oswald’s men.

Then here we have him tied up to what obviously seems to be Isabella’s car to rub the shame into Oswald’s face maybe; there’s also a barrel of acid in case he tries to escape or he were to be uncooperative.

We also have Tabitha confronting him! Now seeing all these shots, it’s very hard to tell but it’s definitely during night time in Gotham after the blackout maybe, after Ozzie and his men alongside him went to rescue Edward in the late afternoon. I don’t know honestly, because there seems to be some daylight through the window and cracks of the setting. 

 Now that teared up face says so many times; this is where ‘last talk amongst friends’ takes place, which is a moment we hope would be incredibly good AND angsty. I assume Edward told Oswald that he was behind all those plans to break the bird, after finding out the truth about Isabella’s death from Barbara.

Oswald obviously has no choice but to admit to his terrible decision, elaborating why he did it, and how much he loves Edward. He’d put his feelings aside for Edward just so he can have his best friend by his side again. It’s really all he wants; to never lose Eddie.

This is probably my favorite one, cause it shows how distress and confused Edward is, and I noticed that it’s so close to the same face he made when Oswald was about to confess his feelings for Edward;

and when Butch snapped, “who would love a freakshow like you?”(which I couldn’t screenshot at time being) it’s the same distraught, confused face! He obviously stops being in denial that he still loves his best friend. I had a theory that Edward may have had feelings for Oswald at one point when he said, “I’d do anything for you” but felt like “Nah maybe Ozzie doesn’t feel the same way, that’s ridiculous.” So he buried those feelings deep inside, especially after he met Isabella. But now that Oswald confesses how he loves Edward, the Riddler has now changed his course of action; but of course, that came with deadly consequences as it said in the episode 14 hypnosis.

Edward and Oswald make their escape to which seems to be the docks. I predict escape because even though it seems pretty faint but you can’t deny that Edward’s pulling at Oswald’s arm, probably motivating the bird to keep moving, but Oswald bleeds a terrible amount. Either Barbara, Tabitha or Butch might have stabbed or shot Oswald in the process of the two friends running away.

Now you’re probably thinking “wow you’re right, you’re too optimistic. How can you be so sure??” Well I love to theorize, and detect what happens in the episode, but honestly I’ll never know until we see. But I stand by my ground that Nygmobblepot lives on forever no matter what.

Besides, no relationship is perfect; even if you’re not in Gotham, there will always be hardship; it’s always someone whom you love most. And if there’s not at least one fight, or a silly argument, a disagreement at least, to me that’s not a relationship at all. (of course this DOESN’T MEAN people should stay in abusive relationships, that’s friggin stupid.)

These two will always go through so pain, whether towards each other, or for each other. But at the end, they have their shining moments. 

Now you don’t have to agree with me, but please have hope.