osut graduation

My poor husband.

5 days ago, he messages his mom–“Hey, mom. We arrive at DFW at 1050 AM and the flight number is ****. Mercedes’ parents are also throwing us a welcome home party on Saturday at 3 PM at their house. Can you make it to either?” She replies about a day later and says “I’m sorry honey I won’t be able to make it. I have a doctor’s appointment the day you land and we have to fix my car on Saturday”.
Today, my husband messages his brother–“Hey dude Mercedes’ parents are throwing us a welcome home party on Saturday at 3 if you wanna come”. His brother replies “I have a bachelor party to go to. I’m not saying no but I don’t know yet”.

His mom didn’t take the time to go to his OSUT (basic training) graduation, she didn’t go to his redeployment ceremony, and she didn’t welcome us home from Germany after being there for 15 months. She has excuses for everything. She will not put any effort into seeing him, ever. The only time he sees her is when we go over to their place.
Now his brother… Oh my goodness. That doesn’t even need an explanation. Your only brother comes home from Germany for 15 months, invites you to his welcome home party, and you are debating on whether or not to go to it because you got invited to a bachelor party? Tell me this–Which man has been by your side longer, has helped you through tough times more, and will be there in 50 years? Choose wisely which one means more to you.

If none of his family comes, he will give up on them. I’m just so glad my family loves him so much. He deserves so much love.