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since ur clearly the expert on utaites and vocaloid stuff can u rec some songs/covers??? haha i need new stuff to listen to and i suck at finding them ;P oh and for reference mafumafu is my fave utaite and 40mp my fave??synthesizer?? /werp i never know what to call them.,but haha thanks!!

omg i almost didnt recognize you since your icon changed…even though I noticed that you changed your icon last week…orz

40mP would be your favorite producer!! And I’m not that much of an expert haha but 

ok here’s some of my fave utaite apart from the ones on your about page and rec pages 

I mainly like to soft songs like ballads and stuff but throw me a genre you want and I’ll whip something up. I have everything in my collection, including rap and electro.

links will go to utaite wiki bc personally i think the wiki pages are a great place to start and also find new utaite (laughs i’m an admin there of course i have no bias for the wiki haha ahhaahaa nope)

I will lean on the male side of the NND world because you seem to like them more but I’ll also throw in some of my favorite girls.

the following list is gonna be utaite with 1 or two song recs tacked on and if you like the song and wanna find more covers I’d suggest going to the NND page and you can click the tag that has the song name to search that tag and put ?sort=v at the end of the URl to sort by views. that’s how I find a lot of my faves tho it kind of only works in japanese so do ur best. or if the song is famous enough it’ll have a page on the wiki which is always nice since you can browse it in english.

feel free to talk to me if you have any trouble navigating NND or finding the pronunciation of a song name or anything.

a lot of the links are youtube links and to be honest it’s better to go to NND to give them views and stuff but NND is a little bit scary and loads slowly! so just a reminder to visit the nnd pages if possible thanks

rairu - his voice sounds the same age as mafu’s but it’s super super soft and fluffy. like a baby duck. he’s so cute. I like his Aishiteru and Hoshiai

ikasan - she’s like ur age but she has an ikemen voice. I love her so much. Whenever her covers come on shuffle tho I’m always like who’s this hot guy I can’t recognize then I look at the thing and I’m like oh. It’s ikasan. and I’m just so impressed every time. she can do a girl voice too, it’s so cute. I like her shiwa, love is an open door, death should not have taken thee!, and queen of heart

ryo-kun - his voice is probably the closest thing to an ideal boyfriend voice, i’m not kidding. it’s gentle and warm and strong and really fucking nice. he does everything from piano ballad to rock to jazz. go to cris’s blog for the high-quality ryo-kun fangirling. I like his Kokoronashi and Thieve’s Night Trick (which was written for him) and Ai ni Kijutsushi

himawari - love love love her. she has a soft voice and it’s really smooth and gentle and it feels less like a voice and more like latte foam. She does these irresistible voice flips effortlessly like a petal floating in the wind. you think these comparisons are weird you should see the comparisons i have for all the other utaite. I’m not going to write them here, though. please please listen to her Ikanaide and Soitogeta Android he (made me cry for like 5 days straight)

clear - he’s really famous and basically he has the clearest voice (duh) and it’s really nice. I don’t listen to him a lot tho sorry

nero - clear’s friend who has like this nice soothing low voice. he’s not afraid to go into falsetto which is idk really attractive tbh in a musical way. His collab name with Yuuto is called Hat’s because they both are associated with wearing hats, and i think that’s adorable. I like his mr. music arrange and ayano’s theory of happiness.

moose - no wiki page (bitter laughter) ok I’m biased towards him because he’s taiwanese (whoop whoop) but really, seriously, he has a really great voice, it’s really smooth and well-controlled and he does these little flips in his voice that make me swoon. I like his Iroha Uta and 366 nichi.

itou kashitarou - his voice is super strong, super smiley super earnest, and it makes me smile a lot. his voice tastes like hope, not kidding. He’a also super cute singing live, very happy and confident and stuff. I like his Pierrot and Shiwa.

Pokkun - super underappreciated but he’s super good. his voice is really cute in a kind of indescribable way and it’s really medium soft but still manly in a way. like his teddy bear icon. His harmonies are super bright somehow and his vibrato reminds me of buttered and toasted biscuits. (???) I like his Natsu no Hanken, Love Trial, and HEAVEN

akatin - my love for akatin cannot be described with words. his range is really really fuckin wide like he goes higher than i can and thats pretty damn high and it’s really really pretty except for the fact that he’s always goofing off goddammit it’s the most beautiful and charming goofing off  I’ve ever bore witness to and it makes me mad. he likes to hold his notes for like 20 bars and do a perfect vibrato while he’s at it. he also does really nice vocal ornamentation ugh. He usually goes for songs that go really high so he can show off how high he can go, or songs where he’s supposed to goof  also sings soft and normally which is kind of rare but when he does do it, it’s perfect. on nnd the comments on the normal pretty songs are all “who hte fuck is this”. i hate this man. i recommend his Cyber Thunder Cider, Nounai Kakumei Girl, Kisaragi Attention for range and silliness, and drop and bouquet for ~beautiful~

un:c - kind of similar humor to akatin but his weirdness is a little less random and a little more “this has no right to sound this good”. I like his This is the Happiness and Peace of Mind Commitee and Outer Science

kijineko - She’s got this lovely deep rich voice and she can also belt really damn high. I like her Outer Science and Echo of a Voice in the Rain

KK - husky, dark voice, on the low side. His voice and vibrato are super super unique and it takes some getting used to but I love it now. I lik his the The Transient Apple Salesgirl, HEAVEN and Jishou Mushoku

Hanatan - You’ve probably heard of her. Really powerful voice, wide range, lovely vibrato, like 7 different styles, probably the picture of perfection. I like her older works www like Time&Space and Jishou Mushoku

Choumiryou - his voice is sexy and he knows it. that being said, aside from being sexy, he also uses cute or majestic voices, depending on his mood. It’s fabulous. I like his World’s Lifespan and the Last Day, Terror, and Adagaeshi Syndrome. Also he does these ridiculous collabs where everyone is singing and serious and stuff but everything is really perverted, even though the song is not perveted. it’s beautiful and yet i want to die. I like their White Day Kiss and Kurumi Ponchio (mature themes) and Matryoshka.

Yuudai - he’s a pro opera singer but that doesn’t stop him from covering weird pop songs on NND. He has a great Outer Science (latin arrange ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ), Nyaruko OP (opera arrange lmao), and Servant of Evil (opera arrange 。゜゜(´□`。)°゜。 i cried)

Ichikoro - idk much about him but he does lots of angtsy screamy mixy stuff which normally i’m not fond of but he is just that good. I love his screamo and I love the mixes, and he can go super high and it’s beautiful and frightening at the same time. I think he’s actually a dragon, maybe. I like his Yotsuya san ni Yoroshiku and unravel

sonouchinikimeru - sonochan for short. his voice is just asdijf idk he has really perfect technique and really perfect vibrato and hold notes really well and is kind of one of those perfect ikemen singers. I’m sorry that’s all there is to it. Go listen to his Idola no Circus.

Reol - she’s got the type of voice where you’re just like “daaang i didnt know..humans could do that”. It’s bouncy and strong and high in a ‘i know i’m cute but if you say i’m cute you are probably gonna die” kind of tough way. I love her anyway, especially Hibikase and DOGS

kain - super super cute baby child. like a soft baby cotton ball, even babyer than rairu. he just turned 20 lmao. His Kokuhaku Rival Sengen is too perfect for words and his from y to y is heartbreaking

soraru - if you haven’t heard of soraru where the heck have u been. anyway his voice is fluffy and strong. Actually, just like him. He’s got really fluffy hair and he’s super skinny but he can punch a watermelon to pieces and is actually probs the strongest utaite except for ryo-kun and kogeinu?? the three of them could probably destroy everything. back to singing um. he does super cute collabs with lon a lot. I don’t listen to him tho, sorry

there’s an extreme dearth of girls i’m so sorry. I also forgot at least 10 people but this list is already long enough. other girls include sana (high and cute), himeringo (medium and cute with strong presence), Rui (her jazz is just so good. so vibrant and sassy), Sakuya (bright and clear voice! also taiwanese), and yumeko (rich full voice that just tells the story perfectly. also voice acting). 

whoops i accidentally just gave you like a decade of music

also a lot of the time I just go to the daily rankings and click 連続再生 which will play through the whole rankings and see what I like.

i was gonna answer this privately but hey this might be useful to people and also i might want to add on to it so i went and published it.

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Comencé a ver la nueva serie de “Thundercats”, re-imaginada por Cartoon Network en forma de “anime occidental”, una tendencia que viene creciendo en popularidad desde la conocida y popular “Avatar”, de Nickolodeon. Esta vez, CN se tomo 6 largos años para traer de vuelta a nuestras pantallas este clásico de los 80’s, con un nuevo look pero el mismo encanto de la primera. Casi siempre una re-edición de alguna serie vieja resulta ser mala, pero esta es una excepción. “Thundercats 2011” (como es conocida en internet) es realmente buena. La historia ha sido cambiada…mejor dicho, mejorada, adaptada a estos tiempos pero manteniendo la esencia de los Thundercats. Se indaga un poco mas en los personajes (por ejemplo, me encanta la interacción entre Tigro y Leon-O, el primero es mucho mas pícaro y el segundo mas inocente y alegre que sus contrapartes originales. Y debo admitirlo: me gusta que Snarf ya no hable y este dando consejos de abuela fastidiosa, jeje).

He aquí el trailer. Se las recomiendo en un 100%¡ Les va a encantar!

I started to watch the new series, “Thundercats” re-imagined by Cartoon Network in the form of “western anime”, a tendency that has been growing in popularity since the advent of “Avatar” , by Nickolodeon. This time, CN spent 6 long years working to bring back this 80’s classic, with a new look but the same charm of the original. Usually a re-edition of something doesn’t turn out to actually be good, but this is an exception. “Thundercats 2011”, as it is known throughout the internet, is really good, in truth. The story has been changed and re-written in some (not-so-essential) ways but it has been adapted to our current times, keeping the essence of what Thundercats is all about. They go deeper into exploring the characters (for example, I love the interactions between Tigra and Lion-O, the former being much more sly and self-assured and the latter more innocent and lively than their original counterparts. And yes, I have to admit, I like that Snarf doesn’t talk anymore and doesn’t give out annoying, grandmotherly advice!)

Here’s the trailer. I recommend it fully, 100% You’ll love it!

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Hello~ :D um, do you know any good mellow/slow/sad/all of the above vocaloid songs or songs from anime or games?

Greetings child sad mellow songs are my LIFE

Also, I’m utaite trash so I hope you won’t mind me linking to covers in addition to the original vocaloid songs.

Also some of these don’t really sound too sad but BOY ARE THE LYRICS SAD. Sad, like I actually cried, sad.

So first off I made a ballad rec post a while ago so you’ll want to look at that. They are all mellow/slow/sad songs that I recommend.

Producers known for mellow/sad songs: keeno

Ai ni Kijutsushi - Ryo-kun | Dazbee

Ayano’s Theory of Happiness - Yumeko | Soraru | nero

Echo of a Voice in the Rain - Yuuto | Meichan | Kijineko

Eine Kleine - Hachi | Yuuto

Akai Hitoha - Yamai | Ritsuka

Natsuki no Hanken (Summer Ticket Stub) - Ryo-kun | Rairu | Pokkun

Shinigami Record - Yumeko

Jishou Mushoku (Colorless Self-Harm) - KK | Hanatan

The Transient Apple Salesgirl - Ikasan | KK

Starduster - Itou Kashitarou | Soraru & Inakamono | Kuripurin | Kushi

Aishiteru - Nobunaga | Rairu | Itou Kashitarou | that

Hello/How Are You - Kano | ShounenT | BuzzPanda

Summertime Record - Mafumafu | Kobato | Yurin | Yuuto

fix - Banana | Wataame

Sayonara no Kawari ni (Instead of Goodbye) - Yumeko | Amatsuki

All of koman’s piano arrange utattemitas - BadBye | Meltdown | Just Be Friends | Matryoshka


I haven’t listened to anime songs in a while but I have some from a while back. Sad anime songs are kind of rare in my collection??

Dareka, Umi wo - Aimer (Zankyou no Terror ED)
Koko Kara Hajimaru Monogatari - Touyama Nao (Ikoku Meiro no Croisee ED)
Arrietty’s Song - Cecile Corbel (The Borrower Arrietty theme song)
Biidama - Saori Atsumi (Gintama ED)
Brave Song - Tada Aoi (Angel Beats! ED)
doll - Tada Aoi (Gunslinger Girl ED)
Shizuku - Okuda Miwako (GTO ED)
Kawaranai Mono - Oku Hanako (The Girl Who Leapt Through Time insert song)
Lost my pieces - Toradora! OST
Anata ga Ita Mori - Jukai (Fate/Stay Night ED)
Nakimushi - Sawai Misora (Kimi to Boku ED)
Mononoke Hime - Mera Yoshikazu (Mononoke Hime theme song)


Ai no Niwa - Duca (12 Stories)


Kamisama Onegai - Horie Yui
Everything by BUMP OF CHICKEN (thanks taknovrthewrld!)














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hi do you know any good ballads? either vocaloids or utattemitas are okay :))

xtreme yelling

i can ramble on about utattemita ballads for days dont test me

I’m actually not sure of the definition of ballad so here I’ll use the definition of “somewhat soft and gentle-paced song that tells a story of strong emotions”

utaite particularly well-known for ballads:

Rairu | Yuuto | Wotamin | Seriyu | Inakamono | Swi | Ryo-kun | koma’n | Kushi | F9 | Himawari | nero | Itou Kashitarou | Rui | BuzzPanda | Fagagie

phew they turned out a lot longer than I expected whoa

okay some fave songs off the top of my head (I’m the kinda person who can listen to 12 different utattemita of the same song in a row sorry)

Yukidoke → Ali

Shiwa → Itou Kashitarou | MidoriInu. | Shirokuro | Ikasan

glow (well, all of keeno’s songs) → Yuuto | Ajikko | Rui | Fagagie

Ikanaide → Himawarai | KK | Chomaiyo | Fagagie

Kokoronashi → Ryo-kun | Hanatan | Rairu

Yuudachi no Ribbon → Ali | Ajikko | Ryo-kun

Mata Ashita → F9 | Himawari | ENE

Polaris → Rairu | Soraru

Soitogeta Android he → Himawari

Mahou → Chomaiyo

girlfriend → F9 | Yamaneko Sanae | Chomaiyo | BuzzPanda

Aishiteru → Rairu | Itou Kashitarou

HEAVEN → Rairu | Itou Kashitarou | Kanoko

Sayoko → Yuuto | Itou Kashitarou | MikitoP

Orange (by Tohma) → Chomaiyo | 96Neko | Akatin

orange (by ShounenT) → 96Neko | Ryo-kun

bouquet → Akatin | Guriri | Yuikonnu

rain stops, good-bye → 96Neko | Himawari | nero | Shinshakaijin

Shinpakusuu #0822 → Soraru/Inakamono/Shinshakaijin/A24/Kony | koma’n

from Y to Y → kain | Kuripurin | clear

Pierrot → Senka | luz & Seriyu

kiss → Seriyu | Mafumafu | Rui

ametrin → Inakamono | Yuuto

Piano Lesson → HImawari & Fagagie

Calc. → Wotamin | BuzzPanda | Riseha | Madoka

Bokura no Let it Be → 4Yen | FaSoLa | TKTR

Nee. → BuzzPanda

Sayonara Midnight → EVO+ | Orimono

Also don’t forget that piano arranges often give exciting songs a more ballad-y feel!

(Yeah I know, the ballad artists don’t match up with the songs I gave very well, oops. Both are accurate, I swear)

Dude anon thanks so much I found like 6 more covers to add to my collection because of this

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can you recommend any good utaite covers of mikagura songs?;

Houkago Stride: 96Neko x Kogeinu x vipTenchou | un:c | Akatin | Yuikonnu | Piko

Mukiryoku Coup d’Etat: Wotamin | Himeringo 

Uchouten Vivace:  Kano | Yuikonnu | Hiiragi Yuka x Sana

Garakuta Innocence: Ajikko | Himeringo | SILVANA | taiga

Izayoi Seeing: Himeringo | Utau Oniisan 

(Yes, Himeringo is the patron saint of Last Note songs)

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Hello my friends and foes, I’d meant to publish this yesterday or something but in between unpacking travel things, repacking internship things, and cleansing this sweaty flesh vessel of mine free of sweat courtesy of the 30 degree centigrade heat, there wasn’t much time. sorry, tmi.

So anyway, it’s utattemita rec time! Why? Why not, I guess ┐(´ー`)┌ Today’s episode features hits from the rankings of approx one week ago because just because I was late doesn’t mean they don’t get to be shared!!

Tsuyuakeno (End of the Rainy Season) by nameless - This song just creeps up on up on you, I swear, it’s only 3 minutes long and the beginning sounds like nothing special but that makes the final verse ever more powerful. nameless’ transparent blue voice is perfect for the rain and azaleas and loneliness in this song, and it turns from a soft blue to piercing blue in a really breathtaking way.

Balleriko by himawari - As always, himawari’s voice holds a quiet and fragile strength behind those notes, and it fits perfectly with Balleriko’s theme and instrumentation. Also, I love her grace notes sprinkled everywhere.

Let Me Hear by Alfakyun. & Shakemii - Just like everyone else, I saw this video and was like “Huh??? I don’t remember any song called this???” and thirty seconds later was like “OOOHHH MY GOD ITS THIS SONG ITS THE PARASYTE OP WOW THIS IS SO GOOD” because alafakyun is amazing and shakemii’s screams are somehing truly special.

Shinde Shimau to wa Nasakenai! (Death Should Not Have Taken Thee!) by Sou & Isubokuro - These two are my small sons and their collab this time was super adorable. They make a very good King & Hero duo and it’s great to see how far the both of them have come as singers. Did I mention they’re adorable? I love the “imasen :(” part.

Gishin'anki (Jumping at Shadows) by luz - By this time you’re probably already tired of luz x Umetora getting all the attention or still in love with luz x Umetora. I’m both. He keeps doing these same songs and it’s a little predictable but Umetora’s songs are so good and luz is so good and they go so well together. It’s like Turkish oil wrestling, but like, at a really schnazzy club with heart-pounding bass beats and the wrestlers are really sexy and everything is in slow motion. Okay, so maybe not so much like turkish oil wrestling.

Sore ga Anata no Shiawase to Shite mo by Wolpis Kater - I’m going to scream my love for Wolpis Kater into the sky because damn does he know what he’s doing with his voice. It’s heartfelt and beautiful and he can belt high and make a clear falsetto, which is really not fair because I’m pretty sure you can only have one or the other. Another reason to love this is the song itself, the title of which translates into “Even If That’s what Happiness Means To You” which if that doesn’t grab your heart and squeeze it, the rest of the lyrics will. It’s a beautiful sad song and I wish more people would cover it.

Okochama Sensou (Childish War) by Hiiragi Yuka & Shakemii - Hiiragi Yuka’s voice is bouncy and cute and full of energy and she rolls off those notes like it’s goddamn parkour and she just doesn’t get enough love. This song, which is adorable and fun in its own right, is pretty perfect for both her and Shakemii’s wild style, with its sibling-fights and yammering and extreme difficulty.

Seishun Liner (Youth Liner) by majico - I’d never even heard of this underappreciated papiyon song before but it suits majico’s strong voice really well and here, she brings out her little growls and sneers that would make anyone swoon. Also let me just say that I really love the hard pop melancholy (no ras, that’s not even a thing) color scheme of this video. Spot on.

Azu no Yozora no Shoukaihan (Morning Night Sky Patrol Crew) by Risru - This song doesn’t really get much love (maybe because the title is too long? I don’t have it memorized either don’t worry) and but it’s a really cool, ephemeral, fast-paced song that really just feels like you’re zipping across the equator chasing the dawn, which is the image I kind of get from the title. It’s also insanely difficult song, and Risru does a great job with with the fancy chorus work, long held notes, and high notes that are powerful but not heavy.

Honorable Mention: Sora ga Anata no Shiawase to Shite mo (Even If That’s What Happiness Means To You) [Shinaya version] - This is an MV that goes with the original vocaloid version and it just goes so well with it. This song’s lyrics draw strong parallels with Ayano’s Theory and Happiness and Lost time Memory’s lyrics (things like “happiness” and “tomomorrow” and “saving”) and the use of the accompanying pictures was really heartbreakingly appropriate to both Shinaya. The song lyrics was way more feelsy than I even expected. Watch it. Please. (I cried)

しょうゆラーメンセット 910円