so I know that I openly scathe the Republican Party a little too often, in all areas from their poor view of economics to foreign policy to human rights but really OSU College Republicans, the people in USG, and the dimwits involved HAVE to be getting money from Hillel. They probably had this letter written before tonight and probably just paid the super hateful and Islamaphobic David Horowitz to speak because not enough OSU students are dumb enough to give their events the time of day. This goes above and beyond disagreeing with Republican Party values. Telling someone that they should go see a therapist because they just sat in a room where a very wealthy and powerful man said awful things about their or their friend’s identities, nationalities, and religions and that it’s wrong for them to be offended is so purely illogical. I might not be an OSU student anymore but I still have a right to question what the hell goes on on that campus. #OSUDivest #OSU #ohiostate #antisemitism #hate #hatespeech #republicans #insanity

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All Hallows Green
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It’s been just three months since the OSU Foundation made the decision not to divest from fossil fuels, despite us warning them that we felt unheard and wanted to continue discussions. And here we are on the day of our first direct action of sorts: sending students dressed in environmentally-themed costumes to crash their Celebration and eat their free food. We call it All Hallows Green, and I am actually really proud of it.

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