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Exactly, I’m glad she let that nosy man know what’s What.

Quick Side Note: Does anyone remember that study that came out recently that said that the majority of people didn’t actually mind college athletes being paid/compensated for their work. ESPECIALLY, since Educational Institutions makes so much money off them?

The study came out saying that people(white) were actually just against POC, namely Black and Latinx Athletes, getting compensation for their sport work.

“YInMn blue,” First blue pigment created in over 200 years. 

The pigment was the surprise result of a 2009 chemistry lab experiment at Oregon State University (OSU. 

Graduate student Andrew Smith made the discovery while working with professor Mas Subramanian to test new materials for potential use in electronics.

A mix of manganese oxide, yttrium, and indium, heated to nearly 2,000˚ F, produced the vivid, non-toxic blue


January 9th - Sketches and Ayando

Well… as you can see Ayando is my OTP (and the reason why I got so into Yandere Simulator) so I had to draw them.

And thinking about their relationship, since Budo is a year ahead than Yandere-chan, he is also Ayano´s senpai, and I just thought that, when Budo starts his crush for Ayano (and considering that she never says her senpai´s name), at first, he innocently thinks she is referring to him when she is dreamily talking to herself 8´D…

Keith & Shiro are pretty tactile with each other, but there’s still a level of formality to their interactions that just screams “not familial” to me. Like, there’s too much gentleness to their touches. Like they’re both too reserved. Like there is too much respect.

If they mean to portray their relationship as strictly brotherly, more teasing would be welcomed. More of Keith speaking up his mind, recalls of old times, maybe a light shoulder punch, bro-fist, or ruffling hair. Definitively more of THIS:

But they’re not. Really. Like. That.

At this point, Shiro is “like a brother” to Keith–a person with NO siblings, because that’s the closest he can admit to feeling love toward someone else.

I think it’s okay to interpret it as him being unfamiliar with the differences, having nothing to compare it against to know himself if that’s all there is to it.

But it’s also true that you can indeed have intense platonic feelings toward someone, & love someone deeply without the romantic attraction.
(I mean, Kamina & Simon come to mind because Simon was intense to the point of spending hours carving figures of Kamina. Okk. That’s some devotion)

In the end, however you chose to interpret Keith and Shiro, familial/platonic or NOT, it’s undeniable that what they have for each other is Love.

And it could be any kind of love. Familial? Friendship? Possibly romance? Yeah, any of those is fine.

It is Love.

And it’s just so tender…

And good…

Again, it doesn’t have to be romantic, but they are not really brotherly, they just don’t seem comfortable enough for that. But they ARE close friends, on a level that’s pretty unique & beautiful?

I’d say, even if sheith was never in the plans to be endgame, I’m still absolutely LOVING what they’re doing with their relationship.

Their character arcs definitively intertwined. They’ve both influenced & affected each other deeply & will continue to do so.

WHATEVER it is to come about from their relationship, it will absolutely have an effect in the story of Voltron itself.

& I’m feeling super excited & happy about this.

Sometimes life takes time

As a kid, I wanted to be one of two things: either a paleontologist or an astronaut. I dreamed of going to Space Camp. I loved dinosaurs and books about the La Brea Tar Pits. I was certifiably obsessed with both space and Earth’s history. As I went through school it was obvious that I was adept at both art and science. 

I was encouraged to pursue the art end of things by my mom; my dad supported me no matter what I did. I struggled a little with math near my senior year, though I was hardly failing and got As and Bs in all my classes, including precalc and physics. Still, I decided to pursue art.

I went to college out of high school on a full scholarship and attended SUNY Oswego for graphic design. I still had to take out some loans but I got my BFA. I took one freelance job and realized: I hated it. Art was fun and I was good at it but… I hated freelance work. 

My mom suggested I try becoming a teacher, so I did that. I got my teaching degree from Indian River Community College in Florida, which is a 7-week program because Florida is really desperate for teachers. I worked as a teaching assistant for a few years but… I was bored. Really bored. 

I went to Florida State University for one semester (again using loans), deciding I was going to become an oceanographer. But I failed college algebra and decided I was too stupid for science. 

Feeling like absolute shit about myself, I joined the Navy. I studied for the ASVAB and got a 97, almost the highest score possible even though that test has math on it. I ended up in a fairly technical job, repairing the electrical systems on F18s. I had to learn some math and some science for my job and noticed I was… actually pretty good at it. 

I spent 4 years in the Navy and got out, deciding I’d go back to school to become a teacher (again) but only as a backup, and my goal would be getting a Master’s and Doctorate in planetary geology. I came to Central Michigan University. I had to take college algebra again… and I aced it. Nearly got a 100%. I was floored. I took algebra II and also aced it. 

It was halfway through that second semester I decided to throw caution to the wind: fuck it all, I was going to become a scientist. So I dropped the teaching major and joined the Geology major. I proceeded to pass algebra II and  trigonometry with As. 

I’m now entering my fourth semester here at CMU. 

I’m taking calculus 1 this semester, calc II in the spring. I’m going to be picking up math as a minor beneath my geology major. I’m looking at grad schools and already planning where I want to go (University of Washington, I’m looking at you!). 

Life isn’t always linear. I’m 32 years old and halfway through a new bachelor’s degree, with at least 6 more years of school ahead of me before I’ll land my dream job of planetary geology, although I could still potentially switch to Earth-based geology (I do still love the ocean, don’t get me started on mid-ocean ridges). I’m keeping my options open at this point because I know that things may not turn out how I’ve planned them. Yes, I have some college debt but I’m ok with that. Yeah, I literally have -$300 in my bank account but I’m okay with that, this is my dream and it’s worth it. 

Do not feel like a loser if you’re 24 and not in your dream job. Don’t lose hope if you’re struggling, if your situation seems boring and endless. Don’t be afraid of student loan debt; I know some people are terrified of it for some reason but you really don’t have to be. Go out there and DO IT, if you can. If you’re in a place where you have to wait, then knuckle down and bear it out. I had to wait out 4 years in the Navy to get where I am. I had to get an entire degree that’s basically worthless to get where I am. I’ve literally lived three different lifetimes to get where I am: artist, teacher, military. 

I’m 32 and my life is just barely beginning.