osu! taiko


What if the battles in Dancetale were just OSU-Games?

  • Like Papyrus battle is the Drum osu (Osu Taiko) Because there are a lot of drums in his theme.
  • And Sans battle is regular Osu, but insanely hard, and your cursor suddenly appears somewhere else on the screen because of his “cheating” from time to time.
  • And Toriel has this really easy mode regular Osu, but it’s still hard becasue you are crying and can’t see the goddamn screen.
  • And Alphys has some nightcore version of her theme. (She also battles you, just because she loves osu)
  • And Undynes battle is OSU Mania (The one that looks like Piano keys at the bottom and a long road upwards)
  • And Mettaton is a couple of battles, all classic Osu, but you have to pose while playing it. Also the music is mostly Nightcore version of Vocaloid-Rock songs. That he made himself. With his own voice as voicebank samples. Because he needs to  be that extra.
  • And Asgores is also Standart Osu, but he is not dancing himself, not really taking part himself because he doesn’t want to fight you but feels like he must.
  • And the Flowey fight is Osu Catch, but really hard and glitchy.
  • And the Asriel Fight is regular Osu at first, but with a very flashy background, the Osu Taiko with even flashier effects then ussually, and at last Osu mania when you get to the second stage, because it looks a bit like guitar hero, and it fits to the music.

Hey look I did a thing on Taiko